Rewriting: Personalize Your PLR Content

PLR content has become the greatest thing since sliced bread in the online marketing world. You can buy PLR products for a reasonable price and reap a ten-fold (or more) return. Personalizing your PLR content will set your site apart from the others and send sales even higher.

What is so great about PLR content? Private Label Rights products can be revamped, displayed as is or sold. The best part: YOU didn’t have to come up with the topics, do the research or write any of the content.

Here’s a small success story for you, the former owner of MRR decided to flip a PLR product, something he had done in the past but he went the full nine yards this time, new graphics, new sales copy, even a promo video, that particular product now earns $300 per week via Clickbank.  The product was first class to be honest, but it is how we flipped everything that made the difference.

PLR content can have a downside for buyers. Many online businesses know the value of PLR content and are buying it up and joining membership sites that send them new PLR each and every month. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, that means the potential for several hundred others to possess the same content you do.

In order not to anger the search engine gods or your faithful visitors, rewriting is necessary for the greatest success with PLR content. Before you get that sheepish look, rewriting is a lot less work than you would imagine. For one, the work has been done; you are just rearranging, removing and or adding to the content already provided to you.

Here are a few suggestions for rewriting PLR content.

1. Use Software
There are software programs that can rewrite articles to create new ones. Be careful with this though because some can change the feel of the article or use synonyms for words that turn your article into nonsense. It’s always a wise idea to give your content a once-over after using the software.

2. Hire a Ghostwriter
Many ghostwriters are out of the price range of a beginning website owner, but using their services for rewrites costs less since the work is already done. Ask for a paragraph by paragraph rewrite to keep the same general feel of the article but with different words. If you are looking for SEO friendly content, this process works quite well.

3. Do-It-Yourself
Maybe you are a great writer, but don’t have the time to create your own content. It would be easier for you to rewrite portions of your PLR since you are already familiar with the writing process and the topic of the content.

4. Add Relevant Links
Some PLR content packs will include helpful links and keywords used to create the content. Add those links in your articles or use your own product or affiliate links to help monetize them.

5. Add Graphics
Depending on your topic, adding pictures and other graphics make it stand out from the rest. Print screen images will demonstrate what you are talking about in the content and further engage the reader. Look for free to use graphics online or create a video to go along with the content to up the ante with your PLR.

Are you looking to make the most of your PLR content? Rewriting portions of the content give your articles the personal touch your readers are searching for. Set yourself apart from all the other cookie-cutter sites out there.

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