Private Label Rights And The Kindle

One question I do get asked is whether you can use private label rights material with the Kindle and the short answer is you can’t. However, don’t stop reading there because there is a longer answer which shows you how you can use PLR and get it published on the Kindle. I have used this method and got my books accepted on Amazon where they are selling even today.

Amazon are very protective of their Kindle marketplace; they do not want to dilute the value of the marketplace so that their users don’t want to use it. They want it to be somewhere the Kindle users can visit and find high quality books that they can read.

In fact, Amazon are so protective of this marketplace that they do not permit public domain works to be published unless they have a significant commentary with them!

You cannot publish private label rights material as is on the Kindle. They will jump upon you from a great height and you risk losing your account.

What you can do though is use the PLR as inspiration for your books that will be accepted and published.

Most PLR, particularly the stuff we publish at is actually well researched – the topic is usually a popular one and the content is typically going to be information that is relevant and interesting to that niche.

Internet marketing topics don’t do very well on the Kindle, so you want to look for topics that aren’t related to that, we have plenty of PLR books outside of this niche.

If you take a PLR report then it will typically be anywhere from about 5,000 words upwards. This is a bit short for a Kindle book so you will need some more content – you can typically find some PLR articles on or another book related to the niche.

Mix these all together to get a book that is a minimum of 10,000 words. Any shorter and you will struggle justifying selling it for a good price on the Kindle.

Now comes the fun part; you have to rewrite it. You are aiming for 80% uniqueness realistically as that should get through the checking process without any problems. You can do this yourself or you can hire someone at a site like who will do it for you.

Once the book is unique you give it an attention grabbing name, get a cover designed for $5 from and then you are ready to publish your book on the Kindle!

It really is that easy and PLR is a grat source of ideas and material for Kindle publishing. If you are looking to get in to Kindle publishing then using private label rights material is one of the quickest and easiest ways to start your online publishing empire.

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