2010 So Far?

Wow time has really flown by, it’s already November!

All in all 2010 has been a fairly decent year for products and additions, 647 products added so far, at an average of  around 60 a month, but it’s not been easy at times, many marketer’s and memberships have fallen by the wayside over the past year leaving the market incredibly dry.

For MRR we’ve also had to contend with a couple of our memberships closing, for instance PresellTemplatesPro.com, purely down to the “Creator” closing shop.  Another is PrivateLabelFuel.com, not closed as of yet, but under threat.

Our main focus right now is MillionaireProfitsSystem.com, we really want to take this membership to another level with the help of Jason, we know that members love the monthly blueprints, so it’s important that we continue with those.

Product recommendations are still and will always be welcome, if it wasn’t for members recommendations you could strike a line through 50% of the products we’ve added this year!  So a big thank you to those active members!

Well that’s it for now, all the best to you and yours!

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