MRR Updates For November 2008

Well what a month November was, with lots of new additions, well over 50 products to download, new members only rebranded software and PLR content GALORE!

Personally, my main excitement came when we finally added the rebranding rights to Poll Creator Prime:

Member’s have the chance to insert their own banners, text links, change the name and change the skins of this software.  I actually had my hands on this for two weeks prior to adding to the members area (Bad Boy) but I was actually waiting on graphics to complete the software look and feel.

I am really pleased to say that we will be adding one new software with rebranding rights to MRR every month from now on, doesn’t come cheap by any means, but I honestly feel this is one great addition above most of the rest.

I worked it out, in 8 months we managed to sign up 3000 email subscribers because we promised one brand new software product each month for joining, and most won’t give up the chance of receiving FREE software 🙂

Even though the list was not responsive whatsoever, the software would start to spread around the net like wild fire.  So, even though we technically didn’t make any money from that list, we did manage to spread the word about our membership.  This is why I am ecstatic that MRR Members now have the chance to exactly the same!

The three PLR Fuel additions this month I feel are well written, with some fantastic graphics, thanks a bunch Mario!

On another note, and this will play a part of our PLR eBooks each month is that I am pleased to say we have a new copywriter onboard the MRR train, her name is Nikole, AND specializes in writing about IM, SEO etc.  Some may say “And?” but trust me, I have worked with 8 copywriter’s over the past 2 years online and none of them had a passion to write about IM, always baffled me.

I do believe the non IM niche eBooks are still great, and a good way to spread the word about your business, but you cannot beat an Internet Marketing eBook with Private Label Rights, especially when you know only several hundred receive those PLR’s!

Talking of Internet Marketing related products, I was very pleased when we added the new Private Label Video for the month of November:

I really loved these tutorials, and video is something I wanted to exploit for members for a long time.  Members receiving the PLR to this one and any future videos makes sitting at a PC for 18 hours per day worth it!

That’s it for an update on and the month of November, I am sure I missed something!

The MRR Blog!

Yes, I have finally got around to putting together a blog.  Because running the MRR Membership does require a lot of time I have always moved blogging to the back of my mind, but here I am!

This blog will primarily focus on what’s happening with and any Internet Marketing that I feel will benefit readers.