How Do I Login To MRR?

For paid MRR members simply use this URL to be taken straight to the main members area:

For free MRR members you will need to use this URL:

When prompted please use the username and password you chose when joining.

How Much Does MRR Cost?

For a paid membership with MRR the current cost is $19.97 per month, or $47 for three months access.

Is There an Affiliate Program With MRR?

Yes there is, and at present all our affiliates, paid and free members receive 70% commission on whatever plan your referral chooses to join! We pay all affiliates on the 15th of each month via PayPal, and it's been this way since 2006. We advise all members and affiliates to make sure that that their PayPal email address is added to their profile for immediate payments.

How Can I Contact MRR?

We have a dedicated support desk that is available at:

We always endeavour to answer all support tickets within 24 hours.  We do advise that if opening a ticket that you check back via the support desk for our reply.

Where Do I Locate The Latest Additions To MRR?

When logging into the main members area, please look to the top left and you will see a "Latest Additions" button, clicking this button will present you with all our latest products, tools and resources that we've purchased for members.

Do You Offer Any Training For Working With RR, MRR or PLR?

Yes, we have a dedicated page called the Resellers Workshop that focuses on resell rights and private label rights. We have recorded several tutorials and also added several eBooks to help those that are new to resell rights.

When I open an PDF eBook I receive an error message?

This is a common problem with out of date Adobe Readers, please double check that your Adobe Ready is up to date and using the latest version. If you still have problems then please contact us and we will look into the problem further.

How Do I Receive My Login Details?

Once you have decided to join MRR the resale rights membership, you will be prompted to enter your desired login details, you will then be forwarded to PayPal to complete your subscription. After the subscription purchase is complete you will also be sent an email with the login details that you chose.

Can You Tell Me The Different Terms For Resale Rights?

  • Basic Resell Rights (BRR)
    You’ve just bought a digital product – say an e-book – from someone. You have the right to resell the e-book to your customer, but your customer cannot resell it to another. You keep 100% of the profit each time you resell the product.
  • Resell Rights (RR)
    Resell rights allow you to resell a product in either its physical or digital form. If it is a digital product, you get to pocket 100% of the profits and still enjoy the product, because digital products can usually be duplicated.
  • Master Resale Rights (Master Resell Rights)
    Master resale rights enable you to resell the product to your customers along with the basic resell rights that come with it. Your customer in turn can also resell the product to their own customers. Master Resale Rights can be sold with the product or sold separately.
  • Private Label Rights (PLR)
    We like to call these rights the rights of “substance.” Private label rights (PLR) allow you not only to buy the product but also change the product in any manner you see fit. There’s more: you can change or alter the product even if it’s just the title or first and second paragraphs of the e-book, and then put your name as the author.

    Let’s be careful with PLRs: they do not automatically confer copyright. Copyright is a sticky issue and when you purchase private label rights to a product, be sure you read the fine print and the words in between the lines. Better yet, contact the product or content creator. Also, obtaining PLR does not mean you automatically inherit reprinting or re-selling rights. It's absolutely critical that you read the license included.

    There’s nothing to fear. PLR can be a lucrative undertaking because of its weight in gold, so proceed enthusiastically, but question anything that is not clear to you.
  • Give Away Rights
    These allow you to give the product away for free but you cannot resell the product or change/edit it. You’re giving it away for free to improve traffic to your site and boost sales.

Can you recommend any tools that I may need?

We have an extensive list of marketing tools via our Marketing Resources PDF, you can download this by Clicking Here.

Here is a short list of tools that we do recommend to help you get started:

How do I access the sister memberships?

To be able to login to the sister memberships you will need to use your MRR login details.

I am having trouble logging into the sister memberships?

If you're having problems in gaining access to the sister memberships please try your username and password entirely in lower case text. This generally fixes the problem, but if the problem persists please contact us at the support desk and we will look into the problem ASAP.

My membership was cancelled?

This can happen for a couple of reasons, a lack of funds or you made changes to your PayPal account, ie credit card information. When any financial changes are made like this PayPal can cancel all recurring subscriptions and not just your membership with MRR. If this happens and you would like to continue your subscription with MRR then simply login to your account and click on the "Add/Renew Subscription option.

I would like to set up a hosting account, can you tell me what steps I need to take?

Please contact us via our support desk to request a hosting account.

Can I Cancel At Anytime?

Yes, but we advise all members that if the subscription is to be cancelled they should wait until the day prior to the subscription fee being renewed, this way you receive a full month of downloads.

Please Note: Once a subscription is cancelled all login details will be deactivated instantly.


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