PLR is short for Private Label Rights, and it refers to content that you can purchase on the cheap that you can re-use, claim as your own and even resell for a profit in certain circumstances. Buying PLR products or PLR articles is cost effective in comparison to buying custom content because you are not the only person who is buying the content. The trick with PLR products and content is how you use it once you buy it.

If you own a blog or website, then you are probably well aware of how difficult it can be to constantly have fresh content on your website. You probably do not have the time to write all this content yourself, but hiring a professional ghostwriter can be costly when you are looking for original, one-of-a-kind content. PLR content can help you fill up your blog or website with new content by giving you access to inexpensive content that you can rebrand, edit, rewrite and otherwise alter to suit your needs.

Private label rights can come in many forms:

  • eBooks
  • Reports
  • Video
  • Article Content
  • Graphics
  • Software
  • Web Scripts
  • Audio

Below is a glossary of terms that you need to know as a reseller, whether you mainly want to deal with private label rights or resell rights.   It's an important step for any reseller to understand all the various forms of resale rights.

  • Private Label Rights (PLR):  Without doubt PLR products or content is one of the hottest commodities online right now.  Essentially, a product developer has allowed you full rights to edit and claim yourself to be the author of their product.  Many marketers will sell the product as-is, but those that spend a little time flipping, editing and changing the product to fit their marketing needs are the ones who pull a profit.  Terms of use vary from company to company, so know your rights!  Some terms don't allow you to sell resale rights, PLR or Master Resell Rights for example, and you can only sell the product as a stand alone product.

    Products with Private Label Rights can come in all sorts of various forms, from PLR eBooks, PLR video, PLR software, PLR graphics, PLR Wordpress themes and plugins, the list is endless.  You can view all of our PLR products via our Private Label Rights category.
  • Master Resale Rights and Master Resell Rights (MRR):  If you come across these two terms then they mean the exact same thing.  With a Master Resell Rights product you are permitted to sell the product as your own, change the reseller material (Sales page, Graphics etc) and you may even pass on the rights to resell to your customers or subscribers.  A product with Master Resell Rights are normally high end, and can range from video, eBooks, graphics, software and even Wordpress themes.  The only limitation is that you cannot edit the product itself, because the developer has released a finished product for you to sell. 

    You can view all of our MRR products via our Master Resell Rights category.
  • Basic Resale Rights (RR):  This term is very similar to Master Resell Rights, however you are not permitted to pass on the resale rights to your customer.  In other words, your customer receives the product for personal use only.  You may still edit the reseller material and sales page to match your marketing needs.

    You can view all of our RR products via our Basic Resale Rights category.
  • Non-Transferable Private Label Rights:  This is almost the same thing as Limited Resale Rights – you cannot give users the right to resell the material they purchased from you. You can download material, change it in any way you please and sell it as your property but you cannot give others the right to sell it.
  • Transferable PLR:  This means that you have the rights to resell the PLR to your customers.  Your customers can then edit, claim to be the author, change the graphics and even change the product.
  • Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights: Phrases you should know because limitations can be placed on these rights in the terms of agreement. An example of a limitation you might see is the inability to post your product on another private PLR site.

The key to benefiting from PLR content is to know the right ways to use it. The best way to use PLR content is to make it yours before using it or adding it to your website, because otherwise the exact same article is going to appear in many other places.

If you want to best benefit from using this content on your website, then you need to find creative ways to use the content while making it unique and your own in some manner. The smartest way to use PLR content is to add a personal spin to it. Make small changes, change the keyword emphasis, add something new or otherwise make each article unique and the content will benefit your website that much more.

As I said above PLR content comes in many different forms, including single articles, article packs, reports, eBooks and a myriad of other content types to suit your needs. As such, there is no shortage of different ways that you can use this content to your benefit, as long as you are willing to be creative with the content and what you do with it. You can rebrand eBooks and articles to support a product or service that you are selling, or gather a bunch of PLR content together to create your own eBook or report that you can sell for a profit. Most PLR content comes with a license that tells you how it can and cannot be used, as some PLR content is not meant to be resold but much of it can be.

The Only Thing That Is Missing With PLR Is Your Imagination!  Sadly Imagination Is Something That Is Missing In New Marketers Today.

The private label rights industry is going through somewhat of a change right now, it seems gone are the days of the smart marketers who would flip, dissect, modify or rewrite a product that came with PLR.  These days it seems to be more about "Quantity" rather than "Quality".  But is that a bad thing? Certainly not for you!  Why?  Because it means these marketers who are sweeping up as much PLR as they can and not actually doing anything with it are leaving open a huge gap in the market, and that gap can be filled by you!

Their lack of ideas, one dimensional thinking means only one thing for you.....

A large portion of the money I have earned online has come from flipping PLR, and I still do it to this day. I have several products listed on all pulling in money for me.  While those "Sell As Is" marketers are aiming at impressing the audience with their HUGE abundance of PLR, I've been quietly working a couple of hours a day spawning new products from the private label rights that I purchase.

Are You "An As Is" Or Are You A "Thinking Outside" The Box Marketer?

Some marketers these days are setting a bad example for anyone new coming to resell rights, but I teach my members that flipping products with private label rights is the way to go, and I know from experience.  Don't be put off by the quantity marketers or memberships, deals with premium PLR, either purchased for you or created in-house.

Whether you are looking for content to advertise or market a product or service, or you are looking for content that you can resell for a profit, PLR content can definitely come in handy. Private Label Rights allows you access to a wealth of content that you can use to your direct advantage in marketing campaigns, blogs, websites, reports, newsletters, auto responders and so much more. There is no limit to what you can do with the right PLR content in your possession.


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