Viral Marketing Warriors

Since we introduced our new Viral Marketing Software for members each month, the feedback has been INCREDIBLE!

“Thanks so much for the rebranded software guys.  I started a freebie newsletter offering free software each month, and let me tell you, my subscriber list has increased by 20%, that is just inside of three days!  Keep them coming PLEASE!” – Matt Cork, MRR Member (Matt gave permission for me to post that comment on the blog)

Creating a massive list with these softwares is possible, we did it, and it looks like others are doing it too.  But it is the FREE traffic that these Viral Marketing Warriors generate that makes me more excited than anything.  After rebranding the software with your own banners and text links, welcome pages etc and then just watch them spread around the net like wildfire!

You pass on to your customer for free, your customer then passes that software on to their customer, then on to the customer of the customer of the customer and so on………………

Another great way of generating free traffic is by submitting them to Software Directories.  These Directories receive HUGE amounts of traffic.  Let’s face it, eBooks are great, but having your own Software really is King, and that’s where these warriors step in!


PS.  Don’t worry, the Software will keep coming 🙂

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