Create a WordPress Membership Site

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have been asked which membership script we use, it’s a combination of Amember and our own custom built members area, but if you don’t quite have the finances to fund your own script to be developed then I do recommend trying WordPress.

Membership sites have proven to be a profitable business model. In fact, many of the most successful internet marketers own and operate membership sites. They’re easy to run, offer recurring revenue, and provide consistent value to your customers. Because WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogs and websites, it makes sense then that developers have created membership site plug-ins. Let’s take a look at how to create a WordPress membership site.

#1 Install WordPress

If you’re not already using WordPress as your website or blog’s platform you’re going to need to choose a domain name, register it and install WordPress. We won’t go into the steps required to get started on WordPress here. You can find the information at

#2 Find a good plug-in.

Once you have your website or blog ready to go, you’ll want to take a look at the membership site plug-ins that are available.  There are a number of membership site plug-ins. They each offer a variety of features and functions.

Some of the top rated membership site plug-ins for WordPress includes:
* Membership Lite
* S2Member (with PayPal Integration)
* Mingle
* WP-Members
* WishlistMember
* MagicMembers
* MemberWing

When comparing membership site plug-ins for WordPress be sure to compare:
* Subscription levels – Does it allow for varying payment levels?
* Membership levels – Does it allow for varying membership levels, i.e. silver, gold, and platinum?
* Limited access     – Can you limit access to certain areas of the site?
* Payment options (for example does it integrate with your PayPal account?)
* Reputation – Also look at how many times the plug-in has been downloaded and what the reviews are. Are there a lot of bugs? Are questions answered quickly?
* User interface – Is it easy for you and your subscribers to use?
* Cost – Some plug-ins are free. Some are not.
* Communication features like autoresponders or secure RSS feeds. So you can update members with new content and information.
* Installation guides, user guides and tech support.

#3 Once you’ve chosen your plug-in, download and install it.

Make sure you also have all of the user information you need to set the site up the way you want. Give the product a few test runs to make sure everything works as intended. Consider inviting a few friends and family members to sign up so you can test the site from beginning to end.

Membership sites are a great business model and WordPress makes it easy. There are a number of exceptional WordPress membership site plug-ins. Find the one that fits your needs and get started!

To your continued success,

2010 So Far?

Wow time has really flown by, it’s already November!

All in all 2010 has been a fairly decent year for products and additions, 647 products added so far, at an average of  around 60 a month, but it’s not been easy at times, many marketer’s and memberships have fallen by the wayside over the past year leaving the market incredibly dry.

For MRR we’ve also had to contend with a couple of our memberships closing, for instance, purely down to the “Creator” closing shop.  Another is, not closed as of yet, but under threat.

Our main focus right now is, we really want to take this membership to another level with the help of Jason, we know that members love the monthly blueprints, so it’s important that we continue with those.

Product recommendations are still and will always be welcome, if it wasn’t for members recommendations you could strike a line through 50% of the products we’ve added this year!  So a big thank you to those active members!

Well that’s it for now, all the best to you and yours!