MRR Membership Update – 12/22/13

Hello everyone,

Connor here with the latest update from the Master Resell Rights membership.

Here’s a list of the latest Master Resell Rights and Private Label Rights (PLR) products that have been added to the members area:

That’s it for now, but with much more MRR and PLR to come over the coming days!

All the best,

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Turning PLR Into Profit

Many people nowadays walk away from private label rights material because they see it as being valueless and pointless. The trouble is, they are walking away from one of the most valuable sources of content on the Internet!

Private labels rights products have a whole host of uses and you can very quickly turn a profit with it if you know what you are doing. In face, if you are really smart then you can use PLR to create multiple streams of income by using the material in many different ways.

You will find plenty of PLR books on You can either sell the PLR book as is through your own website or, and this is better if youw ant to make some serious money you rework the PLR and make it more valuable.

For example, you visit a site like and get someone there to re-write the book and make it unique – it’s a lot cheaper than getting new content written. If you add more content at the same time, then you end up with a valuable book that is 100% yours.

This book can then be sold with a sales page through your own site or you can attract affiliates to market it for you by listing it on a site such as JVZoo or Clickbank. On top of this you can sell the book on Amazon either as a physical book or as a Kindle book. This will allow you to tap in to a massive market place with millions of buyers all clamoring for new content.

PLR Videos can easily be turned in to a product, or you can add value by transcribing them and adding a book to the package. These can then be sold like the books as your own product or, depending on the content, turned into training courses which can be uploaded to sites like Udemy and sold as training programs. You can even turn PLR video in to a physical product by converting it into DVD’s.

PLR Articles are often seen as well, we upload several hundred every month, and these too can be used for your profit.

What if you were to put a bunch of PLR articles on a subject together to create a book? With a little bit of editing it can easily flow well and then become a product to sell. Get it re-written so it is unique and you have another book to upload to Amazon or other similar marketplaces. Mix in the PLR with unique content on your website and you can expand your website and keep your visitors more engages (hint : the time a visitor spends on your page helps determine your ranking which is why so many of the big content sites now split up articles across multiple pages …).

There are lots and lots of different ways you can profit from PLR and it is still one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get content that you can use on your website. Here at we scour the Internet to make sure we find the best quality PLR to share with you, as well as create our own unique PLR products for you that you will not find anywhere else. Using quality PLR is a serious short cut to earning money online.

Remember to check out our PLR Strategies video training course in the members area (at for more ideas and step by step training on how to turn PLR to profits.

All the best,


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Different Ways To Use Private Label Rights Articles

Private label rights articles are used by a lot of people and most people use them all in the same way. Let’s talk about some of the more unusual ways you can use PLR articles to help boost your online business and make you more money.

PLR is a fantastic resource for marketers but so few people actually use PLR properly that it is actually quite frightening to see how many marketers are missing excellent opportunities.

I wanted to take a little bit of time to show you some of the ways you can profit from PLR that a lot of people don’t think about.

One thing you can do is, providing the articles have transferrable PLR rights, to sell the PLR rights to your own email list. It’s a fairly obvious way to make money but one that few people use. If this is appropriate for your list then give it a go as you will earn from it.

If you are in a hurry you can use the PLR articles as content for your website – though not for article directories or web 2.0 sites as they require unique articles in general. Give the article a new title, an introduction and a few affiliate links and you have an article good to go on your website. Of course, you can rewrite it a bit, break it up into multiple articles and then set them to be drip fed to your website so you have content scheduled for several weeks.
PLR content could be used as the foundation for a webinar. Create some Powerpoint slides from the articles, make some notes and then practise your webinare a few times before getting people to promote your webinar for you. This can become a great lead generator and if you have a backend product to sell it can be very profitable for you too.

PLR articles can also be very quickly turned into podcasts which you can then use on your site or submit to podcast directories for backlinks and traffic.

If you own a membership site then adding some PLR articles as content, maybe with a little rewriting to give them your personality, can be a great way to keep your membership site updated with fresh content.

You can also use PLR products, if the rights permit, as a bonus in your affiliate marketing campaigns. These days affiliate marketing has become very competitive and you will see many people offer their own bonuses to people who buy products. PLR makes for a quick way to get some bonuses so you can compete on a level playing field with more experienced marketers.

If you break your PLR articles down in to shorter articles and add a bit more content to them then they can become ideal email messages for an autoresponder sequence.

What about using PLR articles to create reports that you can give to your affiliates to rebrand and use to promote your products? What a great way to keep your affiliates happy and to boost your sales significantly.

I hope that this has opened your eyes to some of the more interesting ways to use PLR and that you will now look at PLR articles in a new light. There are plenty of them within and now you have a better idea of how these can be used to boost your online business.

All the best,


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