The Extras Make A Difference

I was recently speaking with a fellow MRR member, who was talking about how to profit with resale rights.

There are a couple of ways obviously, a membership, but that market is becoming over saturated, and unless you offer something ‘unique’ you will be viewed as yet another.  I absolutely urge anyone to offer something unique to the market, hosting, PLR, articles, graphics, whatever it is….it will set you apart from the rest.  This is of course if you want to venture into the membership arena.

Selling products, I hear from a lot of people regarding this matter, competition lowering the prices to $1 or something stupid like that.  I have been guilty of that too, but these days my main focus is being a provider with the MRR Membership, so no time to actually sell.

But if were selling, and faced with such incredible competition or a price war, this is what I would think:

“Its not just about the product, its about the extras that make a difference”

How can you possibly beat others selling the same thing for a $1?  Bonuses, make the offer far greater than your competitors.  The lazy marketer will upload, set things up and sell for a BUCK, the smart marketer will work out a strategy, what bonuses to include, are they related, eBooks, software, scripts, graphics etc, anything that will make you stand out will help.

I believe this is actually critical with any resale rights marketer, and you need to start thinking outside of the box.  Rather than be like everyone else, stamp your own twist on things so that your customers KNOW you over-deliver.

Competition is immense in the resale rights industry, especially when you have a site that sits at the top of the search engines selling everything for pennies, it’s their way of trying to dominate the market, so it’s imperative you give resale rights a fresh look.

Just remember to OVER-DELIVER, nothing speaks louder than a marketer who goes that extra mile.

All the best,

A Milestone For Me and MRR Membership

Today an online buddy of mine reminded me that it’s been a year since I took over MRR, transformed it, revamped, opened the doors again, and have been working on MRR every single day for over 12 months straight!

Staggering when I think about that, but it’s not just me who has been running the show, which may surprise some.  Matt and Jennifer have been a big help in reaching our target of daily additions.  Trust me when I say adding something every single day is NOT easy, in fact it adds a whole new level stress that I have never encountered before!  But thankfully I have come to live with MRR and MRR has come to live with me.

Another milestone for MRR is that 400 members are inside, and far exceeds my expectations.  A lot of that has to go down to affiliates, who have been fantastic this year, and I almost fall off of my chair each month, on the 15th when I realize how much commission has been generated!  Kudos to those affiliates for reaching those levels.

I just want to thank everyone who has been a part of MRR for so long, team members, but most importantly MRR Members.  Without MRR Members this membership would not be half the membership it is, with your requests, advice, suggestions we simply could not keep doing what we do without your help.

On another note, has had a major revamp, and it was a case of having too, I won’t go into the reasons why, but we had to jump on it ASAP.

What we have done with PLFuel is turn it into a PLR hub sort of speak, where we have the freedom to constantly bring fresh PLR to your plate each month.  As soon as we receive it from the copywriters you will have it.

At the moment, the membership consists of a few different components:

The Main Product – HIGH END all the way!  Videos, Report, WP Theme, PSD Files
PLR Reports – As soon as we receive the reports, you will get them too
PLR eBooks – Once again HIGH END content
PLR Articles – Something we really want to explore more, so we plan on any a bundle each month

That really is it from me now, time to go put my feet up!

All the best to you and yours,

MRR News & What’s Going On With PLR Fuel?

Wow, it’s been far too long since I updated the MRR blog, BAD boy!  Sorry about that folks.

What’s going on with  I have already received several emails regarding our sister site, well as an MRR member you will have noticed that a very unfortunate event happened, to this day I am still unsure as to how it happened.

After 1.5 years of producing two PLR eBooks per month we are completely revamping PLR Fuel, and you can check out the site here:

As you can see it’s a brand new design, but not just that, you will get an idea of what is going on, and what will happen each month with the site.

The new move will see greater flexibility to the MRR network, and we do intend to go as far as we can go with it.

Essentially, each month PLR Fuel or MRR members will receive one MAIN product, it’s extremely high-end too, PLR videos all the way, but not just that, the graphics are simply stunning.  The main product could easily hold up the membership, but our plans are far bigger than that.

Here’s the deal.  The main product will be added around the 16th of each month, but alongside that we will be working on PLR articles, PLR reports, PLR eBooks and anything else we can come up with.  The additional PLR content will be updated when it arrives, there is no set date for the extra benefits.

PLR Fuel has operated for 1.5 years, with hundreds of members, the content/products we add to PLR Fuel will not be included inside of the MRR Membership, so you will have to login.

If you’re a PLR Fuel member you will already have been notified of the change, as for MRR Members you may have seen our note, but come closer to the 16th we shall let everyone know.

That’s it for now 🙂