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Warning: Do not buy, sell or even think about creating another website until you've read this review...

Is It REALLY Possible To Make BIG Money Online Without Working For Years In Vain?

You're not a guru. You aint #1 on Google. You don't even have a best selling product. So the questions is...

"...Can YOU still make regular money online without spending years trying or failing?"

With the ever increasing amount of techniques, strategies and systems for making money online, there is just so much choice as to what type of business to start or what sort of side project you should take on next to bring in more revenue...

But there is no denying that almost every system out there worth attempting is going to require work and a little common sense. It seems on first impressions that Project Archimedes is no different but there's something a little different about this particular guide that is not only intriguing but also very "business like" opposed to all the garbage and Mickey Mouse systems we're bombarded with every day.

But one thing is for sure, the sales page looks pretty much like the run of the mill hype factory that we as marketers are becoming accustomed to.

So just recently, I decided to go backstage and take a closer look at what this fancy pants named guide is all about along with whether it's actually any good and who it's right for.

By the end of reading this honest review, hopefully I might have saved you from making the right or wrong decision, based on what I uncover. Ultimately, you'll know from what I reveal in this hype free review whether Project Archimedes is right for you personally, which is all that matters right?

First of all, let's take a look at what you actually get when inside the download area...

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Core eBook

How flipping applies to the internet...........4
The gold rush is now over........................5
Buy or build?.....................................................7
Buying an existing site...............................7
Building your own site from scratch............7
Finding a site to buy from the search engines....9
Getting in contact.....................................9
Buying A Site From An Auction.................13
Digital Point.............................16
Another option...........................17
Paying for a site............................19
Valuing a site....................................20
Building the right kind of site.....................23
Finding your niche.....................................25
Using Myspace for research............26
Using Wordtracker for research.........................28
Using for research..............................35
Using for research...................37
Your domain name..................................40
Choosing an appropriate domain name......40
Finding a cheap but professional web host...45
A Quick And Easy Flip.......................48
Creating your content..................................56
Monetizing a site...............................59
Money from PPC advertising....................59
Selling a product (or products) as an affiliate...61
Creating a membership site.........................61
Selling your own product........................62
Putting your site online.........................63
Grabbing traffic fast...................................64
Initial indexing and social sites........................64
Paid advertising...................................66
Article marketing.....................................67
Flip the site...................................................70

+ Introductory video
+ Buying vs. building video
+ Complimentary videos

+ Finding high paying niches guide
+ Traffic Travis bonus software


Your Website Name Presents...


New concept to many online marketers

I think what struck me first about Project Archimedes before even buying my copy was that the entire system was something different. So much of the time, we're force fed affiliate marketing guides, paid advertising guides, blogging guides etc...but even though some of those guides are great, we often forget that there is this entirely other side to making a regular profit on the internet - and sometimes a lot more predictably too.

Now, before we get into things I would just like to say that just because something is different does not mean it is any good, which is why I am going to be looking very carefully into this lesser spoken of technique and whether this guide actually helps of hinders you.

Essentially, this guide is all about buying and selling websites for profit.

Just like real estate investors buy undervalued or dilapidated properties and then fix them up and resell them for thousands in profits, the whole idea behind Project Archimedes is to take a website that the owner might be neglecting or is no longer interested in working on and essentially ramping up the traffic along with the way the site makes money...and then turning around and selling the entire site for a large profit in a short amount of time.

Sure, it's not actually a new concept at all and people have been doing this for many years but in the last few years this entire process has come into the light amongst the online marketing community and due to the jaw dropping figures and success stories being mentioned around the popular marketing forums, it is inevitable that someone might actually come along and show us how it is actually done properly.

This technique is something I heard about a long time ago and was always intrigued by it...but never got my feet wet due to all the seemingly risky aspects of buying and selling websites. After all, you wouldn't just run into buying and selling stocks or real estate would you? I know websites can be cheaper, but it all adds up if you don't know what you're doing...

Your Website Name Presents...


Honesty brings credibility

Something that I felt even from the sales page was that this guide and the owner Ben Shaffer were not afraid to express their honesty about the risks and rewards, along with the work required to make the big bucks.

Over the years, I have learned to take more caution at the "too good to be true, hype fest" sales pages I see and read online and I am far more likely to believe a guy that is saying "yes, there's always a risk, yes this will take some of your time..." etc.

Ben almost gives the entire business model a feel of realism that many other online marketing guides do not, because they are simply too busy trying to sell you a one trick horse that will be dead tomorrow.

As I get into the download area (which is password protected) everything seems to be laid out really cleanly and in a methodical order. You'd be surprised at how many guides I buy that don't even bother with this stuff, but I feel it makes a huge difference to how you get started and take to the course.

All of the material in the guide can be downloaded but expect long delays if your internet connection is slow or has slower times. The video files in particular took a while to download but if you're able to access a permanent internet connection then you can always stream the videos live from the membership area.

So far so good.


Your Website Name Presents...


Introduction (videos and written guide)

You are first confronted with steps to take to download everything, which includes the written core eBook guide and then to watch the introduction video.

The intro video and intro in the written guide gives a great outlook on the potential of Ben's system and how to approach the guide logically and systematically. I always enjoy a good introduction that is not too long and hyped up but allows the user to lay out his or her plan of attack.

Buying Websites

Ben gets into more detail about actually buying sites here and he aims to explain how and what to look for when buying sites for maximum profit potential. Alongside the written guide, there is also a good accompanying video on buying vs. building your website which brings up some really valid points worth knowing before you start.

After listening to the advantage of buying a site in conjunction with this system, I already knew that buying would always be the better option for me personally, but you have to weigh things up depending on your own interests, time and money available. This is really sensible and balanced advice from Ben and makes the whole decision easier to make for you.

What I also noticed at this point is that there are some good "timeout" intersections throughout the written guide which point you towards the video instructions after you've learned the theory so far, although he doesn't continue this style as much later on.

The advice Ben gives on buying sites is solid and as he talks about valuing a site, he also begins to delve into niche selection.

Confusing order

At this point, you're already learning how to find and buy good sites that will work well with this entire system. However, if you're only following the written guide then you'll notice that the niche selection chapter is about half way through the guide, whereas if you work your way through the videos step by step, you'll notice that there's a niche selection guide called "High Paying Niches" right after the buying vs. building video.

At this point, it seems a bit jumbled up. I mean, do I read the written guide and learn how to find sites worth buying and not worry about the niches they are in? Or do I just learn everything and then pick a niche and go and find a website in that niche?

Personally, I found that it makes more sense to actually read the manual all the way through once (doesn't actually take that long) and then go and watch the videos step by step. This will give you a more rounded and logical approach to the system that I think Ben might have jumbled slightly in that respect.

Creating Websites

The other side of the coin of course, is choosing to create your own websites from scratch instead of buying established or prebuilt websites. This is where I think a lot of the value of the course really comes out.

Ben first of explains the advantages of building a site from scratch depending on your skill level and inclinations, which I thought was really well put together advice. It may seem like the obvious things to consider are how much time and money you have but Ben actually goes more in depth with other considerations to think about such as flexibility etc.

But where this guide really starts to shine is when you start to unravel the sheer amount of content that Ben has put into this section of the guide. Without sounding hyped up, this section on building your own website with the intention to make money selling it is really a guide in its' own right and certainly a great resource for a brand new marketer to get started with.

What I particularly likes about the site building process that Ben explains is that not only does he have great in depth niche research from all the best angles start to finish, but also makes it perfect step by step approaches with diagrams and supporting videos (ideal for newbies or technophobes!)

I can honestly say that there are guides selling for the same price which ONLY cover this section alone and certainly not the other aspects of this guide.

In fact, there is no doubt that the niche research section combined with the actual site building mechanics, plus the ultimate selling of the site is as solid a system as you can get.

Ben has pretty much covered off every angle and whilst there are a number of things I do not like about this guide (see below), I would definitely say that the principles do work. If you're able to use a little common sense and have a little patience in finding the right investment as laid out in the guide, then you should expect to make a nice secondary (or full) income from using this guide.

Don't expect it to be hands free though, as this system is a work intensive business model and until you can afford to outsource the heavier workload parts with the profits you are generating, I would actually go in prepared for a little elbow grease!

Ben makes no hiding of this work required but he does lay it out in logical steps for you. He also does clearly state that any investment comes with risk and you might not always come out smelling of roses with green pockets, so be prepared for the downs as well as the ups.

This is true of all worthwhile businesses, so try not let that put you off too much.


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Basic Beginnings

Despite the easy flow and well laid out presentation, I would say that the written guide is a little basic and at first, with a lot of common sense thrown least for the first 20 pages or so until you get into the monetizing of your site etc.

This can been seen as a bad thing IF you're a little more experienced, but if that's the case then you might just want to skip past the earlier parts. Just don't skip past the buying vs. building section though, because I think that is essential reading for all types of marketers with some really wise and thoughtful approaches to this business.

On a similar note, the whole creating a website from scratch section was a little basic for me in parts and is more suited more people who are really non-technical or experienced in buying domain names and getting content onto their sites.

Having said that, there are a few nuggets of info in there that an intermediate marketer could find useful, but certainly nothing new that you can't find online with a quick search in Google or a marketing forum.

Not so fast traffic

In the written guide, apart from the article marketing section, the "getting traffic fast" section is a bit disappointing particularly if you don't want to pay for traffic. I've tried these methods of free and fast traffic (which include social bookmarking) and it's pretty dismal, however the paid traffic advice is very accurate and DOES work so if you're able to throw a bit of ad spend at your new site, then this advice will make sure you don't waste it all.

Furthermore, if you do decide to sell the site (which is kinda the idea) there's nothing to stop you selling it even if you're only getting traffic from paid sources. At the end of the day, if your site is turning a profit, then that's all that don't let this idea of paying for traffic put you off too much, as if done right it can still work out just right.

There could be a little more info on paid traffic methods, but there's certainly enough to get you started and keep you out of trouble!

Lacking in legal issues?

For businesses like this, where you are exchanging valuable assets of fairly decent amounts of cash, I couldn't help feel that there should be more focus on the legal side of things as a buyer/seller.

It's far too easy to get ripped off online and even reputable auction sites and payment processors can fall prey to scammers. You are only protected to a certain extent but if someone is a professional scammer then you might find yourself in hot water without taking the right precautions.

Now, I don't say this to scare you, as Ben makes some good points about protecting yourself. But what I would have liked to have seen is a legal contract template that he uses which you could copy and amend for your own deals. I recently sold a site and had to do a search online for a free website selling contract but ended up having to add bits to it, so this might be something to think about.

Need more monetizing info!

Finally, I felt that there could be a little more info on effectively monetizing a website, instead of just saying "sell these types of products or put this advertising on your site" he could have said "put the ads here, promote products like this...".

The reason I mention this is because even the smallest changes to where you put an offer/advertising on your site and how you present it can make a huge difference in the potential revenue you can make from your site...which is what really sells a site at all. What's more, is that there are some interesting points about monetizing a site and why the obvious choices are the worst plus there are some solid types of monetization that are covered - some of which are often overlooked like memberships etc so again, something to think about.

With that said, I am a firm believer that the only real way to test a site for milking more money is through testing different ad placements until you hit gold.

To add to that, I would also say that one of the real appeals to this entire system is that IF you buy a site that it currently making some sort of money, then Ben shows you a simply way to turn that existing revenue into bigger amounts without having to mess with any of the layout or design, so remember that if you're worried about not being able to get a site to make more money!


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Easy to digest

The first thing that struck me about this entire guide and what really helped me learn from it was the way everything was so well written and flowed seamlessly from section to section. Whilst there were a few inconsistencies with the start of the written guide vs. the videos (such as finding a good niche being to late on in the written guide but almost straight away in the videos), the overall payout and execution of this material is great for all skill levels. This is important in a guide of this magnitude, as otherwise you'd struggle to get started at all, which tends to happen with people when they buy other online marketing products.

Buying vs. building video is well thought out

If you decide to watch the videos, the first one you see after the intro is one called buying vs. building. I actually thought this was really well thought out and contains some very insightful (although largely common sense) thought patterns for deciding whether to simply buy an existing website or simply build one from scratch. Ben presents a solid argument for both and perhaps makes it harder to decide at first! But what he explains is more to do with your own personal situation and how to look at things from a practical sense, based on your goals, timeframe and skills.

Great in depth niche research

One of the most content packed sections of the guide, as I mentioned earlier is the niche research section. This is really more useful when building your own site from scratch, but can also be applied to building out a specific site that has already been started.

There is tons of diagrams, step by step approaches and keyword research guidance on offer here, that I think that much of the value of this guide is found here. Having said that, this entire niche research section might be useless to a more experienced marketer, but still a worthwhile read to refresh the old memory.

Technophobes welcome

Project Archimedes sounds and appears to be a complicated, technical battlefield that only the expert marketers with a degree in IT should go near, at least that's what I thought. But in reality, the entire guide is really beginner friendly and with the level of detail and accompanying diagrams and videos, there is no reason a relative beginner could not get up and running with this system immediately.

Admittedly, a complete beginner may take much longer to grasp everything as there is so much being taught, but this is literally a step by step approach and everything from actually buying a website or picking a topic to build a website around is covered. Sure, there is still room for mistakes, but that's the same with all programs...always will be.

Which monetization methods will really sell...

Another aspect of buying a site and monetizing it which I would easily have overlooked is the type of money making model you add to your site can affect how much you make from the sale of the site. Ben does cover the most common ways to make your site earn more money by switching out old monetizing systems for new ones, but he also explains why certain money making models for sites add more value...very useful insights indeed.

Over the shoulder tuition

Particularly with the buying videos and the case studies, you get to watch in real time as Ben scours certain marketplaces and picks out the types of websites that he would personally invest in. I think this is a great touch and adds even more value to a solid product, as you begin to see how a proven "site flipper" thinks. He explains why he would run a mile from certain offers and would jump at other offers in a flash.

This style of learning is something which I feel has been neglected for a little while now in these types of products. This style is more like it used to be a few years ago, where the entire product would be a video guide of a guy's screen, showing you how he writes a sales letter or makes something cool happen on his website etc.

How to sell on the market

Although this entire guide is all about buying and selling websites, I particularly liked the example section of how to actually list your site on certain marketplaces on order to get maximum bids. I can assure you, after previously selling one of my own sites at the very same website as Ben talks about, I was kicking myself when I saw his techniques for BIN (Buy It Now) pricing, along with his other little tips and tricks for squeezing more from each site you are trying to sell.

Inspiring case studies

The added case studies show that this entire concept is for real and big money really can be made. For example, one video shows how Ben found this smaller, seemingly worthless site that most of us would simply step right over blindly, and why he thinks this particular site would be a good candidate (good learning material). However, he then opted out to buy the site because he was a little sceptical of something. That particular site was put on sale for $297 at 3pm in the afternoon and Ben came back (on video) an hour or so later and it was sold for just under $600...need I say more?

Sensible and hype free

Another aspect I enjoyed about this guide was that Ben's advice is very sensible and hype free. He offers precautionary advice about the reality of flipping sites before actually telling you what to do, plus he summarizes his entire guide by further advising of the pros and cons of such a system.

Whilst it's not exactly selling you on the idea, he is also not saying anything that would put you off having a go for yourself and if anything, you end up having more belief and trust in his words as a result.

The thing to keep in mind is that the beauty of this system allows you to pick your budget and unlike the stock market or real estate market, you will always find a huge crowd of vulture's willing to buy your assets, providing you've put the work in to make them worth more than you paid.

It sounds simple and it really is. There's no pressure to sell at a certain point, but only when you feel and know that your site is worth what you would like to sell it for. Again, Ben shows exactly how to tell what a site is worth and how to know what to charge for a site...all of which gives you a better chance of making more from each deal as a result.


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This is one of those rare guides that could be aimed at beginners right through to advanced marketers. The reason why I think that is because this is a business model that is totally detached from the way most online marketers make a living.

It is however, not for the faint hearted...

Purely because of the risk factors associated with buying a site that doesn't increase in value, or where the traffic drops off faster than you can build it. These scenarios are however pretty unlikely and even if you do encounter problems in reselling, the worst that can happen is that you don't make a sale. In which case, you can then take that opportunity to work a little harder on your site to get more traffic and sales.

Ultimately, it doesn't really matter if you're new to online marketing or not, this guide can and will work for you if you follow along and take the time to do your research as guided. The only people that may not benefit from this guide are those that can either not afford to part with even the smallest amount of money (in which case you shouldn't really be buying this guide anyway!) or people who do not have the time or patience to actually fix up the websites that they buy or create from scratch.

Again, this sounds obvious but the fact is that some people are really looking for a shortcut and I am afraid that although this is not exactly complicated or long winded, if you're not prepared to spend extra time or money in your investments, then the inevitable failure will become a reality for you...and that of course applies to almost every legit form of education out there.

Your Website Name Presents...


This is a refreshing change in the tiring sea of affiliate marketing based guides that are being pushed around the world of online marketing. The real beauty of this guide is that once you know how to buy and sell websites online, you really do not need to worry about so much of the stuff that most marketers worry about on a long term basis, such as if the next pay check is going to arrive or whether their advertising costs will stay relatively low.

The best part is, by investing in ready made (and often well established) websites, you cut out much of the work that other marketers are left behind trying to get done in their precious evenings.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this guide is that it is so flexible in terms of your personal time commitments and financial situation. In other words, if you don't have a lot of cash to invest in an established website, you can opt for a start up website...and if you don't have ANY cash to invest in a pre-built website at all, you can simply start from scratch and still come out with a profitable, traffic pulling website at the end of it, with a little work and time dedicated to it.

All you have to do is read, watch, learn and apply what is contained within Project Archimedes and be prepared to apply common sense and a little time in order to make your own recession beating income from the comfort of your living room.

Project Archimedes
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