MRR Membership Update – 07/30/13

Hi all,

Connor here with an update on the latest products added to the MRR Membership.  We’ve been very busy this past week by adding lots of PLR and resale rights products to the members area, in fact it’s been an incredibly busy month with 107 additions so far!

That’s it for now, but with much more to come!

All the best,

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How To Market PLR Products

Whilst you know many of the ways that you can make money from PLR (Private Label Rights), we’ve discussed it before here, you can make some serious money by rebranding these PLR products as your own and marketing them.

Where do you market though?

There are a few things you can do with them, which we will discuss here.

If you rebrand the product and add more content to make it unique then you can upload it to somewhere like Clickbank, RAPBank, JVZoo or any other online selling platform.  Then you will find people find your product there and buy it or, and this is the best, they request to become an affiliate and promote your product and you earn from it.

This is a great way of re-using PLR products because it will make you some decent income. The more products you upload to market, the more your potential income is.

From this you can then work on marketing the products yourself and drive traffic to the sales pages on these sites so that you make even more money from it.  You can even approach other marketers that you know and request that they become affiliates and promote the product for you.  This is a great way to get other people to do the hard work.

Remember that to really turn this into a money making business you must build a list from each sale.  Every person who buys needs to be added to your autoresponder so you can market to them time and time again.  Everyone who is in to Internet Marketing knows that the money is in the list.

Once you have a list as you create new products from the PLR products then you have a list of potential buyers at your finger tips who will be keen to buy your new products.  Once you hit this stage you are going to start seeing your income seriously increase.

The key to succeeding with this is to rebrand the PLR and make it unique.  This means that you change the title and the graphics and add some more content to the package to make it uniquely yours.  You could combine multiple PLR products or take bits from multiple products to make one unique product.

Remember too that you should have an upsell or one time offer (OTO) to your product because this will help you make even more money from each buyer and provide them with more value.  Again, this can be further PLR products.

Just remember that if you market quality products to your list then they will love you and be loyal subscribers.  Peddle rubbish to them and they will leave your list and never buy from you!

To your continued success,

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What Future Does Private Label Rights (PLR) Have In A Post Panda/Penguin World?

Many people have ben arguing that since the Penguin and Panda updates from Google, private label rights (PLR) material is effectively worthless.  For those marketers that know otherwise, PLR has become even more profitable because less and less people are using it.

One of the main effects of these updates has been that duplicate content on your website has become a big no no and something that you have to avoid at all costs.

This is very true and having poor quality, irrelevant or duplicate content on your website can severely damage it’s chances of being ranked well in the search engines.

However, you can use PLR on your website if you re-write it.  Well researched, quality PLR (like that found here at can be easily and cheaply re-written in to new content that you can then add to your website.

If you then claim authorship through Google (at then it will help you further.  This will tell Google that you are the owner of that content so that if it does get scraped, Google still know it is yours and you are the source of it.  This way, you don’t get hit by a duplicate content penalty because someone has stolen the content from your website.

Your content will also be indexed a lot quicker if you claim authorship, with the GoogleBot appearing almost instantly at your site.  On top of this, if you also share it on Google +1 then you will get further credit from Google.

From testing, this appears to be a highly effective way of getting your content indexed and a big help in ranking your site.  It is also something that few marketers are using because it hasn’t been talked about a lot at the moment.  Google have done little beyond announce these features to make everyone aware of them.

PLR reports and videos are still a good source of products for the marketers in the know.  If you are editing them and adding value then they can be extremely profitable products that can generate income for months, if not years.  More people have realised that by spending a few hours changing the PLR product they can create a unique product with much higher value than the original PLR product.

No matter what Google does to its ranking algorithms, PLR will still be very valuable to the marketers who use it properly.  PLR still represents insane value for money when you consider the potential return on investment that you can get from it.  Even PLR articles are good value when you consider how little you pay for them.  Even factoring in the cost of rewriting it you are on to a winner because it is much cheaper than getting new content written.

To your continued success,

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What’s With All The PLR Articles?

You will see a number of PLR articles on on various topics, in fact, hundreds of different articles are added every single month, not including ones that are incorporated in to some of the packages I add.

Why do I add so many articles and what value are they to you?

PLR articles can be used for a whole host of different things and they are snapped up by the marketers who know how to use them.

Firstly you can use them for your own website as content.  Whilst you can use them as they are it is must better for your website if you edit them or re-write them.  You can re-write them yourself or hire someone to do it for you, which is much cheaper than hiring someone to write unique articles for you.

You can use these articles as “filler” content on your website, i.e. you have 50% to 75% unique content on your website and then use the PLR articles as extra content to increase the amount of content on your website.

These articles can also be used in a newsletter series to build a relationship with your subscribers and to sell products to them.  Here you can use the articles as they are and all you need to do is to add a start and end to each one.  At the start of each article you introduce people to it and welcome them to the email.  At the end you summarise the content of the article and provide a call to action.  PLR articles are an excellent way to quickly create your own newsletter.

Thirdly, you can use PLR articles to create a product.  If you put the articles together in to a decent order that makes sense then you can quickly create a book.  To make it even better, go through the book after you have put the articles in order and add some more content to make the articles flow together better.  This will make for a good quality book that people will enjoy reading.

Finally you can use PLR articles for SEO purposes.  Re-written they make excellent content for Web 2.0 sites, though they can be used as is on many other sites.  You can turn them in to videos and powerpoint presentations to submit to sites for backlinks too.  In general, they make an excellent way for you to get backlinks without the expense of having unique articles written for SEO.

Private label rights articles are an excellent source of content for your website and can be used for many different things.  Smart marketers are still using PLR articles and making good money from them and you can too.

To your continued success,

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Using Google Trends To Your Advantage

Google have a tool called Trends, which you can find at that is a very powerful tool which few marketers seem to know about or use.

Let me explain a bit more about it, which will help you to realise how powerful this is and how much it can help you with your business.

As you may be aware, product sales can be seasonal.  Ice cream sales fall in winter, but toy sales increase near Christmas.  Snow mobiles don’t tend to sell in summer, but swimming costumes don’t sell in winter, though they do in summer.

These product sales are something all the bricks and mortar shops are aware of and you will see the content of the shelves change with the season as they promote different products to you.

It isn’t, however, something that many Internet marketers think about because let’s face it, it’s always summer somewhere on the planet and we market to a global market … right?

Um … no … actually that’s wrong.

Whilst we are marketing to a global market, most of our sales still come from the good old United States.  Check your stats and where your sales are coming from and see if you don’t believe.  The USA, Canada and Europe will be where most of your sales come from, particularly if you are promoting Amazon products.

You might be doing your research, find a superb keyword, get all excited, set up a website and then wonder why it gets no traffic or sales even though you’ve got to the coveted number one spot.

The reason is often down to trends in sales.  My toy site might do reasonably well throughout the year but then come November / December time I can see sales go through the roof.  My luxury watch site may make no sales at all until Christmas when suddenly people start to buy them as gifts.  My weight loss site may see a spike in January / February time and as summer approaches, because that’s when people start to think about shedding the spare tyre.

Google Trends allows you to analyze these trends and see when a site is going to be in demand and when it isn’t.  People stop spending money on anything other than Christmas presents come October or November time, so you will see sales on some sites drop whereas others will increase as more people buy presents.

When you create a new website, check the keywords on Google Trends and see when they are most popular and in demand.  This will stop you from creating a website and then wondering why there aren’t any sales.  If you are trying to capture a seasonal trend then you need to get your new website up and running two or three motnhs before the trend peaks s you have enough time to get your site ranking where it can benefit from those trends.

To your continued success,

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Using PLR Articles To Boost Your Website’s Popularity

For a long time now, content has been king with the search engines, and unless you have had good quality, relevant content, you will have struggled to get ranking in the search engines and to keep your visitors engaged.

Since the Penguin and Panda updates, content has become even more important and the search engines no longer just want quality content, but they expect unique content too.  Using scraped or duplicate content has been the kiss of death for many a website and it has left marketers scrabbling to remove duplicate content from their sites.

The duplicate content penalty is now considered to be so harsh that many of the web 2.0 sites and article directories now refuse to accept anything except unique content!  Automatically spun software is even no good because the search engines are getting smart enough to tell when content is good quality and when it isn’t.

Private label rights articles were often used by marketers on their website as filler content or even as the whole content for their sites.  This practise has stopped because of how the search engines treat duplicate content these days.

Despite the duplicate content penalties, PLR articles are still very important and very useful for a marketer for a number of reasons.

One of the main benefits of PLR articles is that they provide you with some quality content.  Now you may be thinking you can’t use it on your website, and you are right, but you can get the PLR articles rewritten to provide you with quality content.  Often a PLR article can give you ideas for 2 or 3 other articles, particularly if it is well researched.

Just getting a PLR article re-written is usually around half the price of getting a unique article written plus the turn around is a lot quicker.  It can take anything up to a few days to get an article back if it is being written from scratch, but a rewrite can be done in an hour or two at most.

For many marketers this makes for a significant cost saving and speeds up the development of their websites, which can be an important factor for many marketers.

On top of this, private label rights articles can be used for content for your autoresponder.  There are no duplicate content penalties for your autoresponder sequence.

You can also use PLR articles as the foundation for a book.  A good PLR report and set of articles can make for a much more comprehensive product, which will have much more value for your buyers.  If you rewrite the content then you can sell the book on the Kindle platform, which is an income stream attracting a lot of attention from marketers at the moment.

Whilst some marketers will tell you that PLR articles are dead in the water, the smart marketers are using PLR articles to build their business and generate more profits online.

To your continued success,

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MRR Membership Update – 07/13/13

Hi all,

Connor here with an update on the latest products added to the MRR Membership.  We’ve been very busy this past week by adding lots of PLR and resell rights products to the members area:

That’s it for now, but with much more to come!

All the best,

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Using PLR Autoresponder Sequences To Increase Your Profits

One thing you don’t see very often is private label rights autoresponder sequences.  The money really is in the list and having quality content for your list is very important.  Writing the content can take a lot of time and using a PLR autoresponder sequence can speed up adding content for your list.

Building a list is a vital part of Internet marketing, and with the continual updates from Google, it is becoming more and more important to maximize the amount of money you make from your website visitors.  It’s important to capture each visitor so that you are not relying on the initial website visit to make money.

By capturing their email address you have the opportunity to market to them again and again and again.  For you, this means the opportunity to make even more money from them, but only if you know what you are doing!

Many people think that they can send offer after offer to their list and that their subscribers are just an ATM to be bled dry at every opportunity.

This really isn’t the case and, as you well know, most people do not like to be sold to.

However, people buy from people they like.  Think about the last time you bought something from someone offline.  Did you buy from them because they pushed you in to buying, or did you buy because they built rapport with you and you liked them?   In most cases, it is the latter, and this counts for your list too.

You need to build a relationship with your list because then they are more likely to buy from you.  If you use PLR autoresponder articles as a part of your autoresponder sequence then adding a little bit of extra content to them is all you need in order to make them unique and to build the relationship with your list.

A PLR autoresponder sequence or PLR articles make an excellent way for you to quickly build a sequence of messages for your list that you can use to not only build a relationship but also to sell to your list too.

It is vital for you to be building a list as a part of your online business if you want to maximize your income from your websites.

To your continued success,

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5 Tips For Building A Profitable Online Business In 2013

This year, running an online business has changed significantly.  With big changes from Google and an ever more competitive market place, newer marketers are struggling more than ever to make money online.

These are the top five tips for you to build your online business in 2013.

Tip 1 : Build A List

Marketers have been saying for years that you should build a list, and few people have listened to it.  Those that have built a list are enjoying earning income from their subscribers and not being so reliant on Google sending them traffic.

The smart marketers are busy building lists in their niches and using these to make massive profits.  Most marketers will readily admit they make more money from their lists than they do from all their websites combined.  The mega-marketers with the 5 figure monthly incomes are not just making this from a website, most of their income will come from either expensive coaching programs or from their lists.

If you want to maximize your profitability this year, then get building lists.

Tip 2 : Reduce Reliance On Organic Search Engine Traffic

Ranking in the search engines has become even more difficult now since the Penguin and Panda updates.  Google are threatening more updates, which is bound to make it even harder to get a site ranking well.  Link building has become harder and getting a site to stay at the top of the search engines is much harder now than it was in the past.

Reducing your reliance on organic search engine traffic through list building, paid advertising and so on will help build a degree of stability in to your business, which will stop any major fluctations in your income.

Tip 3 : Create Quality, Unique Content

The search engines have become even less tolerant of duplicate content and it is now more important than ever to have unique content on your website.  Having unique content isn’t enough as it also needs to be relevant and quality content.

The days of filling your website with low quality articles are long gone and quality is the new king.

Either re-write PLR articles, which will save you money or have quality articles written.  Don’t expect to get away with paying a writer a dollar or two for a low quality article.  Google will penalise you for that.  You need to get quality content which is why rewriting PLR articles has become such a good thing to do.

Tip 4 : Remove Spammy Backlinks To Your Site

If you have had your site for a while you may have built some spammy links to it in the past, many people have done so in an attempt to get their sites ranking well in the search engines.  This would have worked in the past but now these links could be damaging your ranking.

Using the new Google Disavow tool ( you can disavow your connection to these spammy links and remove them, which will help you to get ranking better in the search engines.

Tip 5 : Claim Authorship Of Your Content

By claiming authorship of your site through you can ensure Google knows you are the author of your content.  This can help you avoid the duplicate content penalty and get your content indexed quicker.  The marketers who are doing this are the marketers who are enjoying a love affair with Google.

These are five of the hottest topics this year that you need to consider and implement to build your business further.  All of these are going to help you to take your business to the next level.

To your continued success,
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MRR Membership Update – 07/06/13

Hi all,

Connor here with an update on the latest products added to the MRR Membership.  We’ve been very busy this past week by adding lots of PLR and resell rights products to the members area:

That’s it for now, but with much more to come!

All the best,

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