The Benefits of PLR Content

As an online marketer, it’s important to understand that it isn’t a single effort that counts, but the overall strategy or well-executed plan that will enable you to build a good online presence for your business.

In order to generate traffic, build credibility and increase profits you have to have an effective marketing plan that involves certain factors like having relevant, high quality content linking from other sites to your website or blog. This will help you attract free traffic from the search engines and new potential customers for your business.

Utilizing PLR content for this propose can help you achieve this goal much faster than writing the content yourself. If you have ever sat down and written content for your business then you know that it can be a tedious and time consuming job, especially when you have other important tasks that need to be accomplished.

The simple fact is that creating your own content involves a lot of brainstorming, researching, writing and editing if you want to provide high quality content to your consumers.

PLR content can literally cut down your workload by more than 50 percent when used properly. The strategy is simple enough. All you have to do is to buy readymade content relevant to your business, make a few changes and you will end up with a completely finished piece of quality content that you can use.

Of course there are other alternatives the using PLR or writing your own content. For instance, you could hire a ghostwriter to create the content for you. However if you are on a budget you may want to consider the cost involved, because the average ghostwriter will charge $10.00 to $20.00 per page for good-quality content, while a PLR a page or article can cost as little as $1.00.

It is important to understand that if you hire a ghostwriter the content that you receive will be uniquely created for you. On the other hand PLR is not unique content. In fact, as I mentioned in lesson one, it has probably been passed on average around 50 to 100 times, so you will not be the only one using it. But don’t let that stop you from using PLR because that can easily be solved with a few modifications.

TIP: When you’re writing or modifying your private label rights content, write it from the angle of the person who you’ll be selling it to. They are the ones that will be reading the information, and if it’s for their benefit, then by all means gear it towards them. Keep in mind that it defeats the purpose if you’re not focusing on the needs of your consumer.

That’s it for today’s lesson. In your next lesson we will be talking about the terms of usage often associated with PLR content.

Again, I appreciate your joining me for this short course. If you have any questions or need any assistance please feel free to contact me at anytime. I will be glad to help.

As an MRR Member you have access to almost 3000 PLR Products and Private Label Rights Content via our Private Label Rights category.

Private Label Rights WordPress Plugins

You will notice on that I add some WordPress plugins with private label rights (PLR) or occasionally with master resell rights.

WordPress, as am sure you know, is one of the most popular platforms for Internet marketers to build their websites on. It is free, easy to use and very powerful, which makes it a very attractive choice.

The functionality of WordPress can be extended with plugins and whilst there are many free plugins on the market there are also many paid plugins including some cost hundreds of dollars.

People love WordPress plugins, particularly those that add useful functions and help them to make more money! The plugins I have been adding are ones that can help marketers make money from their website and add useful functions that can make a site more profitable.

These plugins can be used by you on your sites to help you make more money or you can sell them to your list to make money directly from the plugins.

As with any private label rights material you are recommended to brand the plugin with your name and business details. This can be done by changing any files that come with the plugin or by editing the plugin files so that your name and business appear when the plugin is installed.

You can make the plugin more valuable by adding features to it. By taking the plugin and then making it do more you are making it unique so it stands out from the crowd and you are really making it your own.

You may not be a programmer so may struggle to do this on your own, but you can easily hire someone to do it for you.

Before you hire someone you need to write out exactly what it is you want to have done. Detail the functions you want adding and how you want it to work. Make sure that this is written out in very plain English as you could end up hiring someone who does not have English as their first language. It really needs to be precise because if you give the programmer the wrong or inprecise information then they are going to follow your instructions and produce the wrong program for you. If this happens you will end up having to pay more money to get it fixed.

You can hire programmers through sites like Odesk, Freelancer, the WarriorForum and so on. Once you have found someone, make sure you explain to them what you want and that they are 100% clear on this. Communication problems are the biggest cause of failure in programming jobs.

WordPress plugins are a great way to make money and are an excellent thing to sell to your list. It makes a big change from the usual books or videos that everyone else sells and they can be very valuable to your list.

All the best,


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Profiting From PLR Niches

Once a month you will notice that I upload a file to the Private Label Niches site. This is a special bonus for members that gives you another PLR product that you can use to make money with. I do get asked questions about this product and aim to answer those questions and more here.

Can I Add This To My Membership Site?
The short answer is no you cannot. This is to preserve the value of this product for the members of and help all members make money from this as a product rather than it being spread across the Internet in membership sites.

Why Are The Audio File Included?
These are included for you to use as a bonus to help make it easier to sell the book or to sell as an upsell to the book. This can make the book a lot more attractive as a significant portion of the market like to listen to audio books rather than read.

What Should I Do With The Sales Letter?
I would recommend that you adjust the sales letter and personalise it so it is yours. add some bonuses to help sweeten the sale and add in your payment button and then test it. You have to make sure that you test the payment process because otherwise you could end up losing sales because people can’t buy your product.

What Is The Report For?
Including in these packages is a report. This is a short report on the subject and is meant to be used as a list builder. You set the squeeze page up on your server, change the form so it directs people to your autoresponder. When they sign up they receive the free report and then you can follow up with the emails including in the package (personalise them first though) and sell the main report to them.

This is a great way to build a list that you can market not only the main report to them but also other related products too.

How Do I Best Use The Articles?
The articles are included in this package to use as content for a website or as content for other sites for SEO purposes. As they are PLR articles you will want to get them rewritten at iWriter or TextBroker so they are unique, but it isn’t going to cost you very much.

These can help you to drive traffic to your site and to have more content on your website, which will help engage readers and Google.

Why Are Keywords Including?
There are keywords included in the package to help save you some time by showing you what keywords people are searching for. These can help you choose a domain name, create content and set up your website to benefit from keywrods that people are actually using and searching for.

These packages are a great way to set up a profitable info-product site that can become a stream of passive income for you. Of course you can rely on organic search engine traffic or set up a Facebook Page or use Facebook ads or any other paid advertising to get buyers to your site.

One of these products is added every month. Add this to your portfolio each month and you can easily have a network of profitable sites after a year bringing in passive income for you.

All the best,


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Private Label Rights And The Kindle

One question I do get asked is whether you can use private label rights material with the Kindle and the short answer is you can’t. However, don’t stop reading there because there is a longer answer which shows you how you can use PLR and get it published on the Kindle. I have used this method and got my books accepted on Amazon where they are selling even today.

Amazon are very protective of their Kindle marketplace; they do not want to dilute the value of the marketplace so that their users don’t want to use it. They want it to be somewhere the Kindle users can visit and find high quality books that they can read.

In fact, Amazon are so protective of this marketplace that they do not permit public domain works to be published unless they have a significant commentary with them!

You cannot publish private label rights material as is on the Kindle. They will jump upon you from a great height and you risk losing your account.

What you can do though is use the PLR as inspiration for your books that will be accepted and published.

Most PLR, particularly the stuff we publish at is actually well researched – the topic is usually a popular one and the content is typically going to be information that is relevant and interesting to that niche.

Internet marketing topics don’t do very well on the Kindle, so you want to look for topics that aren’t related to that, we have plenty of PLR books outside of this niche.

If you take a PLR report then it will typically be anywhere from about 5,000 words upwards. This is a bit short for a Kindle book so you will need some more content – you can typically find some PLR articles on or another book related to the niche.

Mix these all together to get a book that is a minimum of 10,000 words. Any shorter and you will struggle justifying selling it for a good price on the Kindle.

Now comes the fun part; you have to rewrite it. You are aiming for 80% uniqueness realistically as that should get through the checking process without any problems. You can do this yourself or you can hire someone at a site like who will do it for you.

Once the book is unique you give it an attention grabbing name, get a cover designed for $5 from and then you are ready to publish your book on the Kindle!

It really is that easy and PLR is a grat source of ideas and material for Kindle publishing. If you are looking to get in to Kindle publishing then using private label rights material is one of the quickest and easiest ways to start your online publishing empire.

All the best,


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Turning PLR Into Profit

Many people nowadays walk away from private label rights material because they see it as being valueless and pointless. The trouble is, they are walking away from one of the most valuable sources of content on the Internet!

Private labels rights products have a whole host of uses and you can very quickly turn a profit with it if you know what you are doing. In face, if you are really smart then you can use PLR to create multiple streams of income by using the material in many different ways.

You will find plenty of PLR books on You can either sell the PLR book as is through your own website or, and this is better if youw ant to make some serious money you rework the PLR and make it more valuable.

For example, you visit a site like and get someone there to re-write the book and make it unique – it’s a lot cheaper than getting new content written. If you add more content at the same time, then you end up with a valuable book that is 100% yours.

This book can then be sold with a sales page through your own site or you can attract affiliates to market it for you by listing it on a site such as JVZoo or Clickbank. On top of this you can sell the book on Amazon either as a physical book or as a Kindle book. This will allow you to tap in to a massive market place with millions of buyers all clamoring for new content.

PLR Videos can easily be turned in to a product, or you can add value by transcribing them and adding a book to the package. These can then be sold like the books as your own product or, depending on the content, turned into training courses which can be uploaded to sites like Udemy and sold as training programs. You can even turn PLR video in to a physical product by converting it into DVD’s.

PLR Articles are often seen as well, we upload several hundred every month, and these too can be used for your profit.

What if you were to put a bunch of PLR articles on a subject together to create a book? With a little bit of editing it can easily flow well and then become a product to sell. Get it re-written so it is unique and you have another book to upload to Amazon or other similar marketplaces. Mix in the PLR with unique content on your website and you can expand your website and keep your visitors more engages (hint : the time a visitor spends on your page helps determine your ranking which is why so many of the big content sites now split up articles across multiple pages …).

There are lots and lots of different ways you can profit from PLR and it is still one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get content that you can use on your website. Here at we scour the Internet to make sure we find the best quality PLR to share with you, as well as create our own unique PLR products for you that you will not find anywhere else. Using quality PLR is a serious short cut to earning money online.

Remember to check out our PLR Strategies video training course in the members area (at for more ideas and step by step training on how to turn PLR to profits.

All the best,


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Different Ways To Use Private Label Rights Articles

Private label rights articles are used by a lot of people and most people use them all in the same way. Let’s talk about some of the more unusual ways you can use PLR articles to help boost your online business and make you more money.

PLR is a fantastic resource for marketers but so few people actually use PLR properly that it is actually quite frightening to see how many marketers are missing excellent opportunities.

I wanted to take a little bit of time to show you some of the ways you can profit from PLR that a lot of people don’t think about.

One thing you can do is, providing the articles have transferrable PLR rights, to sell the PLR rights to your own email list. It’s a fairly obvious way to make money but one that few people use. If this is appropriate for your list then give it a go as you will earn from it.

If you are in a hurry you can use the PLR articles as content for your website – though not for article directories or web 2.0 sites as they require unique articles in general. Give the article a new title, an introduction and a few affiliate links and you have an article good to go on your website. Of course, you can rewrite it a bit, break it up into multiple articles and then set them to be drip fed to your website so you have content scheduled for several weeks.
PLR content could be used as the foundation for a webinar. Create some Powerpoint slides from the articles, make some notes and then practise your webinare a few times before getting people to promote your webinar for you. This can become a great lead generator and if you have a backend product to sell it can be very profitable for you too.

PLR articles can also be very quickly turned into podcasts which you can then use on your site or submit to podcast directories for backlinks and traffic.

If you own a membership site then adding some PLR articles as content, maybe with a little rewriting to give them your personality, can be a great way to keep your membership site updated with fresh content.

You can also use PLR products, if the rights permit, as a bonus in your affiliate marketing campaigns. These days affiliate marketing has become very competitive and you will see many people offer their own bonuses to people who buy products. PLR makes for a quick way to get some bonuses so you can compete on a level playing field with more experienced marketers.

If you break your PLR articles down in to shorter articles and add a bit more content to them then they can become ideal email messages for an autoresponder sequence.

What about using PLR articles to create reports that you can give to your affiliates to rebrand and use to promote your products? What a great way to keep your affiliates happy and to boost your sales significantly.

I hope that this has opened your eyes to some of the more interesting ways to use PLR and that you will now look at PLR articles in a new light. There are plenty of them within and now you have a better idea of how these can be used to boost your online business.

All the best,


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Creating Powerful And Profitable Reports From PLR Articles

One of the best uses of PLR articles has to be to create reports from using the content.

Whilst you can use them as website content, with the duplicate content penalty this has become less popular because it involves more work in re-writing the articles.

However, PLR articles can be used to create excellent short reports without a lot of re-writing because they do not need rewriting because Google won’t see them. These short reports can be used as a giveaway to your list, as a list builder or even as a bonus item for a product you are selling. Just be wary about trying to sell PLR rights to this report because that may be prohibited by the license of the PLR articles you originally used.

In order to put together a short report you will need anywhere from five to twenty articles, depending on how long you want the report to be. If each article is around 500 words then five of them will make a report of 2,500 words and twenty will make a report of 10,000 words.

It is important that you decide the angle and content for your report before you start selecting articles. Of course, the articles you have to hand may well influence this decision, but you need to be able to put the articles you have in to some sort of coherant order so that they flow and ‘tell a story’.

If the articles are disjointed and jump from A to E to B to F then it is going to confuse your reader and they are not going to be able to really get a good feeling from your report. Take some time to organise the articles in to an order which makes sense and flow. If you need to change the titles of the articles, which will become the chapter headings and add a little bit of more content to help the article serve your purpose better.

Once you have the articles in a single document in the right order then you can add an introduction and conclusion to the report. You can write these yourself or hire someone to do it for you. These don’t have to be long, 300-400 words will do, but you need an introduction to tell people what the report is about and then a conclusion to tell people what they have just read and where to go next (so you make more money from them).

You can add a table of contents before the introduction and a disclaimer and then put a pretty cover graphic on the first page, giving your report a professional look with a snazzy, attention grabbing title. Get on to Fiverr and get one of the talented designers there to create a cover for you for just five bucks.

Once this there is one more step. Just read through the report from start to finish with your editors hat on. You are reading it to make sure everything flows well, so if you need to add a bit of content or remove some so that it flows better just do that. You don’t have to do this step, but if you do it ensures you have a much higher quality report which is going to look better on you which in turn will convince your readers you are more professional and trustworthy. If you received a report of someone and it was poor quality and full of errors, what would you think of that person? It wouldn’t be good and you’d be much less likely to buy anything from them.

When all of this is done, you have a professional looking report that you can use to build your list, use as a bonus or even sell.

Using Private Label Rights articles to create reports is a very simple and quick way of creating reports that you can use to build your business.

All the best,


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How To Make The Most Of PLR Videos

One of the best types of PLR out there are Private Label Rights videos. Now most people don’t know what to do with these because you can’t exactly re-write them as you can a PLR article. So what can you do with a PLR video?

PLR videos are very powerful and profitable when you know what to do with them. Firstly though you need to check the rights to make sure you know what you can and cannot legally do with the videos you have.

Before you get started though you are going to want to brand the videos with your name, site or other branding. This is very easy to do, simple record a 5-10 second video clip with your branding on it and put it at the start and end of each video. You can get a professional looking video created on Fiverr which will look great at the start of the PLR videos.

Once you have your videos branded then you can start to think about how to use them because the branded videos allow you to use them to educate people about your brand. Just be aware that you cannot do this with Master Resell Rights videos, only with Private Label Rights videos.

Firstly you can build a membership site around the videos on a particularly topic. This can be one where people are drip fed a video at a time or a training course at a time or it could be one where you just add new content every few weeks or month. It depends on the niche and the availability of videos as to which you decide to do.

You can also create your own products very easily from PLR videos. Simple give the videos an attention grabbing title and put together a simple sales page and then you are good to go to either email your list, drive traffic using pay per click or otherwise get people to see your sales page.

In some cases with PLR videos you can use them as a giveaway or giveaway one video and use it to sell the entire video set.

Depending on the subject of the video you could turn the PLR videos in to a DVD set and sell those as a product. This is a great way of making some good money if you can find some PLR videos in non-IM niches. A set sold a few years ago in the Fitness niche proved massively popular when sold as a physical product through sites such as Amazon.

The important thing with selling PLR videos is to have a sales funnel in mind. For example, you may sell a report (or give one away) at the front end (maybe even one created from PLR articles) and then sell the videos as an upsell or backend. The videos could be your front end product and then on the backend you sell coaching or a membership site.

There are a lot of possibilities for PLR videos and they are well worth grabbing and using to build your business. Remember to brand them because this is going to help you build your business. Branding them isn’t difficult to do and will make a big difference as to how you are perceived as a marketer.

Look at the PLR videos on with that you have just learnt here in mind and think about the different ways you can use these videos to build your business and your profits. There is a lot you can do with PLR videos and you’ll find them immensely profitable when you start exploring the possibilities.

All the best,


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Private Label Rights Collection

Hi everyone,

did you know that as a member of MRR you have probably one of the ultimate collections of PLR online today?

I am pleased to say that we are approaching 2000 private label rights items now that are fully listed within the members area, and remember, as a member of MRR you also receive one brand new PLR package each month with This particular PLR package cannot be added to any other membership site, we charge $14.97 to gain access, but it’s free for MRR members.

How do you access the Private Label Rights category?

  1. Inside the members area hover over the Categories dropdown
  2. A dropdown will appear revealing all the many areas of the MRR membership, simply scroll to the Private Label Rights category and select.
PLR Category
Private Label Rights category

Having so many PLR items at your disposal really is a powerful way to propel your business online. We’ve tried to cover as many niches as possible, and with the market forever changing, along with new techniques being developed, more and more private label rights will be coming your way.

But are you maximizing your profitability with the PLR you have inside the members area? Or do you simply download, forget about it, and never do a thing with it? Or are you like some of the smart marketers who can see profit pulling potential of a little known niche?

Here is a great example:

10 Winterization PLR Articles

I am sure many would think “What could I possibly do with 10 Winterization Articles?” and this is where many marketers fail. It seems that many marketers these days only want the “Make Money Online PLR” packages, but I can safely say it is those who view this pack of PLR articles as gold. What do the smart marketers do? Here is an example:

  1. Turn the PLR articles into a report to be given away as a lead capture. This includes: Squeeze page design, optin form and ecover graphic
  2. As an OTO a smart marketer will consider turning the articles into an audio product to be offered via an OTO

It really is a very simple method of product creation, but far too many will skip over these PLR articles and wait for the next big MMO product.

Just food for thought 🙂

All the best,

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List Building With Resale Rights and PLR

A lot of marketers will tell you that building a mailing list should be the #1 objective for marketing online.  But one of the toughest things to do is come up with fresh, relevant content that your subscribers will be interested in.  Plus, in order to build a list you need to offer an incentive to those who land on your squeeze page.

Incentives are used to motivate visitors into taking action and subscribing to your newsletter so that they can become part of your community, and so you not only need a high quality incentive product, but one that is relevant to your newsletter or mailing lists’ theme.

Here is just an example of some of the incentives many successful marketers use:

  • A free report
  • A free eBook
  • A valuable course spread across several days
  • A free video tutorial
  • Free graphics

The list is endless, but being able to offer a valuable incentive isn’t as easy as it sounds.  If you want to offer a product as an incentive then it either means you spend a good amount of time researching, writing and designing graphics, or you could outsource the entire process – but then this can be costly.

This is where resale rights and private label rights are most valuable.

So long as the license terms permit, using a resale rights or private label rights product will cut out an enormous amount of cost, time and effort into having a valuable incentive ready to offer to your potential subscribers.

Here’s just an example of the power that private label rights can bring to your list building, and how you could potentially save hundreds of dollars in development fees:

  • Use a PLR squeeze page design
  • Flip a PLR report so that it is unique to you
  • Use a PLR newsletter set to provide valuable tips for your readers
  • Stamp your name on a PLR video tutorial

To give you a better idea of some of the types of PLR you can use, check out our private label rights category.

Not only will you be able to offer powerful incentive products on your squeeze page, but you can use private label content to fill your autoresponder sequence so that you are able to automatically send out new updates to your list without having to lift a finger!

I should point out that the most successful of marketers online will spend some time in what we refer to as “Flipping” a PLR product, if it’s a PLR product that you want to use with your list building campaign.  What I mean by this is by spending a little time in making the content far more unique, changing the graphics around and anything else that can make the product stand out.  Generally speaking, I can spend maybe 2 hours editing a PLR product so that is doesn’t resemble the original works.

One of the most important elements of building an active list is by standing in close communication with your subscriber base. You never want a lot of time to pass before you make contact, otherwise your list will grow “cold”.  When this happens, you lose that connection, and you’ll need to re-develop your relationship with subscribers.

So by powering up your mailing list sequence with hot, high quality private label content, you never have to worry about gaps in your broadcast cycle.

You can simply add additional PLR and RR content into your sequence at any time, ensuring that your subscriber receives consistent emails from you!

But, why do you want to build a mailing list?

It’s the easiest way to make money online!

Think about it. Rather than having to set up marketing campaigns to acquire customers, you have direct access to an existing subscriber base, right at your fingertips. If you offer your audience fresh content, relevant material and quality releases, you’ll be able to convert those subscribers into customers, and once you do, you’ll be able to consistently monetize your list by sending out additional offers and even promoting your own original products!

All you need in order to start building your own targeted list is an autoresponder account, domain name and squeeze page.

You can set up a professional autoresponder account with either or and you use the PLR content and PLR products that we add to Master Resell Rights to fuel your newsletter!