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I have had a couple of questions from people asking why I add the personal use programs to the site as they cannot sell them or make money from them.

The reason behind adding these programs is that they are training for you to help you to make money online. These programs are all well worth downloading and watching because they are going to help you build your business online.  Generally speaking, we always aim for additions to come with either resale rights, master resell rights or PLR (Private Label Rights) but sometimes there is a real golden nugget that is released onto the market that we feel MRR members would benefit from.

These programs are ones that I buy because I feel they are going to help you boost your business and they do not, for whatever reason, come with rights that I can pass on to you. Oftentimes these are high quality programs with some superb information in them but no transferable rights.

It is worth your while taking some time to watch these videos as they are going to help you get to grips with aspects of Internet Marketing and help you to make more money online.

The latest program I’ve uploaded is all about how to use Facebook to build your business online. You can find it at

Facebook is an essential part of business and with over a billion users you can guarantee that your target market has a presence there! People love Facebook and the best thing about it is you have direct communication with your target market. Instead of hoping that an email gets through and it gets read, when someone likes your Facebook page you will get your message on their timeline and right in front of them.

This is excellent for you because your messages are seen and acted on by your readers. Often you will get a much better response rate than you would from an email. Because your message is in someone’s timeline with status updates from their friends they are more likely to notice it and act on it than an email.

These days everyone is using Facebook marketing and I would recommend that you set up a Facebook page for your niche as well as a Twitter account too. I would recommend that you also create a Google+ account and a PInterest page too as these are high traffic sites that will help your rankings also.

Building a following on all of the social media sites is a great idea because you can get your message directly in front of your target market. It makes communicating with your potential buyers much easier and effective, which will help you make more money at the end of the day.

To your success,
Bren O’Hara

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