The Extras Make A Difference

I was recently speaking with a fellow MRR member, who was talking about how to profit with resale rights.

There are a couple of ways obviously, a membership, but that market is becoming over saturated, and unless you offer something ‘unique’ you will be viewed as yet another.  I absolutely urge anyone to offer something unique to the market, hosting, PLR, articles, graphics, whatever it is….it will set you apart from the rest.  This is of course if you want to venture into the membership arena.

Selling products, I hear from a lot of people regarding this matter, competition lowering the prices to $1 or something stupid like that.  I have been guilty of that too, but these days my main focus is being a provider with the MRR Membership, so no time to actually sell.

But if were selling, and faced with such incredible competition or a price war, this is what I would think:

“Its not just about the product, its about the extras that make a difference”

How can you possibly beat others selling the same thing for a $1?  Bonuses, make the offer far greater than your competitors.  The lazy marketer will upload, set things up and sell for a BUCK, the smart marketer will work out a strategy, what bonuses to include, are they related, eBooks, software, scripts, graphics etc, anything that will make you stand out will help.

I believe this is actually critical with any resale rights marketer, and you need to start thinking outside of the box.  Rather than be like everyone else, stamp your own twist on things so that your customers KNOW you over-deliver.

Competition is immense in the resale rights industry, especially when you have a site that sits at the top of the search engines selling everything for pennies, it’s their way of trying to dominate the market, so it’s imperative you give resale rights a fresh look.

Just remember to OVER-DELIVER, nothing speaks louder than a marketer who goes that extra mile.

All the best,

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