3 Tips on How to Organize Your Business and Increase the Likelihood of Success

I’m sure most entrepreneurs scramble days before the tax deadlines and incessantly bug their employees (mostly accountants) about the current state of the finances. Consequently, the employees bug fellow employees regarding the location of certain receipts and other pertinent documents. Also, these employees sometimes don’t know who they need to report to or the order of the tasks they have to perform.

These extremely situations result from a lack of organization in a business. Flawed organization systems often lead to “cramming” during vital parts of the business calendar. On a regular business day, it can also contribute to lesser productivity and inefficiency. Unfortunately, drastic organizational measures cost a lot of money and with the tight economy right now, an entrepreneur must turn to less expensive means to solve this problem.

Here are several tips how:

1.Organizational Structure – An organizational structure is a hierarchical concept of subordination. If you’re yet to implement one, it’s best to implement one now. The best structure for a relatively small business is a flat one, where there are less superiors and more teamwork. Dividing employees into teams with common goals, tasks and functions will aid in increasing productivity and reducing stress within the company. Teams can also coordinate through their team leaders with work that requires a more collective effort. Best of all, reorganization barely costs any money as you are just redistributing already present functions to employees.

2.Task List (To-Do’s) –
You may also consider using task lists within a certain time-frame. This is to enable employees to know what they’re going to do that day and what they’re going to do in the succeeding days. It will discourage “freewheeling” decisions by employees and it will maximize the available time. Superiors, with the help of the employees, can discuss the optimum tasks to be done or lined up for the coming week/s.  Also, it doesn’t really cost a lot. You just have to invest on some paper and that’s it. Imagine solving the unnecessary stress of “what should I do now, boss?”  by taking some time out to plan tasks to be done.

3.Invest on Long-term “Organization Aids” –
When I say organization aids, I mean computers for easier filing of documents. Additionally, subscribe for internet access so you can go global. Both of these will lead to smoother and more efficient communication. These investments are well-worth it. They’re much better than passing post it notes, waiting for snail mail and scouring through stacked folders and filing cabinets.

In conclusion, having more organization basically grants you more control of your business. You can get information and make decisions quickly. Productivity is maximized and as a bonus, morale improves. It also adds a sense of “unified” direction of your business and your employees. A concerted effort to reach goals is one of the major ingredients of success. Getting rid of the things that induce stress and confusion will definitely aid in success too. It’s a matter of resourcefulness, patience, trust and perseverance.

Take some time to consider these tips and maybe you can apply them to YOUR business. You’ll be surprised at the benefits!

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