DigiSellerPro.com – 95% Commission

I am VERY pleased to announce that we have added www.DigiSellerPro.com to the MRR family.

What are the most common requests of MRR Members?  Of course products, but also the ability to allow MRR Members to earn commission on some of the High End Premium products that we add.

Sometimes we add a product where can only offer Personal Usage Rights, this is fine if the member wants to use that product for their own use, but they cannot technically earn any profits.

So, we have setup a slew of products over at DSP for members to promote and earn 95% commission!

NO, we will not purely focus on these types of products, absolutely not!  MRR is all about trying to help you earn money by having your own arsenal of products, DSP is just another element for your membership, and is there is you want to promote.

For those that want to take us up on this offer, just login to MRR, from the members homepage simply click the Digi Seller Pro link to read more.

To YOUR success,

MRR Update – February 09 Content Added

Yikes!  It’s been a while since I wrote anything on the blog, my excuse?  VERY busy working on MRR.

Just a quick heads that over 1000 private label articles has been added to PLRContentWarehouse.com, yes over 1000!

You will need to login to PLRContentWarehouse.com to begin downloading these articles, remember……the smart marketer’s are the ones who will turn these into reports/eBooks and offer resell rights or even give away rights to their new product.

Thats all for now!

Awesome YouTube Minisite Builder

Once in a while something really grabs my attention in the Resell Rights world.  Sure, the latest $97 PLR eBook package  is great, but this one product blows all of those rehashed affiliate marketing eBooks out of the water!

VIdeo Clip Ministe Builder

View A Sample Here

No MysSQL database required
Auto update content from Youtube website
Use Youtube new GData API, no need to get Youtube developer key
Include User profile section, uploaded videos, favorite videos, and user playlist
Search for Videos by name, tags or author
Search engine friendly URLs
Create multiple pages based on additional keywords
Fast and low resource, using CURL (optional)) and cache files
Built in automatic bad word filter
Powerful templates based on the Smarty Template engine
Easy to use configuration screen

As you can see from the sample page we created in 3 minutes you will understand the power of this script, but what’s even better than that?  Master Resell Rights and THEN Private Label Rights on February 11th! As of right now members and customers can sell this script as their own!

Members – I urge you to login now and download this and save it somewhere safe 🙂