Profiting From PLR Niches

Once a month you will notice that I upload a file to the Private Label Niches site. This is a special bonus for members that gives you another PLR product that you can use to make money with. I do get asked questions about this product and aim to answer those questions and more here.

Can I Add This To My Membership Site?
The short answer is no you cannot. This is to preserve the value of this product for the members of and help all members make money from this as a product rather than it being spread across the Internet in membership sites.

Why Are The Audio File Included?
These are included for you to use as a bonus to help make it easier to sell the book or to sell as an upsell to the book. This can make the book a lot more attractive as a significant portion of the market like to listen to audio books rather than read.

What Should I Do With The Sales Letter?
I would recommend that you adjust the sales letter and personalise it so it is yours. add some bonuses to help sweeten the sale and add in your payment button and then test it. You have to make sure that you test the payment process because otherwise you could end up losing sales because people can’t buy your product.

What Is The Report For?
Including in these packages is a report. This is a short report on the subject and is meant to be used as a list builder. You set the squeeze page up on your server, change the form so it directs people to your autoresponder. When they sign up they receive the free report and then you can follow up with the emails including in the package (personalise them first though) and sell the main report to them.

This is a great way to build a list that you can market not only the main report to them but also other related products too.

How Do I Best Use The Articles?
The articles are included in this package to use as content for a website or as content for other sites for SEO purposes. As they are PLR articles you will want to get them rewritten at iWriter or TextBroker so they are unique, but it isn’t going to cost you very much.

These can help you to drive traffic to your site and to have more content on your website, which will help engage readers and Google.

Why Are Keywords Including?
There are keywords included in the package to help save you some time by showing you what keywords people are searching for. These can help you choose a domain name, create content and set up your website to benefit from keywrods that people are actually using and searching for.

These packages are a great way to set up a profitable info-product site that can become a stream of passive income for you. Of course you can rely on organic search engine traffic or set up a Facebook Page or use Facebook ads or any other paid advertising to get buyers to your site.

One of these products is added every month. Add this to your portfolio each month and you can easily have a network of profitable sites after a year bringing in passive income for you.

All the best,


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