MRR & PLR Membership Update – 30/07/16

Hello everyone, Connor here with a new update.

We’ve been busy this past week with completing our upgrades.  Sadly we’ve encountered some problems, but we’ve managed to fix those as they came along.

Members can now view all of the latest additions to the MRR and PLR Membership before even logging in, by going to this URL:

Here’s a breakdown of all our latest categories and URL changes:

View By Rights

We’ve been extremely busy adding the latest products with MRR and PLR this week, so here’s a list of what we’ve added so far:

As always we will be adding more products over the coming days, so please do check back!

To your success,


  • Allen (#)
    August 2nd, 2016

    It would be nice if we could get Affiliate Commission for sharing Single Products on Facebook and other places.

  • MRR Programmer (#)
    August 5th, 2016

    Hello Allen, thanks for your request. I’m actually already hard at work on this and the functionality should be available very very soon, as early as later tonight or tomorrow actually. You will be able to add your affiliate ID onto any shared link and earn commissions whenever someone signs up to the membership. Even if they veer away from the page you initially sent them to, you will still receive credit for the signup and a (residual) commission will be awarded to your affiliate account. I just need to run a few more tests and will let Connor and the rest of the team know when it’s all set. Keep an eye out as I am sure an announcement will be made as soon as this is available.

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