Make Money with Private Label eBooks

There is no doubt about it, all the gurus, all the big earners have one thing in common, they have their own product.  I’ve personally created well over 20 products so far online, but #1 it is time consuming, and #2 can be extremely costly if you outsource.  But that’s where Private Label Rights can step in and level that playing field in one fell swoop.

One great example of how well people can do with PLR if used effectively, is none other than the former owner of MRR.  He recently told me he is earning a considerable amount of money each month selling ‘flipped’ PLR products on Clickbank.  He had new graphics created, totally rewrote the sales page, even included promo videos, in the end the product looked NOTHING like the original.

If you’ve never used  any of the PLR content inside of MRR, you really should give it a try. Once you do, you’ll understand the love affair others seem to have with it. PLR is a powerful tool for online and offline business owners alike. It can be used to create a stellar website with tons of well-written articles. Good PLR products can establish you as an expert in your niche market which is one of the keys to being successful.

When you are ready to step up a level, try PLR eBooks. A PLR eBook can benefit you in many ways. Here are just two of the most obvious ones:

• Give it away for free when visitors opt-in for other services or newsletter lists.
• Sell it on your website

Give it Away

There is much to be said for free products. Customers want to know what they are getting before they take the big plunge. An eBook is a prize for anyone looking for free information. It is longer than an article and can provide in-depth information for those who receive it.

Use a Private Label eBook to build a list of potential customers. Offer it to those who are willing to sign up for email newsletters and promotions. You already know they are interested in your type of products because they visited your site. This is a much better way to gain potential buyers than paying for a list.

Sell it & Make Money

Maybe you already use other products as promo items on your website. If so, you can easily sell a PLR eBook to help increase your sales. Purchase PLR eBooks that fit in with your other products, but offer something extra.

Also, enhance your eBook with a companion guide. The eBook can be used for instruction in a group setting. Now you have set yourself up to make sales of additional companion guides if they like the eBook.

Make Your eBook Unique

Before you use any PLR eBook as a promotional tool or to sell, add a few of your own bells and whistles to create a unique product that gives your customers exactly what they need. Make sure you’re using the eBook to provide those who download it with links specific to your products and any affiliate links you are using as well.

Many Private Label eBooks also come complete with a sales letter to help you with promotion efforts so don’t be afraid to tweak it for your specific needs.

Private Label Rights doesn’t just come in the form of eBooks however, of course there is software, scripts, graphics, videos, you name it, it’s inside  But I will write more at a later date on how you can flip a piece of software or script, and I’ll let you know of my outsourcing history.

Well that’s it, hope you found this useful!
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5 Reasons to Utilize Private Label Rights Content on Your Website

I think it goes without saying that PLR content is one of the hottest commodities on the Internet today for business owners, and members are consistently asking me for more.  Many people don’t utilize the PLR that they have, or even where to start, so here’s a few quick tips:

1. No Writing On Your Part Necessary – In order to keep up and give your readers fresh content, you would need to spend the better part of each day creating new articles, blog posts, etc etc. for your site visitors to read. When you occupy all of your time writing content, there is none left for promoting the business. It’s a catch-22. Your site and/or your blog would be filled with good stuff but no one would know that it exists because you haven’t had time to get the word out. With PLR content, the hard part is already done for you.

2. Free Traffic – It would take you months to draw the kind of traffic that several well-written articles can get for you. Using search engine optimized PLR content can put you at the top of the search engine rankings so more people can find you with their searches. Your website will be the first place they go for resources.

3. Sell It & Make Money – You have paid for the right to use the content in the way that you see fit depending on the rights of course 🙂  By rearranging, splitting, rewriting the content or combining it with other offers, you can create a money-making product perfect for your customers. This process is certainly easier than developing a product of your own from scratch. With good quality content, you can create a brand that people will flock to.

4. Link Backs to Your Site – Others will read your content and recommend it to others. In that way, you build links without even lifting a finger. The content is doing it for you.

5. Create Expert Status & Build Trust – Use rewritten PLR content as a marketing tool for yourself and your business. Most people need to not only brand their business, but themselves on the Internet. It’s important to create an expert status online. PLR content can be rewritten by you quickly and easily and used to help your visitors gain trust in you and look to you as the expert in a particular topic.

Private Label Rights products give you a wealth of opportunities to capitalize on your purchase. These rights allow you to rewrite or use the content as is. If you purchase limited edition PLR products, only a few people on the Web are also using that particular product and you have an even better advantage.   Take for instance the PLR eBooks we add to, we’ve made them limited, and the license while some have argued is quite restrictive, it’s what I like to call High-End PLR.

The 5 reasons above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of private label rights content. Hopefully, now that you’ve seen a few ways to put it to use, you are not on the fence anymore about PLR and the increased dollars for your business with very little output on your part.

Remember, with MRR we are consistently adding Private Label products, I believe there is close to 500 products inside now with PLR, check them out in the PLR section inside the members area.

Hope you found these tips useful 🙂
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