Boosting Your Sales With Sales Page Graphics

You used to be able to write a sales letter, put a big red headline at the top and the sales would role in. You would be happy, your customers would respond well to the letter and everything would be fine.

However, things changed, the expectations of your customers changed and a plain text sales letter just will not convert as well now as it did in the past.

Nowadays you need a slick sales video, which your customers will expect and respond well to and an interesting, graphical sales letter that grabs and keeps the attention of your prospective customers.

Getting graphics done for your website can be expensive and time consuming, particularly if you want good quality graphics.

I found a package recently which I have added to the membership area at which really solves this problem well.

It is a complete pack of sales page graphics that are brilliant quality. They are slick, professional, and will suit many needs. In fact, a lot of these graphics can be used on more than just a sales page, which is rather handy.

By using these graphics carefully in your sales letter to build on the text, draw the eye and make the site look fantastic you can compete with the big marketers and have your own slick sales letters without spending hundreds of dollars on the graphics! A cheap graphical sales letter will set you back a couple of hundred bucks, so this package, being a free part of your membership, represents fantastic value.

Customers, particularly on the Warrior Forum, now expect these sort of sales letters with the snazzy graphics. Without them you could see sales of your WSO plummet and it barely break even. These graphics will work well on your sales letter both within the Warrior Forum and outside of it. What it will do is make it easier for you to move in to profit.

If you have sales letters online right now, take some of these graphics, incorporate them in to your sales letter and split test it against the current sales letter. See how well it performs with the graphics and then add more graphics to see if you can improve the conversation rate further.

With most people having fast Internet connections these days, graphics and video are welcome on a sales page and can really help improve your conversion rate and make you more money. Give these graphics a go on your sales letters and see how well they perform for you!

All the best,


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