Keyword Research 101

Keyword research is the all-important scaffold of any successful internet marketing campaign. If you have the right keywords, you’ll be able to get the right kind of person to your website. The wrong keywords will either be too competitive to realistically get traffic, or you’ll attract the wrong kind of person.

Here are a few keyword research tips to help find the optimal keywords for your business.

Know Your One to Two Year Keyword Targets

While it’s important to do your keyword research for what you want to target immediately, it’s even more crucial that you know what you want to be targeting six months, one year or two years from now.

The tough keywords don’t happen get ranked overnight. Instead, you need months and months of concerted effort to hit the top.

While you’re working on the easier keywords, also spend some time working on the harder ones. In time, long-term thinking pays off.

Research Different Base Keywords

Try to research as many different “base” keywords as possible. A base keyword is a keyword that has a unique set of words.

For example, if you’re in the weight loss industry, “lose weight” and “burn fat” are different base keywords. On the other hand, “burn fat quickly” or “burn belly fat” are subsets of the “burn fat” base keyword.

Try to research as many base keywords as possible. Especially try to dig up uncommon ones or overlooked ones. The competition within a base keyword, among its longtail keywords tends not to vary too much. However, the competition between base keywords can vary a lot.

There could be much, much more competition for “lose weight” than “look slimmer.” Try and find lower competition base keywords, rather than just drilling deep.

Competitive Research

Competitive research is a huge part of determining whether or not a keyword is worth pursuing. The goal of keyword research is to find keywords that have high enough volume to be worth it, without too much competition.

In SEO, assessing the competition involves gauging a number of factors. These include the number of backlinks your competitors have, their PageRank, when the site was founded, the number of pages on the site, how many exact match anchor texts are pointing back to their site and their current rankings.

In PPC, evaluating your competition involves using spy software like SpyFu or KeywordSpy to see what kind of keywords and ads they’re using, as well as what they’re likely paying.

If you start with your long-term keyword goals then work your way back, explore a wide array of different keyword bases and do your competitive research to figure out where you’re most likely to win, then you’ll have a very good chance of overtaking your competition.

Brand New Private Label Rights Package

Hi all,

just wanted to let you know that we’ve added a brand PLR package to MRR today – Joint Venture Revealed – PLR

Here’s what’s inside:

  • eBook In PDF
  • Reseller Kit
  • Source Files For eBook and Graphics
  • Affiliate Promo Page
  • Graphics & Banners
  • Keywords List
  • 7 Parts Ecourses
  • Squeeze Page
  • 10 Parts Joint Venture Articles

Hopefully we will be adding a wordpress theme to this package in the next couple of days.

Just some ideas with what you could do with this product:

  1. Split up the product into reports
  2. Turn the eBook into an audio product
  3. Use as an eCourse
  4. Record powerpoint presentations using the eBook as a guideline
  5. Use as Facebook posts, or even tweets
  6. Sell the eBook on Amazon Kindle
  7. Use the content for your newsletter

That’s just a few ideas off the top of my head 🙂

If you’re an MRR member and you’re logged in you can go directly to the product download page by going to this URL:

All the very best with this!


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MRR Update 02/27/12

Hi everyone,

Bren here with a quick update and a look back on the past 7 days with MRR.  Here’s what was added to the members area:

Some changes were made to the members area too over the past week.

With the addition of Internet Business Profits into the mix we decided to trim back the members area somewhat, not in way of product or content additions but removed certain areas that really didn’t need to be there.  We’ve also setup a new article directory page with sub categories for most of the article content that we add each month, this was actually requested by members.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for additions!
All the best,


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MRR and IBP Update

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to thank all of those who wrote us regarding the addition of Internet Business Profits, we’re really pleased that members are enjoying their additional membership!

We haven’t added much since opening the doors for members to login, mainly because there are over 200 videos and over 40 hours of tutorials inside, so we decided to hold back for a little while.

In the coming weeks or months we will be adding more and more members only benefits to IBP, so please keep an eye out for that.

Just a quick update regarding MRR.  I am sure most have noticed that we added the latest PLRBlogs from our good friend Scott Inman, and the good news is that Scott has been kind enough to help us update all the older blogs from himself inside of MRR.  This won’t happen for a couple of weeks, but well worth the update.

That’s it for now!
All the very best,

Internet Business Profits Opens!

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce the opening of Internet Business Profits.   This is a completely free membership for MRR members with no additional costs.

Currently IBP (Internet Business Profits) has over 200 video tutorials, mostly created by us, and totaling over 40 hours of viewing, including Lee McIntyre’s live $997 seminar, which approaches 10 hours!  There are also several training guides, and I’ve pulled some of my well known courses into IBP too.

There is NO need to register anywhere, your ONE login details will work with either MRR or IBP.

Our thinking?  Well it’s like this: = Products You Can Use or Resell = How To Make More Money Online

MRR won’t be changing too much, we will still be adding new additions on a daily basis (if possible) the only change will be that we will be scaling back the members area somewhat, so that when you login it’s products with resell rights and nothing more.

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoy your memberships!

Bren O’Hara