Four Ways to Combat Stress and Negativity

Stress is one of the most notorious reasons for hampering growth and productivity. It’s common to almost every human as it comes with having the ability to feel. It’s an accessory of emotions that will always be a part of our lives.

On the other hand, negativity also plays a factor in hindering the maximization of our true talents. It brings a person down many notches from his/her optimum performance level. Also, negativity is often associated with fear and a weak will. It’s oftentimes caused by the fear of failing or past traumatic experiences.

Stress and negativity combined can cause a terrifying effect on your personal and professional life. Granted that they may be offshoots of these two major roles in your life, this doesn’t mean you are powerless against them. Fortunately for you, there are ways to combat these TOGETHER.

  • Surround yourself with positive-minded people:  Spending the majority of your time with people who are as stressed and negative as you would absolutely do nothing to help you. Though, you may understand each other’s plight, it’s basically limited to just that. It doesn’t give you any room to break free from the chains of stress and negativity. Surrounding yourself with positive-minded people will enable you to gain more confidence to convey your ideas with more conviction as you are backed up by your newly found positive outlook.
  • Have fun: Everyone needs a break once in a while. If you feel that the weight you’re carrying is too heavy already, try to escape for a day or two and take some time out alone. Get a massage, ride a rollercoaster, lie down and watch TV the whole day. This can help you clear things up, recharge and get things back on track. If your lifestyle or career does not enable you to escape for days at a time, try to do compact your relaxation time by taking 15-30 minutes a day doing things you genuinely like to do and make you truly happy.
  • Write! Fortunately for us, we live in a digital world now. We don’t have to lug notebooks all the time just for us to be able to jot things down on a regular basis. Try to write a personal blog that only you can see and list down the things that stress you out and the past experiences that has negatively affected you. Knowing the things that stress you out is one of the most important things you need to do in order to win the battle. In any case, once you’ve written them down, carefully think about how you’re going to tackle these problems or root causes. Then, write them down too and track your progress as time goes on. Do it at your own pace and I’m pretty sure, you’ll have the battle won pretty soon. As an added bonus, you get to hone your writing skills too if through this, you get to express yourself freely.
  • Let go: This is undeniably one of the hardest things to do but it’s one of the most effective. Letting go involves purging one’s emotional attachments to painful past experiences or current stressful ones. This erases bitterness, hostility, anger and more importantly, stress. This can enable you to be more open to forgiveness (if any is needed) and to optimism, which is one of the vital factors in succeeding. Stressful and negative things burden your emotions and letting them go will definitely make you feel lighter and better.

Without stress and negativity, you can focus more on the things you value the most. You can take risks and still appreciate life (or your profession) for its beauty and value even if you fail. You can now reach your goals without any hitch or excuse. Win the battle against stress and negativity and you have a pretty good chance of succeeding in your personal and business life.

Try these methods out. Things can only get better from here. 🙂

The List Building Techniques that Worked

In the world of Internet marketing, the idea of buying lists is generally frowned upon because it is baseless and only concerns itself with contacting a large group of people. While you do get hundreds and thousands of names in one list alone, this is not always the most profitable option. If you are someone who likes to make sure that your e-mail campaigns and newsletters, as well as articles, get to the right person, what you want to do is list building.

What is list building? It is generally expanding your customer contact database in a strategic way, so that all of your customers, members, subscribers, and contacts form part of your target market.

What are the benefits of effective list building?

Targeted content

Building a list that is based on your target demographic makes it easier for you to create specific, customized content that will meet the needs of this market. Imagine if you had no idea what sorts of people are on your list – how then can you make your content more driven and effective?

Less chance of being blacklisted or called “SPAM”

People who get uninvited e-mails from unknown companies usually mark the content as spam. Buying lists can get you flagged, just like that. It’s because people don’t know you and you didn’t really ask their permission to enter their inbox.

Higher rate of subscriptions and better page views

Getting your content to the right audience will increase the chances that your content will be read and appreciated by the right people. And if the right people read and appreciate everything you write, then they will want to hear from you again. It’s as simple as that.

How then can you build your list the right way?

Offer them benefits

Apart from the content that you will be sending to their inbox, learn to offer add-ons and incentives that will lure them to your website and to sign up for membership. Offer them a free trial of the product you are selling, or maybe a voucher for your affiliate websites. People normally respond when they know that they will get something in return.

Write good content to keep them on your list

Just because the recipient of the content is part of your target group doesn’t mean that he or she will keep reading your emails permanently. Another part of building your list is to ensure that the information you send out is always written in a style consistent to the preferences of your target audiences. If the writing doesn’t appeal to them, then why should they keep reading? Therefore, set writing standards for this audience and always meet them every time you write an article.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t stop with just gathering the initial list. To keep your list growing, you have to constantly make your own efforts to allow it to build up and expand. This can be done by following the tips above. List building is a continuous process, and one that must be done carefully and creatively.

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Affiliate Marketing 101

Why You Should Launch Your Own Affiliate Program

What if there was a way to reach more potential customers in a shorter amount of time? And what if you could spend more time focusing on your actual business rather than trying to market it? What if you could make more money by spending less? Well, there is a way, you can and you will!

By launching your own affiliate marketing program you will have the opportunity to reach a greater audience and grow your customer base through a well-equipped team of affiliate marketers. You can’t possibly reach your entire market on your own, but you can certainly reach a greater percentage through the help of affiliate marketers who work for
you. Their goal is to sell your business and your product while you focus your efforts on what’s really important like creating your product, maintaining client relationships and building relationships with industry peers.

An affiliate marketing program is a cost-effective, reliable way for your business to achieve exponential growth that can only occur when you have a dedicated team working for you. And the best part is, it requires little to no investment at all. You will need to purchase a quality affiliate management program, but other than initial start-up costs (which are minimal) you only stand to make money.  A well managed, well executed affiliate marketing program is not only a great business tool, it is a great way to bring in additional revenue and grow your business beyond what you have ever imagined.

Ingredients for a Successful Affiliate Program

It all starts with a good idea – your business! But how do you make it grow? Launching your own affiliate program is the perfect way to maximize your profit earning potential.  So what makes an affiliate program successful?

1 Business to Promote
1 Box of Software
1 Team of Affiliate Marketers
1 Enthusiastic Manager

With reliable and efficient affiliate management software, a good number of properly placed listings and a little leg work in the beginning, your affiliate program will be up and running in no time. The most important piece of the puzzle is ensuring you take the time set up the structure of your program in the beginning so that the rest is smooth sailing as you begin to build your team and it continues to grow.

You will want to include your affiliate program on several directories in order to attract affiliate marketers. Introducing them to your product and your program is half the battle. And you will want to attract affiliate marketers who are experienced and know what they are doing. You can do this by making your program more attractive than others by offering incentives and a competitive commission structure.

Managing affiliate marketers can get tricky if you don’t have reliable software to help organize and keep track of your team. You and your affiliates will need access to marketing tools, educational materials, legal information, personal profiles and commissions tracking.

The final ingredient is enthusiasm. That’s right, you not only need to be enthusiastic about your business and sharing it with others, but your excitement and determination will be infectious to your affiliate marketers. Make sure they feel supported, reward them for hard work and high profitability, and you will reap the benefits of having launched a successful affiliate program!

Grow Your Affiliate Program with a Multi Tier Structure

Launching your won affiliate program can and will benefit your business and increase your profit-making potential. When you get started in creating your program, you will have to make some very important decisions. You will have to formulate your terms and conditions, write an affiliate program and within those documents, and possibly most important, decide what your commission structure will be.

Offering a competitive commission structure will not only encourage and motivate your affiliate marketers, but will serve you well as they work even harder to grow your business. After all, they want to make money too. A multi tier affiliate program will afford your affiliate marketers the opportunity to become successful while allowing them to feel valued.

While a single tier commission structure may seem more appealing and easier to maintain, it is not nearly as profitable as a multi tier approach in the long run. As your affiliate marketers see increased sales and increased success, so will your business.

You may also want to consider rewarding affiliates who reach certain goals by dubbing them with the title of “super-affiliate”. Along with that title, of course, comes a higher commission, but the incentive to get there will only make them work harder. You may be hesitant to make such an offer knowing you will eventually have to part with a larger portion of the profits, but then again, your profit will only grow if you encourage your team.

Remember, your affiliate program is only as strong as your affiliate marketers and they will only produce results if they feel valued, rewarded and well-managed. Stay on top of your affiliate program by being a strong leader and in turn, you will have the privilege of leading a strong team.

Equip Your Affiliate Marketers for Success

Launching your own affiliate program can only be a successful business venture if you equip your affiliate marketers for success. How do you do that? By giving them the tools they need to properly market your business and ultimately, make those sales!

Get creative.
You will want to make sure your affiliate marketers have access to as many marketing tools to promote your business as possible. That means more than just a link. Provide them with creative including banners ads, text ads, sales letters, articles, ebooks and more. This will not only help you control your brand, but will also give your affiliate marketers the ability to use as many different outlets as possible, thus reaching as many potential customers as possible as well.

Educate your team.
Let your affiliate marketers know you believe in them and want to invest in them. Make sure they are on top of industry trends, familiar with your competitors and have access to marketing guides that you want them to follow. In order to have a successful team, you want to help mold and shape them, investing in their marketing education to better your business.

Offer Incentives.
It’s important for your affiliate marketers to feel valued. They will only work harder if they know they will be rewarded for it. Make sure that your commission structure is highly visible and accessible so they know exactly how they stand to be successful. Also, reward super-affiliates by offering them a better commission. Give your team something to work toward and they will do all that they can to get there. Try holding contests and offer bonuses for your strongest and best affiliates. They will appreciate the boost and you will appreciate the increased profit!

Choosing the Right Affiliate Management Software

Choosing the right affiliate management software can be a daunting task. There are so many programs out there, from the super cheap to the ultra expensive, the extremely easy to the highly complicated, and those that are efficient to those that are not. When it comes to selecting the right affiliate management software for you, you will have to separate the good from the bad and ugly.

Do some research to find out which programs have the best reviews, offer the most robust management tools and are cost-effective. Find out what other users are saying about the product and reach out to some directly so that they can provide you with firsthand experience. This way, you can be sure you are receiving quality advice and not a bogus review from an inside salesman.

A good affiliate management software program should allow for automated sign-up, a commission tracking feature and the ability for affiliates to login. Your affiliate marketers should have access to critical information such as terms and conditions, affiliate agreement, marketing tools (links, banner ads, ebooks, etc.) as well as the ability to view and edit their individual affiliate profile.

You want to make sure that the software you select is not only an effective tool for you to stay organized and on top of managing your affiliate program, but that it also provides useful tools and an easy to navigate interface for your affiliate marketers to use as well. The better your affiliate management software is, the easier your program will be to manage.

If you’re already an MRR member then this task has already  been taken care of for you, with a FREE account with Elite Marketer.  Simply login to MRR and read the instructions for us to setup your account!

MRR Update – November 09

November has been a ‘solid’ month, with a few very good additions so far.

Get Google Ads Free was requested and purchased for $147, we had actually seen this before, but not with Master Resell Rights included.  No doubt this will spread around the ‘net’ like wildfire now, just remember who paid the chunk of money 🙂

I’ve watched most of the Get Google Ads Free videos and as always with Adeel Chowdhry it’s first class.  If anything this is a great course to learn from, but the absolute bonus to this is that you can sell it too.  When this was requested there was no hesitation in laying some money on the table.

We also added our own Google Code Cracker, which is a great 4 volume series:

This is a thorough in-depth course on how to rank highly with Google, using proven methods and tactics.

Also added Exit Profit Generator

I KNOW several members heavily rely on software/scripts and with the market being so dry for software this was a welcome addition.

The biggest update of all though was the FREE hosted account of Delavo, actually it’s a free account of our existing Fantasos™.  This is something we have wanted to add for members for quite some time now.

If we only wanted to deal with resale rights then that’s what we would do, BUT we have wanted to offer members the chance to start selling products immediately.

Internet Marketing Without Hurting Your Pocket

With the internet connecting people in ways that we never thought was possible more than 10 years ago, we could never have predicted how people from one side of the planet can interact with another person on the other side of the planet. More so, have a conversation despite time zones, cultural differences, and political affiliations. The world has become a much smaller place with each and every one of us able to connect with everyone any time, any day.

Internet marketing isn’t as complicated as one might think it is. It sure is time consuming, but when has marketing ever been not? Also, now that we are a changing society with all sorts of doors that can be opened, the world has become our oyster. We are no longer limited by geography, time, and our culture because everything is being shared by everybody through the internet. Amazing isn’t it?

Thinking outside the box has become the norm especially now that access to the internet is available to most of us. We have to different, better, flashier, and more enterprising when it comes to making ourselves known in the World Wide Web. Here are some ideas to get people to take a look and make you known.

Start a blog. It’s so easy to get one and most blogging communities do not need payment for you to join. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to get people to come and see what you have to offer. Talk about your product, post a bit about your life, take pictures! These things help your readers understand how accessible you are and give life to the product or service you are trying to introduce. It also humanizes the person behind the product despite the technological means to bring it forward.

Make a website. Good products have a good website behind them. Every time you Google something, you will want to have your product on the first page of the search results. Because of shortening attention span, you will want your potential consumers set the bar high with what they are looking for with your product. The first click of mouse is more likely to guarantee that the person will retain the information you’ve presented.

Create small advertisements in social networking sites. Social networking sites are such the rage nowadays it is only logical that you should take advantage of it as well.

Get the attention of major internet personalities. There are major internet personalities in whatever field you are in. They have their own websites and more importantly, their own blogs. Drop them a line and impress on them your product so it gets a wider audience.

These are just some ideas to get you started or give you a fresh injection of new things to try. The internet is full of possibilities. Why not explore each and every single one of them?