How to Easily Motivate Yourself: 4 Easy Steps

Self-motivation is extremely important to succeeding in life. You can’t just always rely on others to motivate you. You can’t let deadlines be the end-all and be-all of your performance. Also, you can’t let fear of failure be the sole motivation because fear has with it, stress, which can cloud your judgment and decision-making.

It must really come from within because that’s where the most compelling and convincing voice comes from. Simply put, it’s keeping about keeping your head up at all times and having that built-in sense of urgency when there are things to be done. It’s also about shouting and standing up for what you believe in even if no one is listening or no one’s minding you.

It’s easy to say all of this inspirational advice but how exactly do you motivate yourself?  Here are 4 easy steps that you can easily do and keep track of:

1.  Have goals, have dreams – This is the starting point of your quest for developing self-motivation.  It’s the concrete manifestation of the cause you believe in. It can be as audacious and as challenging as you want; as long as you firmly believe you can realize it. Just ask any athlete who races. Do you think he’ll be motivated to be the best that he can be if there was no finish line? It’s highly improbable. You’ve probably heard about the saying, “the end does not justify the means”. Well, you can’t have the means if there is no “end” right?

2.  Don’t compare – Comparing yourself with others will effectively just bring you down. One of the realities you have to accept is that other people will just be totally better than you. You’ll just lose valuable energy and time obsessing about how you need to be better than others. It’s more appropriate to strive to be better than you were yesterday. Top your previous accomplishments and you won’t even notice how good you’re becoming.

3.  Don’t be discouraged – Sometimes, there are hurdles and challenges so big and difficult to overcome that you’d just stop. Don’t. Push on and persevere. Success was never meant to be handed to you on a silver platter. Sometimes, you need to sweat and cry for it. Let these hurdles aid you in motivating yourself. You’ll be surprised at how easier these hurdles become as you move forward.

4.  Don’t settle – There are also moments when you can simply settle for mediocrity. Sometimes, you de-motivate yourself because you “kind of” achieved your goal already and you’ve already had a hard time. Don’t let this happen. Don’t compromise for mediocrity because no one ever praises mediocrity. Your goals should be centered around success and not with simply “getting by.” In simpler terms, play to win. Don’t relent until you do.

These tips seem to be difficult but in truth, they’re very easy to follow. It’s all a matter of focus. Work hard and develop the right attitude and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to motivate yourself.

Internet Marketing: What You Need to Remember to Succeed

The World Wide Web can be a scary place to be if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, if you do know how to take advantage of it, they you are in a much better place. Rather than view it as a place mysterious as a forest, take stock on the fact that it also a good place to find a wealth of information and resources that you can get for free. The good thing about it is that everybody wants to connect with someone so you’re not in a deficit when it comes to attention. You will just have to know how to marshal your energies and resources to get everyone to look at you.

One of the great things about the internet is the myriad of possibilities you can take advantage of. Sometimes, it’s a blank canvass of the things you can explore and sometimes there’s already the diversity that can help you get the kind of attention you need.

One thing you definitely need is a proactive mindset. A proactive mindset will help you plot out your course of action, and a course of action is definitely important in any kind of conquest. In this case, you’re trying to conquer people’s attention and get that attention focused on you so that they remember you. Another thing that you will to have, in conjunction with this, is persistence. You will have to persist in all the things you do online. You don’t get to see your consumers or clients face to face so you won’t be able to physically reassure them of your willingness to help them out, so you have to be on top of your game.

Get an education. The internet is an evolving thing. You might have started with a bit of help with someone who is more internet savvy than you, but you will want to have to learn all the stuff your go-to guy is doing. Learn the ins and outs of social networking sites, search engine optimization, and other things that will be crucial to your success. There is always a new program or software that will make things easier for you. Just like illustrators who are constantly on the lookout for better design software, you will also need to do your homework on the best programs for your business.

Gimmicks are the way to go. Little gimmicks are something that will keep people’s attention on you. Is it a new addition on your website? A discount? A newsletter? Think of things that will connect you to people and solidify that connection with updates.

Updates are lifelines. Having a blog or a website that isn’t updated is a dying enterprise. People want to know what is going on in your business, sometimes your life. Tidbits about new projects generate an excitement amongst your readers and give them an understanding that you are always working to make yourself better.

Going Downhill? – The New FTC Ruling

Disclaimer:  We are NOT lawyers, everything you read below is just our opinion only.

If you’re trying to sell a product, it’s always a plus when you’ve got a customer wanting to give you a testimonial for the product they purchase, in fact I would say receiving a testimonial is gold dust.

Testimonials are not new by any means,  it’s present in many print ads and commercials all across the country.  When it comes to Internet Marketing, testimonials are no new thing either. We see this in almost every blog and affiliate marketing site we can find. These entrepreneurs use consumer testimonials on products in order to sell their merchandise, and in a world full of scams and consumer apprehension, testimonials seem to be one of the few good strategies that Internet marketers can bank on.

However, recently, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has sanctioned a new law that seems to be dragging Internet marketing to its doom, or is it?

User testimonials, as we know them, can no longer exist as they are, with the FTC imposing certain rules before the use and implementation of such is done.

As is commonly seen, websites that promote products and certain services online rely heavily on user and consumer testimonials and opinions as part of their marketing strategy. They attract customers, enticing them to buy and put certain credibility in the products being promoted. Some of the most common that we see around are:

•    “I lost 120lbs in just 2 weeks…”
•    “My website profits doubled in value overnight!”
•    “I saw an increase in the web traffic within a span of just 3 days…”

Under the old guidelines in the use of consumer testimonials, a certain disclaimer – such as “results may vary/results not typical” was enough to be able to publish any type of testimonial without having to worry about generating false claims or creating deception to your customers.  With the new policies that the FTC has put into place, it is no longer that easy to use and post user testimonials on your websites.

The safe harbour of “results not typical” is no longer a good enough counteraction.

What the FTC recommends is that testimonials convey the results that the typical user will generally see and experience after using the product.  Testimonials of extraordinary claims and results paired with results not typical statements are not allowed – rather, it must be specified that the typical user “will experience ABC results.” Basically the FTC wants you to portray to your potential customers what the general outcome of the product will be, that’s going to be tricky to say the least, but it’s something every single Internet marketer must learn from now on.

These guidelines, however, only seem to apply to testimonials that talk about results, and not those that express emotions and opinions of the product such as “I love this product!” or “I’m so glad I invested in this…” General statements need not follow these restrictions.

There has been a lot of doom and gloom about this, MRR members have even been asking us what we think, and to be honest we probably know as much as you.  But from my understanding, if you have a testimonial on your site basically saying:

“I made $100,000 while I cut my toe nails, thanks a lot!”

then you can expect to have some trouble coming your way.

I’ve also read that a lot of marketers won’t even be using testimonials from now on, I don’t think it has to be that drastic, but the testimonials you normally see floating around with claims of massive income, or even weight loss gained will be a thing of the past.

Is it a bad thing for marketing?  I don’t believe so, I think this will actually help the IM realm, the bad and the good will be separated at last.  How many times have you come across these sites promising you instant wealth online while you push a button?  First of all there is no such thing as instant wealth at the push of a button, no matter how hard these people try to portray it, but to make things even more cringe worthy the sale page is littered with fake testimonials using stock photos of people.  I actually saw one of these a couple of days back, and recognized the photos from!

In my opinion, if you play by the rules of the FTC you will be absolutely fine.  There is a lot of confusion, a lot of questions being asked, and I even find myself in the Warriors for hours reading what others think about this new ruling.

All in all, with the fines that could be imposed, it might be a wise decision to comply with these FTC requirements. It’s easy to see and believe that this just means the end of the online marketing era. In fact, these new rules and laws should not be a signal for the death of Internet marketing as we know it, but rather the beginning of a more honest, healthier, and well regulated online marketing industry.

Here’s Frank Kern’s take on this Click Here, you really SHOULD give that a read, he explains exactly what he thinks of this whole thing, in a way that only Frank Kern could!

Mighty Minisite – First Class

mightyminisiteOnce in a while there is a product that we refer to as first class, it’s the type of product you would expect to see being sold for personal use only.

We’ve just added Mighty Minisite and it didn’t come cheap to acquire the rights for members, but once we saw what was included there was NO hesitation!

This product/package comes with all the bells and whistles, Video Tutorial, Minisites, Logo Sets, iSeller Stickers, PHP System, and it all comes with Master Resell Rights!

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That’s it, see you on Monday for another full throttle week of resale rights!

The Truth about Viral Marketing

The best way for marketing known to many internet marketers and businessmen is a method most commonly called viral marketing. This constitutes of a marketer creating content and then allowing it to spread in his reader or customer base.

The idea is that once the marketer has created his content and put it up for public consumption, the content will take care of itself. It would spread and reach other networks beyond the original audience.

This idea is based on the fact that in the internet, anybody can access everything. Something that is placed in the web is sure to easily diffuse and penetrate computers worldwide.  The name ‘viral marketing’ itself connotes that this form of marketing will quickly and easily spread content and matter like how a virus spreads a disease. Viruses spread easily from one person to the other, and content that is uploaded in the internet will do so too. This will allow the marketer to just sit back, relax and watch while many people manage to access the original content and spread it around. Site hits, product support or purchase and profit will come reeling in like magic. This is the idea of viral marketing.

These results are almost too good to be true. If we analyze the situation, not many viral marketers get to relax and sit back while the profits come rushing in. Like any other marketer in the internet, they are having a hard time spreading their material to readers.

Viral marketers often spend a lot of time and money to come up with the material that they hope will become viral. There is no assurance that the content that they will allow the users to access will indeed become very catchy and spreadable. Most viral marketers upload content and pray that the content will indeed become viral. This level of uncertainty is not practical at all. Businessmen and entrepreneurs must know where to place their money. There must be no place for wasteful usage of money and effort.

But viral marketing is not all that hopeless. It becomes purpose-defeating if one does not know how to use it. The way viral marketing is portrayed is inaccurate. One does not simply upload content and then sit back and relax, one needs to strategically place markers that assure of the fact that the content uploaded will indeed become viral and catchy. Adding buttons and links that link back to your website is a big help, so is syndicating your article to other article bases. Allowing your content to be easily reposted in blogs, social networking pages and other sites through the addition of easy access reblog or repost buttons from different internet site tools like Digg is a method that would take out the inconveniences of reposting.

Always remember to upload content of high quality. This is the most basic thing you have to consider to make your readers more interested in reposting content. Best of luck!

Can you see the BIG picture?

When you’re starting a business, seeing the “big” picture is important. Many entrepreneurs have stated that had they looked at the small details in their business they may not have started the business in the first place. This is because many of us get bogged down by all the small details and often it can put us off starting something new.

If you’re starting a new venture, here are a few tips to help you stay focused on the “big” picture:

#1 – Don’t Worry. It’s easy to worry about the fine details of starting a business. But it’s important not to get stuck on these. Keep in mind that whatever you don’t know how to do, you can learn or get help with. In business, there are services and experts for just about anything you can imagine. You can always turn to them for help when the time comes. But as the old saying goes – “I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.”

#2 – Concentrate on your big goals. Instead of worrying about all the small details, write down your big goals. If you’d like to launch your new product in two months’ time, aim for that. If you’d like to start offering a new service, aim for that. Once you have your big goal in place, all the small details will fall into place.

#3 – Make sure it will work. Saying “don’t worry about the small details” doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t thoroughly research your venture. It just means that you’ll put your efforts into researching your market to ensure that your new venture stands a good chance of being profitable. There are certain big things like target market, product approach and finding customers that warrant your attention.

Other smaller issues like how to set up a product in a shopping cart or what payment processor to use can be worked out in due time.

#4 – Just do it. In business, speed often pays off. If you have a great idea, research it quickly and put the necessary steps in place to take action on that idea. Good business insight often means being open and receptive to the opportunities and ideas that are all around us. Had many successful entrepreneurs sat on the fence for too long, we may not have such wonderful innovations today.

Seeing the big picture in business is a skill which can really lead to success. And even if you’re a “small details” type of person, by following these steps you’ll stand a better chance of adapting to a “big picture” mentality.

3 Quick And Dirty SEO Tips

Looking for a quick and easy way to give your website a boost in the search engine results?  Here are 3 straightforward and easy tips to get the job done.

1. Add new content regularly

While that may seem obvious, it is really the best way to improve search engine results. There are a number of ways to add content including a blog, reviews, testimonials, articles and so on. Forums are also a great way to have new content added to your site by others.

2. Choose the right keywords

Select specific keyword phrases that are relevant to the webpage you are optimizing rather than general terms. Specific keyword phrases will be searched less frequently, however you will receive more targeted traffic and a higher page ranking for these phrases.

3. Linking

To achieve a high search engine ranking it is important to have other sites linking to your site. These can be one way links, or reciprocal links, where you link to another site in return for them linking to you. Internal linking also helps build the prominence of pages within your website.

Of all the types of links, one-way links have the most weight. To obtain more one-way links, writing quality content is the singular best way to motivate others to link to you. Additionally, posting on social networking sites, and linking to your site, and posting on blogs are other ways you can take control of building links to your website and web pages.

When it comes to improving your search engine ranking there are a lot of little things you can do to boost your page results however the three most important and the strategies you cannot survive without are obtaining links, choosing the right keywords and of course publishing quality content on a regular and consistent basis.

Major Update For MRR

We’ve just introduced a major update to MRR, and it will now make it so much easier for yourself and fellow members.

MRR was setup that all members must go to the product page description page, from first hand experience I know this was a pain in the behind for members. Thankfully, with the help of Jon, a first class programmer, who has now implemented our ideas into the members area, this image should make it clear:


From now on, When Browsing Through The Pages Of MRR You Will Now See “More Info / Download“. The More Info Link Will Take You To The Product Description, and The Download Link Will Immediately Download The Product To Your PC.

On Occasions There Are Some Products That Come With Multiple Downloads, In This Case You Will Still Need To Download From The Product Description Page, This Will Be Highlighted With The Link “Mulilinks“.

This Will Now Make The “Newest Rolling” Obsolete.

A BIG thanks to Jon for implementing such a big improvement on MRR! There are some further improvements coming, so keep an eye out!

PLFuel Update, So Good We Would Sell Them Ourselves!

Tomorrow being October 2nd will see the release of our first PLR eBook, and I have to admit the package I have on my desk is very impressive indeed!

Just look at what’s included:

Blog Posts
Branding Reports
Followup Emails
Promo Email
Source Files
Squeeze Page
Traffic Sources
Sales Letter

Total Cost:  $2000+

The first product is called Affiliate Marketing Breakout:

View Sales Page

Private Label Rights Terms

What You CAN Do With This PLR eBook:

[YES] Can edit, take apart, add to, or sell as is
[YES] Can be used as website, blog, newsletter, squidoo lens content
[YES] Can be bundled with other products
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can give reports to your clients and/or customers
[YES] Can use the content as a viral report
[YES] Can be used to create audio/video products
[YES] Can give them to your affiliates to publish to promote your products
[YES] Can be used for opt-in bonuses (newsletter signups, etc.)
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites as a personal use product
[YES] Can be offered through auction sites
[YES] Sales letter can be edited
[YES] Squeeze page can be edited
[YES] Can claim full authorship
[YES] Can alter ecover graphics

What You CANNOT Do With This PLR eBook:

[NO] Can give reports away outright (preserve value by requesting opt-in)
[NO] Add to dime sale events
[NO] Can sell resell rights
[NO] Can sell master resell rights
[NO] Can sell private label rights
[NO] Add to free membership sites
[NO] You cannot submit any of the content to article directories

The first package is so good we would certainly sell these ourselves, and onyone looking for an instant information product that is high-end, a full turnkey package then this is it!  This will be added October 2nd ASAP, and each month from now on members will receive these big ticket PLR productions.

The vast majority of members LOVE the fact we add these type of PLR products, but I also know some members complain when we added non-transferable PLR, or even PLR that cannot be offered with RR or MRR, but I believe they are missing the whole point.  These PLR packages are geared towards those that want to sell stand alone products for a hefty profit, and not for pennies on the dollar.

What we are trying to do here is raise the stakes for resellers, for too long have resellers concentrated on trying to beat their competitor in a pricing war, if done right, with the right marketing mindset these eBooks can pull in more profit than a transferable PLR, RR or MRR product anyday.