Private Label Rights Strategies & Ideas

We have just put together a brand new report for members, from us.

Because MRR adds almost 800 Private Label Articles each month I think it is very important that members KNOW what they can possibly do with all that content.  But did you know, after asking several members what they do with that content, it appears that most members do not even download them!

So because of this we have put together this report:

Private Label Strategies & Ideas

  • Using PLR articles in your newsletter or ezine
  • How to promote your site using PLR articles for podcasting and blogging
  • Writing small reports using private label content
  • Using your small reports for viral marketing and resale rights products

  • Using PLR articles for creating your own membership site
  • Creating a unique coaching program using content from PLR articles
  • Using PLR articles to promote your affiliate program

If you have a hard drive that is full of private label content that is just sitting there taking up space and you’re ready to finally use it to improve your business, then please give this report a read.

For non members, you can download this report for FREE by Clicking Here.

Warm regards,

MRR Update – 2 X PLR eBooks Added!

Yes it’s that time of the month again when we add our two exclusive Private Label eBooks to MRR.

Remember, only YOU receive the source files, you may see the Master Resale Rights versions flying around, but you have the right to become the author.  It’s important to place your name right there in the eBook, along with an optional URL back to your sites.

This month our two eBooks are……..

Internet Marketing Essentials For Newbies

View Sales Page

This was actually requested by a fellow MRR Member.  With more and more folks turning to the net seeking for their online fortune this is a good eBook to market, with all the basics that any newbie will need to get started.

Project Management

View Sales Page

When our copywriter said she was ‘still’ writing this after two weeks I wondered why, now I know, it’s around 70 pages of packed content!  Good job on this one.

“Trying to get a project off the ground can be daunting as can the problems that can come with the project. You might run into snags during your project that may cause you some headaches. Project management can be one challenge after another.”

I just want to say that I am EXTREMELY happy with the graphics once again for these two, and Mario continues to over-deliver each and every month.  4 eCover styles included and eye catching minisite graphics make these a surefire winner, or… least catch peoples eye.

Please login to download your two PLR eBooks for January 09.

Working towards your success,
Connor and the MRR team.

MRR Updates, Rebrandable Internet Marketing Software

Some BIG updates over the past couple of days, with PLVM being updated, along with your rebrandable internet marketing software being added for January 09.

First of all, your PLR Video for January is called Marketing Roadmap Success, and covers a whole bunch of Marketing topics, GREAT if you’re running your own Video Membership, as more and more people turn to the Internet for ways to Market and make money then this is a great topic for you to offload onto them:

This Video Series covers:

1 – Blogging Strategy
2 – Writing Blog Comments
3 – Building Links And Traffic With Wikis
4 – Social Networks:  Facebook and Twitter integration
5 – Basic Forum Marketing
6 – Video Sharing Sites with Social Networking Integration
7 – Product Review Sites

Secondly, your rebrandable software for January 09 is Password Saver Prime

It seamlessly maintains different affiliate account details, so you won’t get confused or lost figuring out which is which ever again!
Easily categorize your IDs in different groups – emails, autoresponders, hosting, the choice is yours!
Need to save multiple details? No problem! Password Buzz does all those, including login name, password, login link, cloaked link, payout info, you name it you have it!
Access your account quickly and easily through an in-built web browser within the software that allows you to copy-and-paste your username & password into the login fields
Personalize each account’s information in Password Buzz to suit your marketing needs!
Keep track of your commissions and payments with minimum fuss (so you know where your sources of income are from, and when!)

Remember you can completely rebrand this, it is practically private label software!  Change the name, change the skins, add your own banners to various products you promote, add your own text links, the list is almost endless!  To this day these little viral marketing warriors are STILL one of my favorite components that we add to MRR each month, and the reason being?  Because of the success stories that I have heard from members regarding these little gems.

Please login to MRR and grab your newest additions,

Content Added To MRR

Wow, time sure flies, and I have been so busy working on new components for MRR, hosting, setting up members accounts, working on new products, and a new component that I hope to be adding in February sometime.

650+ PLR Articles was added to MRR on the 20th.  Remember that 300 of those PLR Articles actually come from our second monthly article membership, and can be used with the adsense sites that we add.  So in theory MRR Members are receiving an extra 300+ articles each month by logging into

Also please remember that your MRR login details will gain you access to all the various sister memberships we also run.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

MRR Hosting!

We’re very pleased to announce that ALL Pro MRR Members now receive FREE hosting while you’re a member!

You will be hosted on a state of the art Quad Core Xeon with 4GB RAM, along with:

2GB Of Storage Space
40GB Of Bandwidth Each Month
20 Domains
999 FTP Accounts
999 Email Accounts
Easy Site Builder
And More…….

Now, there are A LOT of memberships out there who offer free hosting to members, so I guess we are a little late, however, one of the gimmicks of ‘Their’ membership is that once you claim your complimentary hosting you’re stuck.  If you leave you lose your hosting.

This is not the case with MRR.  If any member whatsoever decides to leave the MRR Community we will offer you a suitable solution, we will NOT close down your site(s) just because you canceled.

MRR Members have the options of TWO hosting packages now, 12 months free VDS hosting, and now your complimentary hosting with MRR.

Price Increase

Now that we have included our hosting package for members the price of membership MUST go up.  We already offer far more than most for what we charge, but now that hosting is included we cannot devalue ourselves any longer.

The economy, and I guess our human nature to help others has stopped us from raising the prices so far, but we will be raising them very soon.

Please Note: Price increases will NOT affect current members, you are locked in at the price you are currently paying.

If you would like Hosting to be added to your account it will only cost an additional $7.03.  Simply drop us a line to discuss your business needs, and we will have you setup within 24 hours.


2009 Here We Come!

Well what a year 2008 was.  MRR was closed, then MRR opened again, then we take MRR to a new level with all sorts of new content/products!

One thing is for sure, we will never stop, and I promise you 2009 will be even better to be a member of MRR!


Just to let you know that we have added the 300 PLR Articles, 12 Adsense Sites and 24 Headers to the Monthly Articles page of MRR.  The 3 X Private Label eBooks will be delivered January 1st 2009.

I recently read a very interesting newsletter, and it made me raise my eyebrows.  It is predicted that by 2010 the sale of information products could potentially overtake the sales made from gambling and the adult industries combined!  Now that is a staggering statistic!  And if anyone wonders if there is any money to be made selling information online should be filled with hope with that statement!

With that said, it disheartens me somewhat when I hear that members do nothing with those 300 Private Label Articles that we add each month.  Purely focusing on the products we add each week is fine, but I feel some are missing the point completely with what can be done with those 300 Articles.

If you’re new to MRR then I urge you to download as it is free, and it’s the same program I use along with my copywriters to work on the source files for the 3 PLR eBooks we add each month.  Using you can easily turn some of those 300 PLR Articles into your own product.

Selling the latest Liz Tomey product is great, but you need to think outside the box.  You NEED your own product to become recognized online, it is simple as that, and there is no better opportunity than right now with those 300 Articles to do just that!

OK, I have rambled on enough, once again from everyone at MRR we wish you all the best for 2009, with ZERO sickness, ZERO problems and 10 X RICHER!