What is PLR Content?

For those who work online, or want to, you may have seen this abbreviation before: PLR. But, what exactly is PLR? It stands for Private Label Rights and once you’ve finished reading this article you’ll discover what PLR is and even a few ways it can be used to help you create a successful business without costing a fortune or taking tons of time.

Private Label Rights (PLR) products give any online business owner the opportunity to make money with very little overhead. And, that’s what we all want – more money coming in than going out. It’s easier when you can get a leg up on the competition right? That is possible if you put PLR content to use in your business.

Let’s start at the beginning. Private Label Rights content is content (articles, reviews, reports, eCourses, etc.) that is written by someone else for you to use as your own. They can be purchased in packs or as a monthly membership and usually revolve around one particular subject. The great thing about PLR is that once you purchase it or get it for free, you have content that is tailor made for bringing traffic to your website business.

What if your website dealt with dog products? You could purchase a pack of articles on different types of dog training. These articles could be used to add new content to your website each week for current visitors and to draw in new ones. You can then use that content to promote products of your own or affiliate programs you’ve signed up for.

The Rights of a PLR Buyer

Know your rights when working with PLR content. Private Label Rights means that you are entitled to rewrite any part of the content as you see fit and then put your name on it. You didn’t write it but you have the right to claim it as your own. Most PLR site owners have a list of the ways you are allowed to use or not use the content you purchase from them, so be sure you check those rules out.

For instance, most owners will allow you to give the content away for free, post it to your site or blog and use it in newsletters or membership sites. However, many will not allow you to publish the content to article directories or resell it to others with the same rights.

The fact that you are allowed to use the content for your website or blog alone makes it extremely valuable. Who has the time to create great content for their website on a regular basis? Internet users are voracious readers of information. If it were you, wouldn’t you want to see something new on your favorite websites each time you visited? So do your visitors.

When you are growing a business, it’s hard to devote time to content writing because you have other business areas to concentrate on. PLR content makes it easier to keep a business going online. Hiring a ghostwriter to write all that content for you can add up too. With PLR, you are able to satisfy your visitors with informative articles consistently making it easier to change them from visitor to buyer. Not to mention it saves you money because PLR content is sold for a lot cheaper than hiring a writer.

If you have heard of PLR content before but don’t quite know what it is, it’s worth its weight in gold for you to find out the numerous ways it can be used to help increase your success. For the online business owner, PLR is a time-saving product that makes money. You can’t afford to miss out on what others have already discovered.

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