Upgrades are Complete

Dear members,

I am pleased to say that our upgrades are now complete! We’ve worked solidly for over a month in building a brand new members area for MRR.

All logins are exactly the same, and while adding new features we’ve also kept many of the old and trusted features too.


Just some of our new features:

  • View the latest additions for the past 24 hours, the past 7 days or even the past 90 days.
  • Tags – We’ve implemented tags into our products, so if a product is listed in eBooks, simply clicking the eBooks tag will display all of our eBooks in the directory.
  • File contents button – View all the contents of a product before you download.
  • Commenting has been upgraded and improved, and you can now make a comment practically anywhere and on any page.

Members can still login by using this URL:  http://www.masterresellrights.com/mrr/login

As always with an upgrade like this, there will be bugs, but rest assured we are working through those as quickly as possible.

Thank you for all the great comments we’ve received so far, they are much appreciated!

To your success,


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