A New Level – and Shocked

One of the best things that ever happened to resell rights in my opinion is Sean Lowery venturing into this industry.

His DIY Minisite Kits are amazing, and something I always look out for, but he constantly keeps coming out with fresh new graphics that are easily some of the best that I have seen with resell rights:

His latest Christmas Sales Page Graphics and Templates had me drooling, and what perfect timing to pull in some profits.  I have seen more and more Christmas blowout sales, Christmas eBooks, Christmas Graphics floating around, and I believe these are the very best out there right now.

Speaking of Sean Lowery, something shocked me today.  I caught a glimpse from the inside of something that he and Jerome Chapman are working on, I cannot say much, but what I saw blew my mind!  I really hope this project gets launched as the quality is stunning.  I am hoping to perhaps strike a deal with those guys for MRR Members.

Just added the two affiliate presell templates today:

Adeel continues to push the boundaries with these and I have been very impressed so far.  With videos, emails, graphics, PSD’s to boot, I am not surprised that 99% of members who have written me have expressed how much they love these templates.

You can view the templates here:


I think it’s been a good start for December, and I hope the quality continues.


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