Happy New Year!

Well, Christmas is over, and it was bittersweet for me!

Over the whole Christmas period I was traveling across the States between Alabama and North Carolina.

If you have ever traveled through Philly Airport you will know EXACTLY what I mean when I say that a three hour trip turned into a seven hour nightmare!  Not to mention one of my flights was completely canceled!

Thankfully I managed to get online and keep updating MRR with new products and content over the Christmas period, but using a very slow Laptop running Vista (Which I hate with a passion), in saying all this I did have a great Christmas Day seeing all the family.

New Year is practically upon us, and I just want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year ahead, let’s hope it is a prosperous one for all!


Viral Marketing Warriors

Since we introduced our new Viral Marketing Software for members each month, the feedback has been INCREDIBLE!

“Thanks so much for the rebranded software guys.  I started a freebie newsletter offering free software each month, and let me tell you, my subscriber list has increased by 20%, that is just inside of three days!  Keep them coming PLEASE!” – Matt Cork, MRR Member (Matt gave permission for me to post that comment on the blog)

Creating a massive list with these softwares is possible, we did it, and it looks like others are doing it too.  But it is the FREE traffic that these Viral Marketing Warriors generate that makes me more excited than anything.  After rebranding the software with your own banners and text links, welcome pages etc and then just watch them spread around the net like wildfire!

You pass on to your customer for free, your customer then passes that software on to their customer, then on to the customer of the customer of the customer and so on………………

Another great way of generating free traffic is by submitting them to Software Directories.  These Directories receive HUGE amounts of traffic.  Let’s face it, eBooks are great, but having your own Software really is King, and that’s where these warriors step in!


PS.  Don’t worry, the Software will keep coming 🙂

Happy Holidays!

What an intense six months it has been since we reopened.  I won’t go into why we closed for two months after successfully running for 1.5 years, but we did.  Was it a mistake?  Not for me to judge, only Bren can answer that 🙂 but one thing is for sure, it will never happen again, unless we all meet our maker suddenly!

Happy Holidays From MasterResellRights.com!

Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays from the team at MasterResellRights.com, without YOU we couldn’t keep going, without YOU we couldn’t keep investing in benefits and services to bring to your table each month, for that I am extremely thankful.

All the best,

Santa Deal Time 2008

Well it’s that time of the year again, John Delavera has launched the Santa Deal Time 2008, and of course I purchased because I KNOW there are a few products that I can add for members, it is just a case of wading through everything to make sure I break no license terms.

As always there are some that can be added, and then there are some that cannot.  It appears from the inside that the majority are for personal use only.

However, at the time of writing this I have just included Simon Hodgkinson’s Power Series 12 WordPress Themes, something I am interested in:

The wordpress themes come with Master Resell Rights.

Some big names are contributors this year, obviously John Delavera, but also Simon Hodgkinson, JP Schoeffel, Jason James to name but a few, but there is one marketer that will have pulses racing, ME! Yes, Mr Connor offered a product to John Delavera and to my surprise added it to the Santa Deal Time Package!

Over the next couple of days, after a few stronger than normal coffees I will be adding more Santa Deal Time products to MRR.

Before I head off to relax, I just wanted to say thanks to Julie Stone for donating one of her products for MRR Members, a Christmas gift she said 🙂 it’s a very good example of how to flip PLR products.


Christmas is upon us, a quick heads up

Just a quick heads up about Christmas.

Due to the fact that everyone who helps run MRR will be taking time off over Christmas it is left to……me to keep things swinging, which I will do.

However, support will be down on these dates:

December 16th – Although I will be at a desk around 11pm if you can hold on
Support queries will be answered on the 17th otherwise

December 26th
Support queries will be answered on the 27th

The reason being that I am flying around the States throughout the night on those days visiting family.

Fact, the Internet never sleeps, but 99% of marketer’s take time off over the Christmas Holidays.  But I won’t be, products will still be added ASAP, even Christmas day depending on what I can get my hands on.  Some members have asked if we will keep the products rolling over the holiday period, so I hope that answers your questions.

That’s it, nothing majorly important, but I just wanted to let you know 🙂


A New Level – and Shocked

One of the best things that ever happened to resell rights in my opinion is Sean Lowery venturing into this industry.

His DIY Minisite Kits are amazing, and something I always look out for, but he constantly keeps coming out with fresh new graphics that are easily some of the best that I have seen with resell rights:

His latest Christmas Sales Page Graphics and Templates had me drooling, and what perfect timing to pull in some profits.  I have seen more and more Christmas blowout sales, Christmas eBooks, Christmas Graphics floating around, and I believe these are the very best out there right now.

Speaking of Sean Lowery, something shocked me today.  I caught a glimpse from the inside of something that he and Jerome Chapman are working on, I cannot say much, but what I saw blew my mind!  I really hope this project gets launched as the quality is stunning.  I am hoping to perhaps strike a deal with those guys for MRR Members.

Just added the two affiliate presell templates today:

Adeel continues to push the boundaries with these and I have been very impressed so far.  With videos, emails, graphics, PSD’s to boot, I am not surprised that 99% of members who have written me have expressed how much they love these templates.

You can view the templates here:


I think it’s been a good start for December, and I hope the quality continues.


NicheMarketer.com Free Access!

I am really pleased to announce that we have added NicheMarketer.com back into the mix!

Brendan (The owner) has retired from online life for now and the domain was basically dormant, so he has allowed us to use it for the new membership.

Each month members will receive:

One Private Label Report that can be edited and given away.  Squeeze page accompanies the report.

12 Minisite Templates, Web 2.0 Style.

One new WordPress Theme.
All the above comes with Resell Rights, and to be honest the quality is first class!

Members, if you are reading this all you need to do is login to MRR and pickup the coupon code so you can join for FREE.  We don’t normally ask members to login to all the different memberships we operate, but for this one we must.

PS.  There is a whole bunch of goodies inside NicheMarketer.com too!