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So many offer so much online, but about the only thing they care about is how much money you can send them! I posted in a popular forum that I needed help, what happened? I was told if I need help I need to find $497 for coaching! So I joined MRR, best decision I have made so far, but it got better when I got to speak with Bren O’Hara personally.

Bren O’Hara…you’re one of the most honest, upfront marketers I have met online, keep up the great work, I for one am very grateful for your help!

George Radcliff Dundee – Scotland

All I can say is WOW!

All I can say is WOW! I've jumped from one place to another for so long, that I can safely say I have found my home online for everything that I need to succeed! The daily updates are incredible, and with the inclusion of Internet Business Profits - I have all the training that I could ever need! Goes without saying that I am a happy member 🙂

Lisa McPhail

I am honest enough to say that MasterResellRights.com helped me from day one!

I joined all the way back in.....2008!  Yes I have been a member that long!  It's no coincidence that you see so many sites looking like MRR, the work ethic, the pricing, the daily updates, but us that have been around for some time know who they got their ideas from 🙂 it's sad that they will never admit it.

You've helped me grow my business 10 fold, and unlike the other memberships who claim to have come up with the ideas all by themselves, I am honest enough to say that MasterResellRights.com helped me from day one!  I don't hesitate to tell people about MRR!


Deborah Winters

I personally guarantee MRR

https://www.masterresellrights.com/images/Sudarmaji_Lamiran_Photo.jpgEvery time I login to the members area - "What's the surprise MRR will bring today?"

Wow! New products added everyday - and in some cases practically within minutes! 🙂

As a member of MRR, I get the latest and greatest MRR and PLR products that are available.  I personally guarantee MRR.  And the price is just perfect.  They does help you to make money online with their goodies, and I can see where all the other memberships get their stuff!  I found their secret source.

Thank you MRR - yOu rOck!

All the best,

Sudarmaji Lamiran SmartWayPromotes.com

MasterResellRights.com must be the secret all the others jealously guard, that's why none of them even come close.

Well done!

Ed Zivkovic FreePublicDomainBooks.com

Talk About Over Delivering!

Thank you for your support and I must add that I am really impressed with the site. Talk about over delivering! I feel as though this is the key that has been missing to all the "turn-key" systems out there. It is like I finally found the real secret weapon of the successful IMers. Thank you.

Sincerely Grateful,

David Vernon

You guys ROCK!

The videos provided by staff (sorry, not sure which of you made them! ) are EXCELLENT. I'm referring to the ones listed in the sidebar as Complete Video List. The ideas and explanations for how to use some of the products to make money is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

You guys ROCK!

~cj (Member Since 2010)

It’s nice to know that I have joined the ‘experts’ and stopped wasting my time or money!

MRR is by far the BIGGEST and best membership I have ever joined, and I am not just saying that for any kudos here, it's nice to know that I have joined the 'experts' and stopped wasting my time or money!

I have signed up with several memberships, no names, and I have to say that MRR blows all the competition out of the water! The price is spot on, daily products are amazing, and the addition of PLR articles, PLR eBooks, PLR videos makes this one of the best decisions I have ever made!

I love being an affiliate of MRR because it's so easy to sell, keep up the great work, and keep my commission coming!

I have worked online for 7 years, and what MRR brings to my table each month is staggering, and I have closed all my other subscriptions because I KNOW you deliver!

Michael T. Article Authors Ltd.

I think that I have finally found my perfect provider for years to come.

Hello MRR,

Thank you for your very quick and responsive reply.

First I would like to say that I have left memberships I have joined because they felt that they were not obligated to respond to customer questions and concerns.

You now have a customer for as long as I can possibly maintain my membership. Besides MRR is one of the best I have seen, without being totally overwhelming and I have been a member of a lot of memberships. I think that
I have finally found my perfect provider for years to come.

You are by far the TOPS in my book and again I say
Thank You.

Hodges Hines

A message from Tim Strain about his membership with MRR.


Tim Strain

Amazing service!

I came across MRR from one of your helpful posts over at the Warrior Forum, and I haven't regretted joining for a moment!  You know you've joined a membership when every single addition, improvement or tweaking has members interests in mind.  Amazing service!

George Downing

I just wanted to let you know that I'm back because your site is the best. I appreciate all the hard work you do and I admire how efficient you are in your duties.

Jim Eaton www.ghoststudy.com

WOW! Please use this as a testimonial.

Been a member for a week now, and I just cannot believe what you provide, everyone else just fails in comparison.

Not only have you saved me a lot of money in other membership fees, which I have cancelled, but I am also making money now.

I love the two areas of MRR too, the catalog style and the rolling style, it is clear to see you have members interests at heart.

It is also clear to see that a lot of the other memberships out there are feeding directly from MRR, and charging more money!  How do I know?  Because I was once their member, until I realized their source.

I would urge anyone who is look for products regularly to sell to join MRR and the gang of members, nothing online beats this site.

Good work guys!

J McIntyre Profit Marketers inc.

MasterResellRights.com Has Proven To Be One Of The Best Choices I’ve Made This Year!

Dear MRR,

I have to say becoming a member of MasterResellRights.com has proven to be one of the best choices I've made this year! I especially like the fact that you add new products daily, as this is the first time I've seen that in a Resale Rights Membership! I find myself checking in every day to see what new goodies you've added!

I also like the fact that members get to put in requests for products and you've been quick to purchase the things that I've requested, which has saved me a lot of money! 🙂

I still find it hard to believe that you offer so much for such a small monthly fee! Even when you raise the price (as I know you must) it will pay for itself 10 times over, but those people will be kicking themselves that they didn't get in while the price was lower because everyone likes a great deal!

Keep up the good work and thanks for such a great offer!


Debbie Hamstead easymemberpro.com

What an amazing membership this is!

I have been a member for about a month now, and I have to say what an amazing membership this is!

At first when I saw what you had to offer I was impressed, but I left, I then came back a week later and low and behold you had added even more products, memberships and members benefits!

I have been a member of many memberships offering products with resell rights, but nothing compares to what I have picked up here at MRR already!

I am a very happy member, keep up the great work guys!


Matt Meyer, interleads.net

Are You Guys Insane?

Hey there,

are you guys insane?

I have been working online for several years now, hopping from one membership to the next, then I came across your offer, it blew my mind!  Not only do you constantly add to the membership, but you constantly purchase on behalf of members, do you guys actually make any profit?

I love how your membership evolves over time, if it is not the products I love it is the additional benefits and memberships that keeps me logging in every single day!

Great stuff,

Matt Cork - UK

I need a bigger hardrive!


I just want you to know what an amazing membership you guys have put together, to be honest I thought you wouldn't be able to keep up the product turnaround, but you have!

I would urge anyone looking for a membership to seriously consider what you bring to the table, the only complaint I have is that I need a bigger hardrive!

Keep up the great work!

Brett Langdon, Houston, TX - USA

It’s a complete no-brainer


I just joined as a Pro MRR Member, and I was totally surprised.  For the price I pay each month it's a complete no-brainer.

I admit that I am a newbie when it comes to making money online, so I needed a trusted source to help me reach my goals, the Pro level is just right for me!

I will eventually join the Elite band once I am making money online, which with your help I know will be very soon 🙂

Patricia Wayne, Colorado - USA

I’ve jumped from one site to another for so long

I've jumped from one site to another for so long, but I knew there must be a site out there that could help me on quest to make money online, and I FOUND IT!  The products and all the benefits are amazing, I've now been a member for 10 months and I'll be here for another 10!  Thanks so much guys!

James Morris, Derby, UK

Thanks so much for speaking with me directly on Skype, I know you're a busy man Bren.  You've given me a lot of faith that I can make money online, with your help I know I can!

Roger Forbes, Raleigh, North Carolina - USA

I had never made money online until I joined MRR.

But within a week I made my first sale and never looked back since. You give myself and fellow members an incredible advantage over the rest by staying one step ahead of the rest.

Thanks a lot, will be sticking around for a LONG time, you can count on that!

John Karn, Moody, Alabama - USA

The ONLY site that we truly login to everyday

Hi MRR guys,

just a quick note to let you know that you are the ONLY site that we truly login to everyday.

How you keep up the product turnaround is beyond me. Thanks for everything you do, and we are loving all the additional members benefits!

Grace and Peace,

Tony & Claire Lane UK

I’ve been with you guys since 2007

I've tried my hand with other similar memberships, but they always point back to here, in fact when you join and login to other memberships you actually think "Have I logged into MRR?" I think you should take the copycats as a compliment because they cannot beat you, so they copy you!

Good work guys, at least I know the real source of it all!

You can use this as a testimonial if you like 🙂

Anne Portobello, Memphis, TN - USA

I've been a member of MRR for two years now, actually closed my account for a couple of months but then came back. In all my years of working online I have yet to come across anyone who works so hard at providing the best for his members as Bren does. I've had the pleasure to speak with Bren personally, and he's an honest guy who has his members at heart.

Earnest Hope, USA