Source Code Goldmine 8

Yes we purchased this, but as always the licenses are VERY restricting.

I have to say though, I do believe Jeremy Burns delivered one of the best packages to date with this release.  There are at least four products that are superb.

The desktop software in my opinion is awesome, there are two eBooks I really like, but being a budding graphics designer (Only just learning the ropes) I was more interested in the photoshop actions that came with this package.

Photoshop isn’t for everyone, the price can turn a lot of people off, and I am not surprised.  But if you have Photoshop then I believe you will love those action scripts.

Getting these to members proved difficult, very difficult, but those who purchased have made a smart move 🙂 however….some members have already written me “Some joker is selling them for $3.99 a piece” I understand the frustration there.

We normally provide, and dont normally sell anything, but I understand where members are coming from with their frustrations.

Best regards,

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