A Slightly New Look, and Some Updates

If you’re a member, you will notice some BIG changes inside MRR, obviously the layout has changed somewhat, not drastically, but enough to give the whole membership a more compact feeling:


I found myself thinking “If I were a member, would I appreciate having to login to all these different places?” my answer to that was no, I really wouldn’t.  So, we’ve decided to close a lot of our sister memberships, and trim everything down to 3 – 4 memberships in one, with all the other monthly products/updates being moved inside of MRR.

One other update I would like to inform everyone about is that we’re working with the original programmer who helped with the members area, there are a few things I’ve never been happy with, so we’re brainstorming together.  Hopefully in the next week or so we will see some slight changes being made, that will make life as an MRRer a lot easier.

I apologize that we are constantly tweaking things, but you can never rest on your laurels, things can always be improved on just like anything in life.

To your continued success,

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