Private Label Rights WordPress Plugins

You will notice on that I add some WordPress plugins with private label rights (PLR) or occasionally with master resell rights.

WordPress, as am sure you know, is one of the most popular platforms for Internet marketers to build their websites on. It is free, easy to use and very powerful, which makes it a very attractive choice.

The functionality of WordPress can be extended with plugins and whilst there are many free plugins on the market there are also many paid plugins including some cost hundreds of dollars.

People love WordPress plugins, particularly those that add useful functions and help them to make more money! The plugins I have been adding are ones that can help marketers make money from their website and add useful functions that can make a site more profitable.

These plugins can be used by you on your sites to help you make more money or you can sell them to your list to make money directly from the plugins.

As with any private label rights material you are recommended to brand the plugin with your name and business details. This can be done by changing any files that come with the plugin or by editing the plugin files so that your name and business appear when the plugin is installed.

You can make the plugin more valuable by adding features to it. By taking the plugin and then making it do more you are making it unique so it stands out from the crowd and you are really making it your own.

You may not be a programmer so may struggle to do this on your own, but you can easily hire someone to do it for you.

Before you hire someone you need to write out exactly what it is you want to have done. Detail the functions you want adding and how you want it to work. Make sure that this is written out in very plain English as you could end up hiring someone who does not have English as their first language. It really needs to be precise because if you give the programmer the wrong or inprecise information then they are going to follow your instructions and produce the wrong program for you. If this happens you will end up having to pay more money to get it fixed.

You can hire programmers through sites like Odesk, Freelancer, the WarriorForum and so on. Once you have found someone, make sure you explain to them what you want and that they are 100% clear on this. Communication problems are the biggest cause of failure in programming jobs.

WordPress plugins are a great way to make money and are an excellent thing to sell to your list. It makes a big change from the usual books or videos that everyone else sells and they can be very valuable to your list.

All the best,


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How To Use The Affiliate Packs Effectively

You will have noticed that on I have uploaded some affiliate packs and you might be wondering how to use these and what to do with them.

These are brilliant packs if you are looking to break in to the niches that the packs are in; and all the packs uploaded are in very profitable, high traffic niches. There is plenty of money to be made in each of these niches and a lot of traffic available!

The packs are big to download, but they are full of useful information and great value for you.

Firstly you will find a number of articles. These are all private label rights articles and can be used as is on your website. For maximum effect you will need to re-write them so that they are unique, but this is fast and cheap; much cheaper than doing it yourself. Drip feed these to your site at the rate of one every two or three days and you will keep the Googlebot coming back to your site as a source of fresh, quality content!

Secondly you will see an ebook folder. This folder will contain ebooks relating to the niche that have various rights associated with them – check the rights of each individual product first. These can be sold, given away as a list builder or otherwise used as the rights permit in order to help you make money from your website.

There is a graphics folder too which has lots of different graphics in it from banners to Facebook timeline covers, WordPress headers and more. All of these can be edited (there are PSD files too) and customized to your personal needs. This is a huge money saver as getting these graphics created can easily add up to a significant expense.

The Keywords folder is a great one, though you may still want to do some additional research yourself to find some other related keywords. These will give you ideas for domain names as well as article content / titles and anchor text for your back linking. This is a big money saver and very useful in finding an angle to attack the niche and start getting traffic.

The Product Reviews folder contains videos that you can use on your website and customize as necessary. Google loves video and you can set up your own YouTube channel and use these videos to drive traffic and rank for related keywords.

The final folder is the Products folder which has a spreadsheet with numerous products that you can promote in. Again, a big time saver as it will give you some great ideas for what to promote on your new website.

These affiliate packs are an excellent way to get started in a niche, containing pretty much anything and everything you need to get started. Remember with a quick search you are likely to find lots of other content on that you could use on your site too!

All the best,


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