Elite Web Graphics – Sister Membership

Hi folks,

I am pleased to announce a brand new sister membership that has been added to the MRR Membership.


Elite Web Graphics will deliver 10 new minisite templates for at least the next 12 months.

Each mini-site pack comes complete with:

  • Spiral bound report graphics in 30 different sizes and file formats (.gif .jpg .png).
  • Paperback book graphics in 30 different sizes and file formats (.gif .jpg .png).
  • Complete mini-site template with header, footer and mid-section in jpg format.
  • Photoshop PSD files with unflattened layers from unlimited branding and editing.
  • Fonts for editing custom text in your PSD files.
  • HTML templates to quick and easy editing. Includes template with all graphics, sales page, squeeze page, video squeeze page, and video sales page. Just pick a template and start editing!
  • Includes sales page and squeeze page copy-writing template to guide you when writing from sales letters and squeeze pages from scratch.

Creating new products has never been easier! You’ve now got your graphics department completely covered! Check it off your list and start focusing on the more important stuff like content creation and marketing!

The cost of membership is $10 per month, which in my opinion is a steal!  But for MRR Members you can login at no extra cost.  Simply use your MRR Login details to gain access.

That’s it for now, happy designing!

Bren O’Hara


Private Label Rights Collection

Hi everyone,

did you know that as a member of MRR you have probably one of the ultimate collections of PLR online today?

I am pleased to say that we are approaching 2000 private label rights items now that are fully listed within the members area, and remember, as a member of MRR you also receive one brand new PLR package each month with PrivateLabelNiches.com. This particular PLR package cannot be added to any other membership site, we charge $14.97 to gain access, but it’s free for MRR members.

How do you access the Private Label Rights category?

  1. Inside the members area hover over the Categories dropdown
  2. A dropdown will appear revealing all the many areas of the MRR membership, simply scroll to the Private Label Rights category and select.
PLR Category
Private Label Rights category

Having so many PLR items at your disposal really is a powerful way to propel your business online. We’ve tried to cover as many niches as possible, and with the market forever changing, along with new techniques being developed, more and more private label rights will be coming your way.

But are you maximizing your profitability with the PLR you have inside the members area? Or do you simply download, forget about it, and never do a thing with it? Or are you like some of the smart marketers who can see profit pulling potential of a little known niche?

Here is a great example:

10 Winterization PLR Articles

I am sure many would think “What could I possibly do with 10 Winterization Articles?” and this is where many marketers fail. It seems that many marketers these days only want the “Make Money Online PLR” packages, but I can safely say it is those who view this pack of PLR articles as gold. What do the smart marketers do? Here is an example:

  1. Turn the PLR articles into a report to be given away as a lead capture. This includes: Squeeze page design, optin form and ecover graphic
  2. As an OTO a smart marketer will consider turning the articles into an audio product to be offered via an OTO

It really is a very simple method of product creation, but far too many will skip over these PLR articles and wait for the next big MMO product.

Just food for thought 🙂

All the best,

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List Building With Resale Rights and PLR

A lot of marketers will tell you that building a mailing list should be the #1 objective for marketing online.  But one of the toughest things to do is come up with fresh, relevant content that your subscribers will be interested in.  Plus, in order to build a list you need to offer an incentive to those who land on your squeeze page.

Incentives are used to motivate visitors into taking action and subscribing to your newsletter so that they can become part of your community, and so you not only need a high quality incentive product, but one that is relevant to your newsletter or mailing lists’ theme.

Here is just an example of some of the incentives many successful marketers use:

  • A free report
  • A free eBook
  • A valuable course spread across several days
  • A free video tutorial
  • Free graphics

The list is endless, but being able to offer a valuable incentive isn’t as easy as it sounds.  If you want to offer a product as an incentive then it either means you spend a good amount of time researching, writing and designing graphics, or you could outsource the entire process – but then this can be costly.

This is where resale rights and private label rights are most valuable.

So long as the license terms permit, using a resale rights or private label rights product will cut out an enormous amount of cost, time and effort into having a valuable incentive ready to offer to your potential subscribers.

Here’s just an example of the power that private label rights can bring to your list building, and how you could potentially save hundreds of dollars in development fees:

  • Use a PLR squeeze page design
  • Flip a PLR report so that it is unique to you
  • Use a PLR newsletter set to provide valuable tips for your readers
  • Stamp your name on a PLR video tutorial

To give you a better idea of some of the types of PLR you can use, check out our private label rights category.

Not only will you be able to offer powerful incentive products on your squeeze page, but you can use private label content to fill your autoresponder sequence so that you are able to automatically send out new updates to your list without having to lift a finger!

I should point out that the most successful of marketers online will spend some time in what we refer to as “Flipping” a PLR product, if it’s a PLR product that you want to use with your list building campaign.  What I mean by this is by spending a little time in making the content far more unique, changing the graphics around and anything else that can make the product stand out.  Generally speaking, I can spend maybe 2 hours editing a PLR product so that is doesn’t resemble the original works.

One of the most important elements of building an active list is by standing in close communication with your subscriber base. You never want a lot of time to pass before you make contact, otherwise your list will grow “cold”.  When this happens, you lose that connection, and you’ll need to re-develop your relationship with subscribers.

So by powering up your mailing list sequence with hot, high quality private label content, you never have to worry about gaps in your broadcast cycle.

You can simply add additional PLR and RR content into your sequence at any time, ensuring that your subscriber receives consistent emails from you!

But, why do you want to build a mailing list?

It’s the easiest way to make money online!

Think about it. Rather than having to set up marketing campaigns to acquire customers, you have direct access to an existing subscriber base, right at your fingertips. If you offer your audience fresh content, relevant material and quality releases, you’ll be able to convert those subscribers into customers, and once you do, you’ll be able to consistently monetize your list by sending out additional offers and even promoting your own original products!

All you need in order to start building your own targeted list is an autoresponder account, domain name and squeeze page.

You can set up a professional autoresponder account with either http://www.GetResponse.com or http://www.Aweber.com and you use the PLR content and PLR products that we add to Master Resell Rights to fuel your newsletter!

PLR Is Dead … No It’s Not, It’s Fine!

PLR Is Dead

You will hear scare mongers telling you that the game is over for PLR and that it has died a long agonizing death and is no more.  In the next breath you will see these same people trying to sell you their snake oil as a solution to this “problem” that they’ve identified.  These are the same people who have been trying to scare monger about AdSense, Google, SEO and everything else where they feel they can make a quick buck by frightening people into buying their so called solutions to non-existent problems.

PLR is far from dead and for the smart marketers out there, they are rubbing their hands in glee knowing that the herd will be running off to follow a new shiny object.

Private Label Rights material still, even today, represents incredibly good value to the marketers who know what they are doing.  For pennies on the dollar you can easily get high quality products that you can label as your own, market and profit from it for months or even years to come!  I know one of my marketing buddies bought some PLR material seven years ago and is STILL making a tidy profit from it today!

The thing with PLR is that most people try to use it as is.  Google is much less forgiving for duplicate content these days and you will find that many websites are equally unforgiving as a consequence.

However, whilst you will find that you can’t use PLR directly in many cases, you can get it re-written yourself or through one of the many writing sites for a lot less than the cost of a new article.  Each PLR article can often inspire a good writer to come up with two or three further articles based on the same material, meaning you can really get a lot of bang for your buck.

PLR Books are the same – sure, you can’t use them as is unless you are selling them direct, but if you re-write them and add some extra content to make them more valuable then they become even more valuable.  A re-written PLR book could be sold in the Kindle marketplace, it can be turned into a physical book and sold on Amazon, and it could be turned into a home study course, a video course, a live seminar and so on.  The possibilities are literally endless!

Even PLR videos can be very useful.  These can be turned in to all sorts of products and, in some niches, even sold as is.  Many marketers are making a pretty penny by building a huge list of people who are in the IM niche and then selling on to them branded PLR or even unbranded Master Resell Rights materials.

If you want to make money with PLR then you need to be smart in how you use it.  Following the herd will make some money, but the smart marketers are re-working PLR materials and turning them in to incredibly profitable courses.  People are making thousands of dollars from PLR materials because they know how to use them.

Use a PLR WordPress theme together with some re-written articles to create an authority site in the niche.  Add in some more articles and an autoresponder capturing people’s leads in exchange for a re-worked PLR book.  Market other products in the niche to these people.

This is a simple method that will work in making you money from PLR; you just have to do it.  Most marketers I know love quality PLR, and will pay a premium for it, because they know they can use this to build their business and to make serious money.

Look at how you can use the PLR and MRR material that you own and how it can become a money spinner for you instead of gathering digital dust on your hard drive.  Use this PLR material to create a sustainable business, with the focus on passive income and you will soon build a full time income from Internet marketing.

PLR Video Rebranding

We’ve been asked many times over the years for our recommendation for branding a PLR video, so we went ahead and recorded a brand new video tutorial below:

5 Steps To Making Money With Private Label Rights (PLR)

Most people who buy PLR never actually get around to implementing it. Instead, they just stick it in a folder on their hard drive and forget all about it If that hits a little too close to home for you, don’t worry – we’re going to look at a simple process for taking action on that PLR.

1. Customization

One of the drawbacks to PLR is that everyone who buys it gets exactly the same content. If 15 people all use the stock sales page and graphics on their site, they’re all going to look the same. This often causes people to compete on price, driving the selling price down for everyone.

Instead, get some new graphics made for it, tweak the sales letter (especially the headline and subheadlines) and make it “look” like something different. This makes it much harder to compare directly to another offer, taking price out of the equation to some degree.

2. Set Up A Website

The next stage is to get the sales page, download page and any other pages included with the package uploaded to your hosting account and ready to start taking sales. Registering a new domain and setting up its own hosting might be a good idea, but don’t get too caught up in it. It’s better to sell it from an existing site and actually have it selling than to wait until you find the “perfect” domain.

3. Order Processing

You’ll need some way to accept payments, then forward your customers on to the download after they’ve purchased. There are lots of options:

– Clickbank
– 1ShoppingCart
– Nanacast
– Paypal
– Paydotcom

Don’t overanalyze this step. While you can use whatever shopping cart service you already have, if you aren’t using one a Paypal button will work too. Again, having something up and running and taking orders will be infinitely more profitable than waiting until you find the “right” solution.

4. Connect To Your Autoresponder

You should always build a list of buyers for anything you sell, and PLR is no different. Create an email list in your autoresponder service and either put an opt-in box on the download page or integrate with your shopping cart.

If you use an opt-in box on the download page, offer a bonus of some sort for opting in to improve your conversion rates.

5. Send Traffic To The Sales Page

After the delivery funnel is all done you can start generating traffic to the sales page. You can do this in any number of ways:

– Send a promo to your existing email list
– Add a link in your signature on market-related forums
– Post it to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites

I hope you found this article useful, I’ve been profiting with PLR since all the way back to 2006, from flipping products to selling PLR to my list.  The possibilities are endless with what you can do with PLR, just use your imagination and stick to a plan!

All the very best,
Bren O’Hara

Profiting with resell rights

I was speaking with a member today via Skype, and I was asked “How much has resell rights changed since you first started Bren?” my answer was an emphatic “HUGE difference!”

Back in 2006 we had those simple meta tag generators, exe eBooks, you remember them right? There really is no comparison to the products that you saw then to the products you see today.

It was towards the end of 2006 when I opened MRR, prior to that I would create eBooks from scratch, simple graphics, simple sales page and sold them off to my list. Back then anything with resell rights would have most online markers scrambling for their credit cards! But today, have resellers just grown accustomed to products being of the highest calibre? Do we take them for granted? Are they just another eBook to add to our cart? Maybe I’m just old school now, but whenever I see a well put together package I know from experience that the production must have taken a lot of money and a lot of time to finish.

I believe resell rights is going through a golden age, and I can only see the products getting better and better! But I think it’s important for us as resellers to take these products and start turning them into cash machines for us. The eBooks I wrote in 2006 wouldn’t stand a chance these days, thankfully I’ve learned a lot since then 🙂

Just my thoughts,

Are you brave enough to step up and take action?

http://profitsleap.com/OfflineProfitBlueprint/banners/150x150.gifDid you know there was a ton of money to be made offline using your online skills?

And did you know that in my opinion it is far easier to do than competing with thousands of other online marketers for acai berry

Even the most simple online marketing skills look like magic to people offline who have no experience of getting traffic from the internet, and have no desire to learn how to either!

In my guide ‘Offline Profit Blueprint’ I tell you exactly how to get clients and get results for them so you can make bank.There’s no doubt about it, this requires most people to step out of their comfort zone and actually get out there and speak to people to get business and make money.

It is not the same as sitting there anonymously behind the computer screen spamming forums etc trying to get people to click your affiliate link.

So are you willing to do it? Because most people who do enjoy the anonymity of working online never actually make any money… so if that is not working for you then maybe it is time you took your online skills, offline.

You owe it to yourself to check this out…Offline Profit Blueprint

Rewriting: Personalize Your PLR Content

PLR content has become the greatest thing since sliced bread in the online marketing world. You can buy PLR products for a reasonable price and reap a ten-fold (or more) return. Personalizing your PLR content will set your site apart from the others and send sales even higher.

What is so great about PLR content? Private Label Rights products can be revamped, displayed as is or sold. The best part: YOU didn’t have to come up with the topics, do the research or write any of the content.

Here’s a small success story for you, the former owner of MRR decided to flip a PLR product, something he had done in the past but he went the full nine yards this time, new graphics, new sales copy, even a promo video, that particular product now earns $300 per week via Clickbank.  The product was first class to be honest, but it is how we flipped everything that made the difference.

PLR content can have a downside for buyers. Many online businesses know the value of PLR content and are buying it up and joining membership sites that send them new PLR each and every month. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, that means the potential for several hundred others to possess the same content you do.

In order not to anger the search engine gods or your faithful visitors, rewriting is necessary for the greatest success with PLR content. Before you get that sheepish look, rewriting is a lot less work than you would imagine. For one, the work has been done; you are just rearranging, removing and or adding to the content already provided to you.

Here are a few suggestions for rewriting PLR content.

1. Use Software
There are software programs that can rewrite articles to create new ones. Be careful with this though because some can change the feel of the article or use synonyms for words that turn your article into nonsense. It’s always a wise idea to give your content a once-over after using the software.

2. Hire a Ghostwriter
Many ghostwriters are out of the price range of a beginning website owner, but using their services for rewrites costs less since the work is already done. Ask for a paragraph by paragraph rewrite to keep the same general feel of the article but with different words. If you are looking for SEO friendly content, this process works quite well.

3. Do-It-Yourself
Maybe you are a great writer, but don’t have the time to create your own content. It would be easier for you to rewrite portions of your PLR since you are already familiar with the writing process and the topic of the content.

4. Add Relevant Links
Some PLR content packs will include helpful links and keywords used to create the content. Add those links in your articles or use your own product or affiliate links to help monetize them.

5. Add Graphics
Depending on your topic, adding pictures and other graphics make it stand out from the rest. Print screen images will demonstrate what you are talking about in the content and further engage the reader. Look for free to use graphics online or create a video to go along with the content to up the ante with your PLR.

Are you looking to make the most of your PLR content? Rewriting portions of the content give your articles the personal touch your readers are searching for. Set yourself apart from all the other cookie-cutter sites out there.

What is PLR Content?

For those who work online, or want to, you may have seen this abbreviation before: PLR. But, what exactly is PLR? It stands for Private Label Rights and once you’ve finished reading this article you’ll discover what PLR is and even a few ways it can be used to help you create a successful business without costing a fortune or taking tons of time.

Private Label Rights (PLR) products give any online business owner the opportunity to make money with very little overhead. And, that’s what we all want – more money coming in than going out. It’s easier when you can get a leg up on the competition right? That is possible if you put PLR content to use in your business.

Let’s start at the beginning. Private Label Rights content is content (articles, reviews, reports, eCourses, etc.) that is written by someone else for you to use as your own. They can be purchased in packs or as a monthly membership and usually revolve around one particular subject. The great thing about PLR is that once you purchase it or get it for free, you have content that is tailor made for bringing traffic to your website business.

What if your website dealt with dog products? You could purchase a pack of articles on different types of dog training. These articles could be used to add new content to your website each week for current visitors and to draw in new ones. You can then use that content to promote products of your own or affiliate programs you’ve signed up for.

The Rights of a PLR Buyer

Know your rights when working with PLR content. Private Label Rights means that you are entitled to rewrite any part of the content as you see fit and then put your name on it. You didn’t write it but you have the right to claim it as your own. Most PLR site owners have a list of the ways you are allowed to use or not use the content you purchase from them, so be sure you check those rules out.

For instance, most owners will allow you to give the content away for free, post it to your site or blog and use it in newsletters or membership sites. However, many will not allow you to publish the content to article directories or resell it to others with the same rights.

The fact that you are allowed to use the content for your website or blog alone makes it extremely valuable. Who has the time to create great content for their website on a regular basis? Internet users are voracious readers of information. If it were you, wouldn’t you want to see something new on your favorite websites each time you visited? So do your visitors.

When you are growing a business, it’s hard to devote time to content writing because you have other business areas to concentrate on. PLR content makes it easier to keep a business going online. Hiring a ghostwriter to write all that content for you can add up too. With PLR, you are able to satisfy your visitors with informative articles consistently making it easier to change them from visitor to buyer. Not to mention it saves you money because PLR content is sold for a lot cheaper than hiring a writer.

If you have heard of PLR content before but don’t quite know what it is, it’s worth its weight in gold for you to find out the numerous ways it can be used to help increase your success. For the online business owner, PLR is a time-saving product that makes money. You can’t afford to miss out on what others have already discovered.