Roll On 2010!

What an incredible year 2009 was, without a doubt we really pushed hard, invested heavily into new members only benefits, and totally revamped the members area. The revamping of the members area actually took weeks to complete, either we got it wrong, or members told us we got it wrong, I just hope what we have now is right for everyone. I have often been told that I am a “Tweaker” in other words I like to change things around perhaps too often, and I do agree with that, so lesson learned there.

Throughout 2009 we added a total of 711 additions, from eBooks to videos, to graphics you name it. A lot of that was either picked up from other sources, WSO’s, or product requests. 711 additions averages around 59 products per month, I will admit that some good and some bad,  but I do consider that level of additions to be a success especially when the market was incredibly dry at times.

2009 also saw us continue Millionaire Profits System, which has been a HUGE success for everyone!

The membership was due to close, but then Jason Johns stepped up the plate to save it all. I firmly believe Jason is arguably one of the best at producing first class videos, and with members receiving the PLR to these videos now it can only mean long-term success for all. We hope to continue MPS well into 2010.

We also started working with Melissa Bautista, a wonderful writer who helps write much of the PLR content we add each month, and also helps to run Instant Review Articles, which again was well received by members.

I cannot forget to mention the famous FLASH eBooks 🙂 if there was anything that I have ever done online since 2004 that has caused a stir it was that!  Some thought it was a nice idea, and some thought it was a waste of time.  Either way, at least it was something new for the market.

We also finally added Fantasos into the mix for members, and that also was well received with several hundred accounts being setup.

For me personally 2009 was a real test, since taking over MRR from Bren OHara who stepped away I knew I had a hard task to follow him, thankfully people like Jason Johns, Joe, Melissa, Curtis made it thoroughly enjoyable and I would say that we took the whole of MRR to new heights.

I know this is a bit late, but I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year, and a highly prosperous 2010!

All the best, Connor

Online Product Reviews for Fast and Easy Cash

Getting a product out there is a very tricky business. It takes some creative thinking and good sense to make your product stand out and get the attention of customers not just in one area, but around the world. The advent of the internet has focused people on the fact that everything can be available to them. Now that information can be literally be accessible to you at the click of a mouse, there is an even greater chance for any product to make its success worldwide. But how does a product make itself known online?

Affiliate product reviews. These are not so uncommon nowadays. When you have a product that you want to introduce to the market, it has no become the norm to get an affiliate to handle the review of a product because affiliates have a database of readers and has greater accessibility to the world at large. Consumers are more likely to trust affiliate reviews because they are more accessible and with the variety of other consumers, places a certain trust on its content.

Affiliate marketing is the gateway for most vendors to get their products across to the consumers. They handle all sorts of things and has access to most search engine sites that when consumers Google a product, they search results usually have the product featured in an affiliate website. Later on, the affiliate will redirect the consumer to the official product page so the consumer can purchase it. It is an effective marketing means to get people to you because affiliate marketing gets the job done for you by herding the people into your store.

There are many ways in which affiliates are rewarded or compensated by the seller when site traffic generated by the affiliate review reaches a certain level and interest generated from the consumers tend to be rewarding for all parties involved. Some offer rebates, get commissions, bonuses, and get other incentives for getting the product out there.

Becoming involved in affiliate marketing is tough work, but very rewarding if you play your cards right. There is much to be learned when you sign up and start learning about new products and services and you get to be the go-to guy when people need answers. Also, there are generous compensation measures doled out by the sellers who want their product to get a wider audience than they can accomplish. It also establishes a level of credibility for sellers and consumers who want to get the best they can from the money they spend online.

Doing product reviews can be a great way to earn some money, especially if you are keen on affiliate marketing. It is a very good way to build trust and consistency amongst your buyers and consumers despite all the work that you may have to put into it.