Creating A PDF eBook

Creating A PDF eBook

Most ebooks are delivered as PDF (Adobe Acrobat format) but a lot of people don’t know how to create a PDF file. It is important to deliver your products in this format because firstly it is reasonably secure and will stop most people from copying and stealing your content. Perhaps most importantly though it is a universal file format which means people can read it no matter what type of computer, tablet or smart phone they are using to read it.

This latter point is really important for you because it means your content has the widest possible audience and is easy for them to read. It reduces your refund rate because they can easily open the file and get to what they’ve paid for.

There are a number of ways for you to create a PDF file. Firstly you can buy the Adobe Acrobat software, the full version, which will set you back a few hundred bucks. Obviously that isn’t for most of us.

There are however much lower cost alternatives for you.

If you have Microsoft Word 2010 then you have the opportunity to save your file as a PDF file. Obviously, not everyone has this version of software. You can get it through the Office 365 program where you can pay monthly for the entire Office suite which is surprisingly good value and affordable.

There are free ways though and if you were to download OpenOffice, which is free, then you can create PDF files from within there.

The other alternative is for some free software like NitroPDF which you can Google and download. This creates a printer on your computer which you then print your document to and it creates a PDF file.

When you create your PDF file you really need to secure it with a password. Whilst not strictly necessary, it will prevent another portion of people from taking your work and using it as their own. You can do this in NitroPDF easily enough through the dialog box it presents to you.

Once you have created your PDF file, take a few moments to read through it and make sure that it looks okay. You can find that the conversion process can sometimes create some peculiar characters or spacings. Spend a few minutes checking the layout and proofing it – remember that if your book looks good then it will help people feel they have got good value. It it looks a mess then they are going to feel it is a lower value product.

The PDF format is very important for Internet marketers as it allows you to create a platform independent document that anyone can read. Only distribute your products or reports in PDF format otherwise you can find people will not be able to open them or may be able to steal your content.

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