Is Google Adsense Profitable In 2014?

Some years ago Adsense was the best way to make money; you threw up a website, used a few keywords and then lived a life of luxury off your earnings. Then Google woke up to what was going on, changed the rules and many marketers were left wailing and gnashing their teeth as their earnings disappeared literally overnight. People went from six figures a month to nothing in the blink of an eye and the rise of the “death of Adsense” Chicken Little’s appeared.

However, many other marketers sat back and counted their pennies as the money kept rolling on in.

Adsense is still something that can make you money and whilst you may find it harder to get organic traffic and Adsense arbitrage does not work so well, it is still possible to make money from it.

Nowadays it is harder to get organic traffic, but it is still possible and if you have the time and resources then it is worth your while doing it.

However, a better way these days is to rely on social media traffic.

You need to set up a website such as the Instant sites uploaded to in February. These are quick and easy sites to build that will establish a presence in a niche. You can re-write the articles or add more of your own to the site, edit the header graphic and then you are good to go.

Create yourself a Facebook Fan Page, a Twitter account, a Google+ page, a PInterest page and so on and then drive traffic to these. You can get likes to a Facebook fan page at a bargain price if you know what you are doing (there are courses on and then as you post to your fan page so people will see it and click through to your website.

Try posting just an extract of the article on your Facebook page with a link to your website for the rest of the article. You can even split your articles over multiple pages which is a great way to get people to stay on your website for more time which Google loves and gives them more time to click on your ads.

You can even link your website to your social media sites using an account at HootSuite, which is a huge money saver. Even the free account is going to really help you out in saving time and keeping all your accounts up to date.

By backing up your Adsense earnings with ebook sales, Amazon affiliate links and so on, you can actually make good money from your website. A combination of all of them appropriately and tastefully placed will really help increase your earnings and protect your income if anything happens to one of the income streams.

To your success,
Bren O’Hara

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