Are Cryptocurrency Viable Ways Of Making Money?

Are Cryptocurrency Viable Ways Of Making Money?

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Ever since I uploaded the video on setting up a Ripple system ( I have had a good number of emails asking me about crypto-currencies and whether they are a good way to make money or not.

It isn’t a question that has a simple answer as crypto-currencies are a huge subject full of intrigue, speculation and concerns.

The simple answer is yes, they are worth it providing you only invest money you can afford to lose or you mine and find them yourself.

Now for the longer answer.

Crypto-currencies are a new idea and their value is still being debated. Bitcoin is the most well known of these currencies and their value has sky rocketed in the last six months. However, there have been some high profile thefts amounting to millions of dollars with the major Bitcoin exchange declaring bankruptcy and admiting to losing over $200 million!

Saying that, there have been good and bad stories relating to them. One person remembered he had a wallet with some Bitcoins in and sold them. He bought a house with the profits! Another person was left crying in to their milk as they threw away a hard drive containing a Bitcoin wallet worth several hundred thousand dollars!

Bitcoin has grabbed the most attention, perhaps due to its links with nefarious websites and its wildly fluctuating prices. There are many other different types of crypto-currency out there, of which Ripple is just one.

Mining crypto-currencies are done either on your home computer or on specialized hardware. Basically all these currencies have mathematics as their foundation and by crunching through equations you “mine” coins.

The trouble with the well established currencies like Bitcoin is that mining is no longer possible without very specialized hardware due to the complexity of the equations to be cracked.

All of the currencies have limited amount of coins available, to some degree. The supply of coins helps to determine the value of the coin and as the supply diminishes so it becomes harder to mine the coins, like mining ore out of the ground.

My advice for crypto-currencies is it is worth speculating in them. Look at the various currencies and find one you can mine on your home computer and set the mining program running in the background as you have your computer switched on. It’s not likely to make you rich, but it will make you a little bit of extra cash and if the currency takes off like Bitcoin did you could be sitting on a small fortune!

To your success,


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The Master Resell Rights Forum : How You Can Benefit From It

The Master Resell Rights Forum : How You Can Benefit From It

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There has been a forum on for some time and recently I have revamped it so that it works much better and provides more value for you.

If you haven’t checked out the forum then you should do, you can find it at Here you can introduce yourself and meet your fellow members and find out all sorts of useful information.

Networking is an important part of Internet marketing and building relationships will help you to promote your products and learn. Here in the forum you can meet other members, discuss business and even strike up partnerships. This can really take your business to the next level and so you need to meet other people and leverage their skills and knowledge as you help each other to grow your business.

The forum is also a great place for you to ask questions about and the various products on there. I personally answer questions as does my support team and you can also gain knowledge and learn more about how to build your business.

This is a great way for you to find out more about how to use the products that I upload and you can really learn more about making money with all of these products.

There are a number of different sections in the forum and you please make sure that you visit the “Are You New?” section and introduce yourself as it will be great to get to know you.

Interacting with me here in the forums helps me to get to know you and understand what you want from I can help you to get the most from the site and upload content that you want to see. This interactions helps me to look after you and helps make this site more relevant and helpful for you.

You will also notice that on the Newest Additions page you will see a comments facility right at the bottom of the page. This is another place where you can leave questions for myself and my team. You can request products, ask questions and so on here and myself or my support team will answer your questions.

Interacting with myself and other members is a great way for you to get the most out of your membership. It can answer your questions about products and how to use them and help you to make your membership even more profitable! Please make use of the forum, post your questions and introduce yourself and let me get to know you and help you get more from your membership!

To your success, Bren O’Hara

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Using Facebook To Build Your Online Presence

Using Facebook To Build Your Online Presence

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Traffic is really the aim of the game when it comes to making money online. A lot of people have given up on Google because they are so difficult to work with. As they are constantly updating their algorithms you can be building links perfectly legally and then suddenly find your rankings (and earnings) plummet when Google changes its mind about how it ranks website.

This introduces a lot of uncertainty in to your business and can mean that you end up constantly struggling against Google and it is a very hard battle to consistently win.

Whilst many people rely on paid traffic for their online business, not everyone has the financial resources to experiment with paid traffic and make it profitable. You can end up losing a lot of money whilst you work out what does and does not work.

Facebook is one of the best ways for you to get traffic and to build your online presence. There are over a billion users on Facebook and it is rapidly rising in popularity.

In order to build your presence on Facebook you need to create a group or a page. The advantage of a group is that you can interact with your visitors much more easily though the disadvantage is that they can post what they like to the group, meaning you can either spend time moderating your group or lose control of it.

A page is much easier for you to manage and you are the only person who can post to it. Your readers can post comments to your page and you are in control of deleting content if you need to.

Once you have set up a page within Facebook you will need to add some content. Add some content to your page before you start to build followers. If this is built to support a website you can use a site like HootSuite to automatically post an excerpt of your website content to your Facebook page. This is a huge time-saver and will help to keep your Facebook page up to date.

Next you need to start building followers – firstly invite your friends to like the page. As they like your page your content will appear on their timeline and their friends will click through to your page and like it too.

After this you can promote your pages (which costs you money) which will help you to build up likes. By including social buttons on your website and including a link to your Facebook page you can pick up likes from as people visit your website too!

By regularly adding content to your Facebook page and making sure it is high quality and keyword rich you will get people who are searching for content finding your page. You can buy likes on Fiverr which will boost your numbers, but do not expect these to interact with you. It can be helpful having some likes like this because it will encourage people to like a page; nobody likes to be the first to like something!

The other advantage to you of using Facebook is that you are getting links from Facebook to your website, which is good in the eyes of Google to help your rankings.

Facebook is well worth using for your business as it is a great way for you to build your online presence and funnel people to your website. I have posted some books and software on Facebook to Master Resell Rights and these are worth checking out because they will help you master this excellent way of marketing your business.

You can check out our Facebook page here.

To your success, Bren O’Hara

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