Some People Have No Scruples

I will name no names in this blog.

If you received my email regarding a rights violation by two so called marketer’s, you will be pleased to know that the matter was dealt with.

That is great news, but….how many more times will people put up with this?  How many more times will creators/publishers put up with their products being thrown to the wolves?  How many more times will resellers watch someone trying to wipe them out?  I presume most got my email, and you know exactly which site I am talking about.

The reason this whole saga got my blood boiling so badly is not because he was selling the product for peanuts, it was about his clear intentions.

1 – Changes the license terms to suit his business
2 – This affected MRR members and me
3 – Has no feelings about hurting those that setup their own business around that package
4 – Continues to rip off product creators and fellow marketer’s, you and me

As one member said “NO WONDER all the people who are newbies are so afraid to get involved in marketing because of all the horror stories. but it is such a shame that GREED ruins things for everyone like this….” and that is absolutely spot on.

There is competition, personally I have fellow resale rights memberships around my ears, feeding from me, sometimes I feed from them, the competition is intense, but one thing I do not do is go out of my way to try and nullify that competition by bending the rules to suit me.  But this guy brought a new meaning to the word competition in my book.

What worries me the most about this whole shenanigans, is that anyone new to the net, trying to make some money, may stumble across that site.  They pickup a product for $0.99, they set everything up to start taking orders.  In a couple of weeks time they receive a Cease and Desist letter from the creator, stating they are breaking copyright laws, and if they do not comply a DMCA form will be put together and forwarded to several absuse departments.

The site in question just earned $0.99, great!  You’re in the money now buddy!  But the poor customer doesn’t know which way to look, and it is more than likely they will just quit trying online.

Copyright laws are broken all the time, heck, the worse case that affected me was when someone copied every single line of text from my sales page, INCLUDING graphics and pasted directly on to theirs.  This has happened several times now, and each time I pull out a DMCA form.  If any member reading this wants to know more about the DMCA form then please write me.

I guess my whole rambling here is all about a site, that is considered an authority, that thousands of people will be introduced to, and while that customer may pickup products for pennies, that site is hurting the industry more than any other.  It creates a snowball affect, it affects you, MRR members, and other resellers.

I am no angel, I have devalued products, I have misread licenses, then had to back track and let members know, even though that is rare, it has happened, but I always hold my hand up and say sorry.  I DO NOT go out of my way to compile new PDF licenses, plaster my links all over it, and change the license terms!

No, I am not a fan of that site, especially when he told me this:  “I make more money than any other resale rights company, show me respect” that just sums him up.

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