PLR Is Dead … No It’s Not, It’s Fine!

PLR Is Dead

You will hear scare mongers telling you that the game is over for PLR and that it has died a long agonizing death and is no more.  In the next breath you will see these same people trying to sell you their snake oil as a solution to this “problem” that they’ve identified.  These are the same people who have been trying to scare monger about AdSense, Google, SEO and everything else where they feel they can make a quick buck by frightening people into buying their so called solutions to non-existent problems.

PLR is far from dead and for the smart marketers out there, they are rubbing their hands in glee knowing that the herd will be running off to follow a new shiny object.

Private Label Rights material still, even today, represents incredibly good value to the marketers who know what they are doing.  For pennies on the dollar you can easily get high quality products that you can label as your own, market and profit from it for months or even years to come!  I know one of my marketing buddies bought some PLR material seven years ago and is STILL making a tidy profit from it today!

The thing with PLR is that most people try to use it as is.  Google is much less forgiving for duplicate content these days and you will find that many websites are equally unforgiving as a consequence.

However, whilst you will find that you can’t use PLR directly in many cases, you can get it re-written yourself or through one of the many writing sites for a lot less than the cost of a new article.  Each PLR article can often inspire a good writer to come up with two or three further articles based on the same material, meaning you can really get a lot of bang for your buck.

PLR Books are the same – sure, you can’t use them as is unless you are selling them direct, but if you re-write them and add some extra content to make them more valuable then they become even more valuable.  A re-written PLR book could be sold in the Kindle marketplace, it can be turned into a physical book and sold on Amazon, and it could be turned into a home study course, a video course, a live seminar and so on.  The possibilities are literally endless!

Even PLR videos can be very useful.  These can be turned in to all sorts of products and, in some niches, even sold as is.  Many marketers are making a pretty penny by building a huge list of people who are in the IM niche and then selling on to them branded PLR or even unbranded Master Resell Rights materials.

If you want to make money with PLR then you need to be smart in how you use it.  Following the herd will make some money, but the smart marketers are re-working PLR materials and turning them in to incredibly profitable courses.  People are making thousands of dollars from PLR materials because they know how to use them.

Use a PLR WordPress theme together with some re-written articles to create an authority site in the niche.  Add in some more articles and an autoresponder capturing people’s leads in exchange for a re-worked PLR book.  Market other products in the niche to these people.

This is a simple method that will work in making you money from PLR; you just have to do it.  Most marketers I know love quality PLR, and will pay a premium for it, because they know they can use this to build their business and to make serious money.

Look at how you can use the PLR and MRR material that you own and how it can become a money spinner for you instead of gathering digital dust on your hard drive.  Use this PLR material to create a sustainable business, with the focus on passive income and you will soon build a full time income from Internet marketing.