Creating Powerful And Profitable Reports From PLR Articles

One of the best uses of PLR articles has to be to create reports from using the content.

Whilst you can use them as website content, with the duplicate content penalty this has become less popular because it involves more work in re-writing the articles.

However, PLR articles can be used to create excellent short reports without a lot of re-writing because they do not need rewriting because Google won’t see them. These short reports can be used as a giveaway to your list, as a list builder or even as a bonus item for a product you are selling. Just be wary about trying to sell PLR rights to this report because that may be prohibited by the license of the PLR articles you originally used.

In order to put together a short report you will need anywhere from five to twenty articles, depending on how long you want the report to be. If each article is around 500 words then five of them will make a report of 2,500 words and twenty will make a report of 10,000 words.

It is important that you decide the angle and content for your report before you start selecting articles. Of course, the articles you have to hand may well influence this decision, but you need to be able to put the articles you have in to some sort of coherant order so that they flow and ‘tell a story’.

If the articles are disjointed and jump from A to E to B to F then it is going to confuse your reader and they are not going to be able to really get a good feeling from your report. Take some time to organise the articles in to an order which makes sense and flow. If you need to change the titles of the articles, which will become the chapter headings and add a little bit of more content to help the article serve your purpose better.

Once you have the articles in a single document in the right order then you can add an introduction and conclusion to the report. You can write these yourself or hire someone to do it for you. These don’t have to be long, 300-400 words will do, but you need an introduction to tell people what the report is about and then a conclusion to tell people what they have just read and where to go next (so you make more money from them).

You can add a table of contents before the introduction and a disclaimer and then put a pretty cover graphic on the first page, giving your report a professional look with a snazzy, attention grabbing title. Get on to Fiverr and get one of the talented designers there to create a cover for you for just five bucks.

Once this there is one more step. Just read through the report from start to finish with your editors hat on. You are reading it to make sure everything flows well, so if you need to add a bit of content or remove some so that it flows better just do that. You don’t have to do this step, but if you do it ensures you have a much higher quality report which is going to look better on you which in turn will convince your readers you are more professional and trustworthy. If you received a report of someone and it was poor quality and full of errors, what would you think of that person? It wouldn’t be good and you’d be much less likely to buy anything from them.

When all of this is done, you have a professional looking report that you can use to build your list, use as a bonus or even sell.

Using Private Label Rights articles to create reports is a very simple and quick way of creating reports that you can use to build your business.

All the best,


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