Profiting with resell rights

I was speaking with a member today via Skype, and I was asked “How much has resell rights changed since you first started Bren?” my answer was an emphatic “HUGE difference!”

Back in 2006 we had those simple meta tag generators, exe eBooks, you remember them right? There really is no comparison to the products that you saw then to the products you see today.

It was towards the end of 2006 when I opened MRR, prior to that I would create eBooks from scratch, simple graphics, simple sales page and sold them off to my list. Back then anything with resell rights would have most online markers scrambling for their credit cards! But today, have resellers just grown accustomed to products being of the highest calibre? Do we take them for granted? Are they just another eBook to add to our cart? Maybe I’m just old school now, but whenever I see a well put together package I know from experience that the production must have taken a lot of money and a lot of time to finish.

I believe resell rights is going through a golden age, and I can only see the products getting better and better! But I think it’s important for us as resellers to take these products and start turning them into cash machines for us. The eBooks I wrote in 2006 wouldn’t stand a chance these days, thankfully I’ve learned a lot since then 🙂

Just my thoughts,

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