How A Backup Can Save Your Business

Hands up how many of you actually backup your websites or online business?

Be honest now, when was the last time you took a backup? Today? Yesterday? Last week? Have you ever taken a backup of your online business empire?

I took backups every day, in fact sometimes 3 times a day because I knew how important it was to have a backup so I could recover my business if the worst happen.

The problem was there was one thing I didn’t do and this is the vital thing I bet you have forgotten about as well.

I never tested my backups.

I relied on the fact I was opening a piece of software, clicking the “backup database” icon and then downloading a file. I had taken it as this meant I could restore my database should anything happen to it.

How wrong was I?

You may have noticed last week a small glitch in … unfortunately my database was corrupted by the webhost and I thought it would be easy to restore it from one of my many backups.

The trouble is, when I went in to my software and restored the database it said “backup corrupted”.

Of course, I had an immediate panic attack because I knew this was a problem; a serious problem. I tried another backup and had exactly the same result.

My heart sunk as I realised that my online business was dead. Every single backup I tried was corrupted and I had no way of getting my business back.

I contacted my webhost, asking them to restore from a backup but found out that because I used a dedicated server they didn’t take backups for me! (They do now and it costs me extra every month but it is well worth every penny for the peace of mind.)

There was nothing I could do and I was preparing to shut down my online business and start looking for a job when I decided to contact a programmer and see if they could fix it. They confirmed the backups were corrupted and would not work, but after an hour or two she worked out how they were corrupted and how to fix the corruption so the data could be restored.

Fortunately her solution has worked and I am incredibly fortunate to have found a programmer who was able to help me. The downside is that I have lost the last 2 to 3 weeks of data, meaning customers have had their accounts removed due to the corruption, but that is better than losing everything. It cost me a few hundred bucks in programming time but at least it didn’t cost me my business and livelihood.

I’ve now implemented more reliable backup methods that happen automatically and email me the results so I can keep a close eye on them.

But are you backing up your online business and are you testing those backups to ensure they work and you can restore from them?

Do you even know how to restore the backup you are taking?

Your online business is vital, it could be your sole source of income or your dreams for the future. Whichever it is, you need to make sure that your data is safe and that if your webhost gets flooded, hit by a tornado or loses your websites for some reason that you can recover your online business.

All the best,


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Private Label Rights And The Kindle

One question I do get asked is whether you can use private label rights material with the Kindle and the short answer is you can’t. However, don’t stop reading there because there is a longer answer which shows you how you can use PLR and get it published on the Kindle. I have used this method and got my books accepted on Amazon where they are selling even today.

Amazon are very protective of their Kindle marketplace; they do not want to dilute the value of the marketplace so that their users don’t want to use it. They want it to be somewhere the Kindle users can visit and find high quality books that they can read.

In fact, Amazon are so protective of this marketplace that they do not permit public domain works to be published unless they have a significant commentary with them!

You cannot publish private label rights material as is on the Kindle. They will jump upon you from a great height and you risk losing your account.

What you can do though is use the PLR as inspiration for your books that will be accepted and published.

Most PLR, particularly the stuff we publish at is actually well researched – the topic is usually a popular one and the content is typically going to be information that is relevant and interesting to that niche.

Internet marketing topics don’t do very well on the Kindle, so you want to look for topics that aren’t related to that, we have plenty of PLR books outside of this niche.

If you take a PLR report then it will typically be anywhere from about 5,000 words upwards. This is a bit short for a Kindle book so you will need some more content – you can typically find some PLR articles on or another book related to the niche.

Mix these all together to get a book that is a minimum of 10,000 words. Any shorter and you will struggle justifying selling it for a good price on the Kindle.

Now comes the fun part; you have to rewrite it. You are aiming for 80% uniqueness realistically as that should get through the checking process without any problems. You can do this yourself or you can hire someone at a site like who will do it for you.

Once the book is unique you give it an attention grabbing name, get a cover designed for $5 from and then you are ready to publish your book on the Kindle!

It really is that easy and PLR is a grat source of ideas and material for Kindle publishing. If you are looking to get in to Kindle publishing then using private label rights material is one of the quickest and easiest ways to start your online publishing empire.

All the best,


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Choosing A Web Host

One of the decisions you will need to make when starting your online business is what web host to use.

Here at we do offer all our members some free webhosting – just remember we set all acounts up by hand so it may take us a few hours to respond to your request. This is a great place for you to start hosting your online business, but there may come a time when you outgrow this and need more or you need hosting with multiple companies for SEO purposes.

There are four main types of hosting.

> Shared
> Reseller
> Virtual Private Server (VPS)
> Dedicated

Which you choose will depend on your business, how much traffic you are expecting, how much data you are hosting and what you are planning to do.

The high end of hosting are the VPS and dedicated servers. These are stand alone servers, with the latter being a physical machine running in a datacenter somewhere. They are naturally more expensive but you have full access to the server and can do a lot with it. High traffic sites such as run on dedicated servers.

The reseller account is best if you are planning on selling webhosting services or hosting websites for people. This allows you to completely separate web accounts so that there is no access from one website to another. This means that you can sell websites and hosting without having to worry about one client being able to access another’s data.

The shared hosting is the most basic and hence the cheapest way for you to run your business. With most of these you can run multiple websites and some even offer you unlimited disk space and bandwidth. This option is great for affiliate sites and blogs, such as those you would make from the WordPress templates offered by ourselves.

There are many different webhosting companies out there and it is down to personal preference which you choose. It may be based on location as you are offering services to a specific country, it could be based on price or even just because you like the company. Just make sure they are well established and are not going to disappear overnight. A quick search online will find reviews and opinions of webshosts – check them out and make sure they are reputable and are not going to disappear with your data.

Once you have decided on a webhost you can start building your business, but remember no matter what you do to ensure you regularly backup your data just in case there are any problems. Oh, and don’t have your domain names and your web hosting with the same company – if they are separate and one of the companies goes under then you at least have a chance of rescuing your business, which you won’t if both companies go bust.

All the best,


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Creating A PDF eBook

Creating A PDF eBook

Most ebooks are delivered as PDF (Adobe Acrobat format) but a lot of people don’t know how to create a PDF file. It is important to deliver your products in this format because firstly it is reasonably secure and will stop most people from copying and stealing your content. Perhaps most importantly though it is a universal file format which means people can read it no matter what type of computer, tablet or smart phone they are using to read it.

This latter point is really important for you because it means your content has the widest possible audience and is easy for them to read. It reduces your refund rate because they can easily open the file and get to what they’ve paid for.

There are a number of ways for you to create a PDF file. Firstly you can buy the Adobe Acrobat software, the full version, which will set you back a few hundred bucks. Obviously that isn’t for most of us.

There are however much lower cost alternatives for you.

If you have Microsoft Word 2010 then you have the opportunity to save your file as a PDF file. Obviously, not everyone has this version of software. You can get it through the Office 365 program where you can pay monthly for the entire Office suite which is surprisingly good value and affordable.

There are free ways though and if you were to download OpenOffice, which is free, then you can create PDF files from within there.

The other alternative is for some free software like NitroPDF which you can Google and download. This creates a printer on your computer which you then print your document to and it creates a PDF file.

When you create your PDF file you really need to secure it with a password. Whilst not strictly necessary, it will prevent another portion of people from taking your work and using it as their own. You can do this in NitroPDF easily enough through the dialog box it presents to you.

Once you have created your PDF file, take a few moments to read through it and make sure that it looks okay. You can find that the conversion process can sometimes create some peculiar characters or spacings. Spend a few minutes checking the layout and proofing it – remember that if your book looks good then it will help people feel they have got good value. It it looks a mess then they are going to feel it is a lower value product.

The PDF format is very important for Internet marketers as it allows you to create a platform independent document that anyone can read. Only distribute your products or reports in PDF format otherwise you can find people will not be able to open them or may be able to steal your content.

All the best,


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