MRR Update – Members PLR

We’ve just added a brand new private label rights eBook for members, created by us for you.

The first of the bunch is called “Art Collecting 101“.

Art Collecting 101 PLR eBook

You can view the sales page by Clicking Here

You receive the source files to the eBook, PSD files to make any design changes that you wish to make, a valid private label rights license, along with a valid master resell rights license.

I know some members may think “But this isn’t in the Internet marketing niche?” well we do have plans to add further PLR products from the IM niche, but sometimes these little known niches get overlooked, and we think it’s important that we as a community should explore those untapped areas online.

Look out for more unique PLR coming your way over the coming weeks!
All the very best,

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MRR Update – June 21st 2011

Hi members,

June is proving to be a bumper month so far, 78 products, content, eBooks, videos, graphics, wordpress themes, and your own in-house software created by Johny!

We’re easily on target to smash our record of 82.

The reason it’s been so good is because we’ve had our product creation hats on.  We realized that the market from March through May was incredibly dry, in other words there just wasn’t a whole lot of master resell rights, or even private label rights on offer out there.

What’s important as an MRR member is that you continue to be at the forefront of resale rights, whether we continue the best on the market, or we continue to produce products that you can resell.

In the next few days we should see the latest Millionaire Profits System videos being added, please look out for those!  Jason and I have worked quite hard on these latest videos for members.  We also listened to the topics members wanted, which is always important.

That’s it for now,
all the very best to you and yours,

MRR Update – New Search Feature

Johny (MRR Programmer) worked his socks off today to bring a brand new search feature to the MRR members area, and it’s quite an addition!

You can search inside MRR for practically anything, and what’s even better about this search feature is that you can see LIVE what other members are searching for!

Above we searched for “Asthma” the results page for that keyword will display any relating products, just like below:

By clicking on the product name it will take you to the product page where you can read more information, or download the product.   The search results page also displays whether or not we added a salespage for you to view, along with the rights and the date we added the product.

We hope all members enjoy this new feature!

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MRR Update – June 15th 2011

Hi guys,

Bren O’Hara here with another update on the MRR membership.

We’ve just added three great products:

IM Web Graphics Pack V2

A Beginner’s Guide to PHP and MySQL

Viral Marketing Frenzy

To begin downloading these products you can login by Clicking Here

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Sister Memberships = Kaput

After four years of asking members to login to various sister memberships we’ve finally decided that it was….far too confusing for members.

In fact, we recently asked members for their opinion, 185 members replied with their feedback, and a massive 98% of those asked us to add everything inside of MRR from now on!  To say we were shocked is an understatement.

In the long run it will make logging into MRR far easier, we wont be jumping through hoops trying to tell you that an external membership has been updated, and hopefully we won’t confuse members anymore!

We’ve slowly started to move everything over, from articles to videos, but it’s a BIG move, so it may take some time.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all those members who replied, it was very much appreciated!

Bren O’Hara

Sales Letters From Scratch

Hi folks, Bren O’Hara here, and I just wanted to comment on the latest product we added for members:  Sales Letter Secrets

Sales Letter Secrets

You can view the full sales page by Clicking Here

Now being a product creator myself, and a budding copywriter, I have to say that this is a first class product.  I’ve purchased a ton of courses over the years all on the topic of copywriting, or sales copy, and perhaps this course isn’t as in-depth as the courses I have in my arsenal, but this is pretty decent!

The first time I was ever asked to write a sales letter was back in 2008. I had completely written the MRR sales page from scratch, and I suppose it caught the attention of a few.  That first sales letter seemed to take me down a path of copywriting, and I eventually started charging $197 per sales page.  Don’t get me wrong, to some $197 may sound like a lot of money, but it’s peanuts when you compare it to the masters, we are talking tens of thousands of dollars!

I’ve said it, and I will say it again, as a marketer it is so important to keep your options open, far too many marketers are one dimensional these days, although you need to be a little careful of not overwhelming yourself with far too many projects.  But if you can master the art of sales copy then it could turn into some rather decent income!

Check it out, it’s inside the members area,

How to Make Money With PLR

The quickest way to get top quality products ready for sale is to use PLR or private label rights articles, reports, audio and video.  The Internet is a fast moving place with new sites starting up every second.

The trick for the online businessperson is to get a product ready for the market and start generating traffic as quickly as possible.  With PLR, you could conceivably have a product ready to go in less than a week, if you’re fast. Really, since PLR is licensed to you to do what you wish with it, the options for making money are endless.  Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

You can buy articles and rewrite them slightly and then package them together and turn them into a small report or eBook.  Just use the article titles as the chapter headings, add a table of contents and a cover with graphics and you’re good to go!

You can take a PLR eBook and break it down into articles for your blog, articles to submit to Ezines, or wherever else you use articles to promote your business.  Instant article marketing content!

If you have the knowledge on how to use the technology, you can quickly make an article into a video using PowerPoint and Camtasia.  Make sure each sentence is on its own line.  Then import the article into PowerPoint.  This puts each sentence on its own slide. Then add images to the slides if you want and finally, record yourself reading the slides for an instant viral video.

What can you do with PLR audio?  Here is a simple way to make a video.  Listen to the recording and take good notes, typing them into a text editor – one sentence per line or paragraph.

Then you can import these notes into PowerPoint, which puts each sentence on a separate slide.  Sync the audio with the text slides and it makes a nice video.  All you have to do is add an intro slide and watermark your domain name and you’re good to go.

Of course, you can just take the PLR as is, if it’s really good.  It’s always suggested that you take the time to make it truly your own by having new graphics made.  Even with PLR, you need to take the time to make it unique. Just a simple change in graphics and a bit of reformatting will do the trick.  Now it’s all your own!