MRR Membership Updates, and A Long Overdue Change

After carefully thinking things through over the past couple of days we will be making a couple of changes the way MRR is run:
1 – As of Saturday September 19th we will be operating Monday through Friday. However, for product launches, packages, or products that we feel members should receive ASAP we will still add Saturday – Sunday.  It’s been a full two years of daily additions without any kind of day off, we hope you appreciate that everyone needs time to recharge.  We will still provide support over those days, that will never change, and if you you see a product that you would like to see added then please send in your requests still.  All products that we pickup over Saturday – Sunday will be added Monday.

2 – A lot of members have requested that we move some of our sister memberships inside of MRR.  We will be taking a look into that, but memberships such as,, all have active members so that may prove impossible, however, for the smaller memberships we will be moving them inside of MRR ASAP.

3 – – Ewen Chia “The Source” decided to close shop, which is where the blueprints were coming from.  We don’t want to stop adding those monthly blueprints so we will be investing in new video blueprints ourselves each month, probably between 6 – 10.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, or even updates then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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