About Us

http://masterresalerights.com//images/brenphoto.jpg Brendan OHara – CEO

Brendan has worked online in some form of capacity since 2003, and founded the MRR Membership towards the end of 2006.  He has operated over 40 online businesses, and in 2008 partnered with the #1 rated marketer of the year.

http://masterresalerights.com//images/connorphoto.jpg Connor Funderburke – Admin/Support

Connor has actively worked online since 2006, first as an affiliate, and then turning his attentions to product creation.  Connor partnered with Brendan in 2007, and was handed the reins to the MRR Membership in 2008.

http://masterresalerights.com//images/jasonphoto.jpg Jason Johns – “The Video Guy” and copywriter

Jason Johns is the video creator for the ‘Stars’.  Jason is largely responsible for Millionaire Profits System and produces the monthly blueprints for all members, Jason is also responsible for the videos added to Private Label Fuel, and brings a wealth of marketing knowledge to the MRR team.

http://masterresalerights.com//images/curtisphoto.jpg Curtis Ng – Ghostwriter

Curtis is our secret weapon, consistently delivers first class eBooks and reports for MRR members, and has turned ideas into words for many of the top marketers online.

http://masterresalerights.com/images/noimage.jpg John – Programmer

Coding expert, Specializing in PHP/MySQL programming (including modifications to any existing PHP scripts) as well as custom “database info based” Windows software applications.  Is responsible for the custom members area of MRR.

http://masterresalerights.com/images/noimage.jpg Melissa Bautista – Ghostwriter

Melissa is responsible for the vast majority of content MRR adds on a monthly basis, from articles to product reviews.

MRR, or MasterResellRights.com was launched towards the end of 2006, originally known as the MRR Club then the MRR Membership.  It was launched with one object in mind, to deliver quality products and services at a rapid pace for it’s members, to stay one step ahead of the rest in today’s highly competitive market.


MasterResellRights.com continues to this day to provide quality products that members can use or sell if permitted on a daily basis.

The MRR network of sites now has over 400 members, spread across all the various sister membership.  As a valued MRR Member our sister memberships are included when you join.

Contrary to what some believe, MRR was the first daily product membership online, and while there are several who have copied our format MRR still is the best at doing so.

During May 2008 the former owner of MRR moved on to new pastures, passing on the baton to Connor Funderburke, who has built on, and improved the membership with a searchable members area while also introducing a further 3 memberships to the network.

Only through dedication, hard work, members requests and investing can MRR contnue to deliver daily.