Popular Internet Marketing Trends of 2009

With the Internet becoming one of the most broad and reliable mediums for business these days, the study of how to make it big online has truly gone up to its peak. Every Internet businessman is constantly looking for ways on how to tap into the market and maximize their profits, which is why they feel it essential to be kept abreast of all the latest Internet marketing trends.

The year 2009 is no exception to the fickle, changing nature of online business. And as with any year, there are always trends being forecast. This is to answer the needs of the changing times and markets, economic events, new innovations, and new methods and each year is a chance to be able to tap into all of that. Especially now with the recession in place, digital marketing solutions are steadfast in gaining popularity as they offer relief from budget constraints. There are quite a number of new ways wherein Internet marketers can maximize their revenues and they have taken shape this 2009.

These days, increasing your market and maximizing your revenue doesn’t simply mean gaining new users – more doesn’t always mean more. Nowadays, there’s a need to look into new channels and new niches, and possibly even concentrating in just those small areas to make the most profit. And it doesn’t have to mean changing your entire strategy completely. Sometimes, a little tweaking or a small addition can work wonders for your Internet business.

Here are a couple of trends that have proven to be effective and some that show much promise for the year 2009:

1.Recession marketing and consumer thrift – these will undoubtedly continue to shape market movements all throughout the year. Savings and discounts will be at the forefront of consumers’ needs as spending power is lessened. Auction sites and online stores are most likely to see their number rocket.

2.Creativity is key – Internet marketing relies heavily on creatives and the more disruptive and eye-catching your advertising is, the more it is likely to be noticed and responded to. While aesthetics seem to be the at the bottom of the priority list, good creative is what evokes a consumer response, therefore gaining you returns.

3.Giving customers a voice – nowadays, more and more consumers are seeking for a way to get their voice heard by the company, and if they do not find this, they arelikely to go somewhere else. Incorporating forums, blogs where users can comment, and feedback forms will go a long way.

4.Mobile marketing – more and more people are now sporting digital mobile devices that allow them access to the Internet. This is a good thing for establishments such as restaurants, movie theatres, and any business targeting the younger (generation Y) market.

5.Social marketing – as social networking site continue to flourish and gain a massive following, advertising and linking in with these sites is a golden gateway. This will present a great opportunity, especially for smaller business, to get noticed and to build connections with the market.

6.Focus on customer relationships
– as there are now fewer new customers (and the occasional lost customers) due to the recession, businesses now need to strengthen their ties with their customers. Continuous excitement for existing customers and establishing long0term relationships is key.

There are a lot of other trends that can be maximized and tapped into, especially with the remaining months of 2009. What is important is that you learn what techniques can be best applied to your business and continue to grow on those strategies that you have adopted.

3 Tips on How to Organize Your Business and Increase the Likelihood of Success

I’m sure most entrepreneurs scramble days before the tax deadlines and incessantly bug their employees (mostly accountants) about the current state of the finances. Consequently, the employees bug fellow employees regarding the location of certain receipts and other pertinent documents. Also, these employees sometimes don’t know who they need to report to or the order of the tasks they have to perform.

These extremely situations result from a lack of organization in a business. Flawed organization systems often lead to “cramming” during vital parts of the business calendar. On a regular business day, it can also contribute to lesser productivity and inefficiency. Unfortunately, drastic organizational measures cost a lot of money and with the tight economy right now, an entrepreneur must turn to less expensive means to solve this problem.

Here are several tips how:

1.Organizational Structure – An organizational structure is a hierarchical concept of subordination. If you’re yet to implement one, it’s best to implement one now. The best structure for a relatively small business is a flat one, where there are less superiors and more teamwork. Dividing employees into teams with common goals, tasks and functions will aid in increasing productivity and reducing stress within the company. Teams can also coordinate through their team leaders with work that requires a more collective effort. Best of all, reorganization barely costs any money as you are just redistributing already present functions to employees.

2.Task List (To-Do’s) –
You may also consider using task lists within a certain time-frame. This is to enable employees to know what they’re going to do that day and what they’re going to do in the succeeding days. It will discourage “freewheeling” decisions by employees and it will maximize the available time. Superiors, with the help of the employees, can discuss the optimum tasks to be done or lined up for the coming week/s.  Also, it doesn’t really cost a lot. You just have to invest on some paper and that’s it. Imagine solving the unnecessary stress of “what should I do now, boss?”  by taking some time out to plan tasks to be done.

3.Invest on Long-term “Organization Aids” –
When I say organization aids, I mean computers for easier filing of documents. Additionally, subscribe for internet access so you can go global. Both of these will lead to smoother and more efficient communication. These investments are well-worth it. They’re much better than passing post it notes, waiting for snail mail and scouring through stacked folders and filing cabinets.

In conclusion, having more organization basically grants you more control of your business. You can get information and make decisions quickly. Productivity is maximized and as a bonus, morale improves. It also adds a sense of “unified” direction of your business and your employees. A concerted effort to reach goals is one of the major ingredients of success. Getting rid of the things that induce stress and confusion will definitely aid in success too. It’s a matter of resourcefulness, patience, trust and perseverance.

Take some time to consider these tips and maybe you can apply them to YOUR business. You’ll be surprised at the benefits!

Rewriting: Personalize Your PLR Content

PLR content has become the greatest thing since sliced bread in the online marketing world. You can buy PLR products for a reasonable price and reap a ten-fold (or more) return. Personalizing your PLR content will set your site apart from the others and send sales even higher.

What is so great about PLR content? Private Label Rights products can be revamped, displayed as is or sold. The best part: YOU didn’t have to come up with the topics, do the research or write any of the content.

Here’s a small success story for you, the former owner of MRR decided to flip a PLR product, something he had done in the past but he went the full nine yards this time, new graphics, new sales copy, even a promo video, that particular product now earns $300 per week via Clickbank.  The product was first class to be honest, but it is how we flipped everything that made the difference.

PLR content can have a downside for buyers. Many online businesses know the value of PLR content and are buying it up and joining membership sites that send them new PLR each and every month. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, that means the potential for several hundred others to possess the same content you do.

In order not to anger the search engine gods or your faithful visitors, rewriting is necessary for the greatest success with PLR content. Before you get that sheepish look, rewriting is a lot less work than you would imagine. For one, the work has been done; you are just rearranging, removing and or adding to the content already provided to you.

Here are a few suggestions for rewriting PLR content.

1. Use Software
There are software programs that can rewrite articles to create new ones. Be careful with this though because some can change the feel of the article or use synonyms for words that turn your article into nonsense. It’s always a wise idea to give your content a once-over after using the software.

2. Hire a Ghostwriter
Many ghostwriters are out of the price range of a beginning website owner, but using their services for rewrites costs less since the work is already done. Ask for a paragraph by paragraph rewrite to keep the same general feel of the article but with different words. If you are looking for SEO friendly content, this process works quite well.

3. Do-It-Yourself
Maybe you are a great writer, but don’t have the time to create your own content. It would be easier for you to rewrite portions of your PLR since you are already familiar with the writing process and the topic of the content.

4. Add Relevant Links
Some PLR content packs will include helpful links and keywords used to create the content. Add those links in your articles or use your own product or affiliate links to help monetize them.

5. Add Graphics
Depending on your topic, adding pictures and other graphics make it stand out from the rest. Print screen images will demonstrate what you are talking about in the content and further engage the reader. Look for free to use graphics online or create a video to go along with the content to up the ante with your PLR.

Are you looking to make the most of your PLR content? Rewriting portions of the content give your articles the personal touch your readers are searching for. Set yourself apart from all the other cookie-cutter sites out there.

Winner Mindset: Success in the Business World

Fear of failure and failure itself causes many entrepreneurs and businessmen to stop reaching for their goals. Many don’t pursue what they need to accomplish because they are discouraged by previous failures. But this won’t help at all because in the end, the entrepreneur is the one who’s losing a lot from stopping in the face of failure. It is true that in the business world failure and unmet goals are inevitable, but what should set you apart from others who have met the same fate is your response. In the face of failure, one should fight and not flee, in other words tenacity.

Take a look at MRR for example, back in the days of 2006 you could count the amount of resell rights memberships on two hands, these days there are thousands, all offering the same products, same services, copying each other, using underhanded marketing tactics to name others, if I was fearful of this I would have closed MRR 6 months ago.  I am human, these times are worrying with the market becoming over-saturated by the day, but what’s important is to stay focused and believe in what we are doing at MRR.

Failure is dilapidating and hurtful, but the hit shouldn’t be taken as the end. If you look closely enough at your failures, there are a lot of opportunities from where to pick up from. One should have the winner mindset in the face of failures. They shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goal.

The winner mindset is a state of mind that will absolutely help you take on challenges in the business world. A winner is one who thinks of his goals and keeps a clear view of them as he goes along the road. His goals keep him motivated, and he always sees them as something that is already there. He always thinks that he is successful, and he can do anything in his power to achieve what he wants.

However, it is important to consider that the winner mindset cannot be adapted by anybody overnight. It takes practice to think like a winner and succeed at it. It is important that you know yourself first. Introspection, wherein you try to examine yourself, is the first essential step. In introspection, you try to ask yourself important questions regarding your attitude. It is important that you answer them honestly. This will help you know yourself better and therefore, take a path that is right for you.

Introspection is not an easy task. It is quite difficult to introspect and then come up with a goal plan in one day. You can take it easy. It is enough to sit down and reflect for 20-30 minutes a day. You’ll see that this habit will lead you to better self-knowledge and a good goal plan. If there are set-backs and challenges, reflection and introspection can help you to better address problems because you take time to think about things and avoid rash actions that could lead to more damage.

Some important questions to ask when you perform introspection are about your personal work ethics, attitude, goals and personal wants.

  • How do you work?
  • How do you deal with stress and personal problems?
  • What are your goals?
  • How do you plan to achieve them?

Ask these questions and answer them honestry. You’ll be surprised on how much this will help you. Best of luck!

A Slightly New Look, and Some Updates

If you’re a member, you will notice some BIG changes inside MRR, obviously the layout has changed somewhat, not drastically, but enough to give the whole membership a more compact feeling:


I found myself thinking “If I were a member, would I appreciate having to login to all these different places?” my answer to that was no, I really wouldn’t.  So, we’ve decided to close a lot of our sister memberships, and trim everything down to 3 – 4 memberships in one, with all the other monthly products/updates being moved inside of MRR.

One other update I would like to inform everyone about is that we’re working with the original programmer who helped with the members area, there are a few things I’ve never been happy with, so we’re brainstorming together.  Hopefully in the next week or so we will see some slight changes being made, that will make life as an MRRer a lot easier.

I apologize that we are constantly tweaking things, but you can never rest on your laurels, things can always be improved on just like anything in life.

To your continued success,

Something New – FLASH eBook?

For the past couple of weeks I have been playing around with some cool, but rather expensive software to turn PDF eBooks into full presentation FLASH eBooks.


The Master Guide To Product Creation

It’s not that I am bored with the usual PDF eBook format, far from it, that will be around for years to come, but for someone who hasn’t got their fingers into product creation in SO long, I wanted to try something new.

I am a visual person for sure, if a designer creates a design that I am certainly not happy with, it goes in the trash, when I completed the first FLASH eBook my mouth was watering.  I think it’s a nice break away from the norm.

Feedback from members was positive, with the occassional old schooler saying it will never catch on 🙂 I agree, it probably won’t, besides the cost to create the FLASH eBooks is not for the faint hearted, but I am hoping this format will perhaps bring some life into resale rights….a little bit, if anything it probably had a few people thinking, and has Mr DA (Name Hidden To Save His Blushes) worried, which is always a bonus 🙂

Anyway, it won’t be a long standing thing, but something I will think about for the future.

To your continued success,

What is PLR Content?

For those who work online, or want to, you may have seen this abbreviation before: PLR. But, what exactly is PLR? It stands for Private Label Rights and once you’ve finished reading this article you’ll discover what PLR is and even a few ways it can be used to help you create a successful business without costing a fortune or taking tons of time.

Private Label Rights (PLR) products give any online business owner the opportunity to make money with very little overhead. And, that’s what we all want – more money coming in than going out. It’s easier when you can get a leg up on the competition right? That is possible if you put PLR content to use in your business.

Let’s start at the beginning. Private Label Rights content is content (articles, reviews, reports, eCourses, etc.) that is written by someone else for you to use as your own. They can be purchased in packs or as a monthly membership and usually revolve around one particular subject. The great thing about PLR is that once you purchase it or get it for free, you have content that is tailor made for bringing traffic to your website business.

What if your website dealt with dog products? You could purchase a pack of articles on different types of dog training. These articles could be used to add new content to your website each week for current visitors and to draw in new ones. You can then use that content to promote products of your own or affiliate programs you’ve signed up for.

The Rights of a PLR Buyer

Know your rights when working with PLR content. Private Label Rights means that you are entitled to rewrite any part of the content as you see fit and then put your name on it. You didn’t write it but you have the right to claim it as your own. Most PLR site owners have a list of the ways you are allowed to use or not use the content you purchase from them, so be sure you check those rules out.

For instance, most owners will allow you to give the content away for free, post it to your site or blog and use it in newsletters or membership sites. However, many will not allow you to publish the content to article directories or resell it to others with the same rights.

The fact that you are allowed to use the content for your website or blog alone makes it extremely valuable. Who has the time to create great content for their website on a regular basis? Internet users are voracious readers of information. If it were you, wouldn’t you want to see something new on your favorite websites each time you visited? So do your visitors.

When you are growing a business, it’s hard to devote time to content writing because you have other business areas to concentrate on. PLR content makes it easier to keep a business going online. Hiring a ghostwriter to write all that content for you can add up too. With PLR, you are able to satisfy your visitors with informative articles consistently making it easier to change them from visitor to buyer. Not to mention it saves you money because PLR content is sold for a lot cheaper than hiring a writer.

If you have heard of PLR content before but don’t quite know what it is, it’s worth its weight in gold for you to find out the numerous ways it can be used to help increase your success. For the online business owner, PLR is a time-saving product that makes money. You can’t afford to miss out on what others have already discovered.

MRR Membership Updates, and A Long Overdue Change

After carefully thinking things through over the past couple of days we will be making a couple of changes the way MRR is run:
1 – As of Saturday September 19th we will be operating Monday through Friday. However, for product launches, packages, or products that we feel members should receive ASAP we will still add Saturday – Sunday.  It’s been a full two years of daily additions without any kind of day off, we hope you appreciate that everyone needs time to recharge.  We will still provide support over those days, that will never change, and if you you see a product that you would like to see added then please send in your requests still.  All products that we pickup over Saturday – Sunday will be added Monday.

2 – A lot of members have requested that we move some of our sister memberships inside of MRR.  We will be taking a look into that, but memberships such as PrivateLabelFuel.com, MillionaireProfitsSystem.com, InstantReviewArticles.com all have active members so that may prove impossible, however, for the smaller memberships we will be moving them inside of MRR ASAP.

3 – MillionaireProfitsSystem.com – Ewen Chia “The Source” decided to close shop, which is where the blueprints were coming from.  We don’t want to stop adding those monthly blueprints so we will be investing in new video blueprints ourselves each month, probably between 6 – 10.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, or even updates then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Make Money with Private Label eBooks

There is no doubt about it, all the gurus, all the big earners have one thing in common, they have their own product.  I’ve personally created well over 20 products so far online, but #1 it is time consuming, and #2 can be extremely costly if you outsource.  But that’s where Private Label Rights can step in and level that playing field in one fell swoop.

One great example of how well people can do with PLR if used effectively, is none other than the former owner of MRR.  He recently told me he is earning a considerable amount of money each month selling ‘flipped’ PLR products on Clickbank.  He had new graphics created, totally rewrote the sales page, even included promo videos, in the end the product looked NOTHING like the original.

If you’ve never used  any of the PLR content inside of MRR, you really should give it a try. Once you do, you’ll understand the love affair others seem to have with it. PLR is a powerful tool for online and offline business owners alike. It can be used to create a stellar website with tons of well-written articles. Good PLR products can establish you as an expert in your niche market which is one of the keys to being successful.

When you are ready to step up a level, try PLR eBooks. A PLR eBook can benefit you in many ways. Here are just two of the most obvious ones:

• Give it away for free when visitors opt-in for other services or newsletter lists.
• Sell it on your website

Give it Away

There is much to be said for free products. Customers want to know what they are getting before they take the big plunge. An eBook is a prize for anyone looking for free information. It is longer than an article and can provide in-depth information for those who receive it.

Use a Private Label eBook to build a list of potential customers. Offer it to those who are willing to sign up for email newsletters and promotions. You already know they are interested in your type of products because they visited your site. This is a much better way to gain potential buyers than paying for a list.

Sell it & Make Money

Maybe you already use other products as promo items on your website. If so, you can easily sell a PLR eBook to help increase your sales. Purchase PLR eBooks that fit in with your other products, but offer something extra.

Also, enhance your eBook with a companion guide. The eBook can be used for instruction in a group setting. Now you have set yourself up to make sales of additional companion guides if they like the eBook.

Make Your eBook Unique

Before you use any PLR eBook as a promotional tool or to sell, add a few of your own bells and whistles to create a unique product that gives your customers exactly what they need. Make sure you’re using the eBook to provide those who download it with links specific to your products and any affiliate links you are using as well.

Many Private Label eBooks also come complete with a sales letter to help you with promotion efforts so don’t be afraid to tweak it for your specific needs.

Private Label Rights doesn’t just come in the form of eBooks however, of course there is software, scripts, graphics, videos, you name it, it’s inside MasterResellRights.com.  But I will write more at a later date on how you can flip a piece of software or script, and I’ll let you know of my outsourcing history.

Well that’s it, hope you found this useful!
All the best,

5 Reasons to Utilize Private Label Rights Content on Your Website

I think it goes without saying that PLR content is one of the hottest commodities on the Internet today for business owners, and members are consistently asking me for more.  Many people don’t utilize the PLR that they have, or even where to start, so here’s a few quick tips:

1. No Writing On Your Part Necessary – In order to keep up and give your readers fresh content, you would need to spend the better part of each day creating new articles, blog posts, etc etc. for your site visitors to read. When you occupy all of your time writing content, there is none left for promoting the business. It’s a catch-22. Your site and/or your blog would be filled with good stuff but no one would know that it exists because you haven’t had time to get the word out. With PLR content, the hard part is already done for you.

2. Free Traffic – It would take you months to draw the kind of traffic that several well-written articles can get for you. Using search engine optimized PLR content can put you at the top of the search engine rankings so more people can find you with their searches. Your website will be the first place they go for resources.

3. Sell It & Make Money – You have paid for the right to use the content in the way that you see fit depending on the rights of course 🙂  By rearranging, splitting, rewriting the content or combining it with other offers, you can create a money-making product perfect for your customers. This process is certainly easier than developing a product of your own from scratch. With good quality content, you can create a brand that people will flock to.

4. Link Backs to Your Site – Others will read your content and recommend it to others. In that way, you build links without even lifting a finger. The content is doing it for you.

5. Create Expert Status & Build Trust – Use rewritten PLR content as a marketing tool for yourself and your business. Most people need to not only brand their business, but themselves on the Internet. It’s important to create an expert status online. PLR content can be rewritten by you quickly and easily and used to help your visitors gain trust in you and look to you as the expert in a particular topic.

Private Label Rights products give you a wealth of opportunities to capitalize on your purchase. These rights allow you to rewrite or use the content as is. If you purchase limited edition PLR products, only a few people on the Web are also using that particular product and you have an even better advantage.   Take for instance the PLR eBooks we add to PrivateLabelFuel.com, we’ve made them limited, and the license while some have argued is quite restrictive, it’s what I like to call High-End PLR.

The 5 reasons above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of private label rights content. Hopefully, now that you’ve seen a few ways to put it to use, you are not on the fence anymore about PLR and the increased dollars for your business with very little output on your part.

Remember, with MRR we are consistently adding Private Label products, I believe there is close to 500 products inside now with PLR, check them out in the PLR section inside the members area.

Hope you found these tips useful 🙂
All the best,